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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Cajun in Colorado

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twelve

Christopher 'Chris' Peterson loses a bet. Now, he has to spend an evening at a straight bar dressed in drag. But don't worry, his friends will be there to protect him. Too bad they do a lousy job of it. His knight in shining armor takes the form of a sexy Cajun, Manon Lemelle. Chris immediately finds himself drawn to the handsome man. Except, Manon thinks Chris is a woman. Still, Chris can't resist accepting a date with him. His friends are right, and it ends in disaster, because Chris finds himself liking Manon entirely too much.

Manon Lemelle's maman warned him that his mate would lead him on a merry chase. Nothing could be truer. When he meets his mate, Chris Richardson, he's introduced to a lovely, slender young woman. He enjoys her wit and charm, her shy attitude, and longs to hear her breathy voice whispered into his ear. There's just on small problem. Chris is really Christopher, and he's a man.

Can Manon convince his mate that even though their entire relationship started with lies, on both sides, they can still make it work?

Excerpt - A Cajun in Colorado

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Chris just let Manon take his hand and lead him out the door. Manon did prove to be a gentleman, opening the door to the car and helping him into the old, classic Camaro. Chris wasn’t a car buff by any means, but even he could appreciate the engine’s throaty purr and buttery soft, leather interior.

Smoothing a palm over the inside of the door, he whispered, “Wow, what year is it?”

Manon lifted a brow. “Like cars do you, cherie?”

Okay, so maybe women wouldn’t be interested, but Chris just couldn’t help himself. He nodded eagerly. “I do. I would love a vintage nineteen sixty six or sixty seven Shelby five hundred, but I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford something like that.”

Grinning, Manon replied, “She’s a nineteen sixty nine Camaro with a rebuilt three-ninety-six cubic inch engine, zero to sixty in five point two seconds.

Chris couldn’t stop his grin. “You gonna drive that fast?” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, he knew how they sounded. Too bad his dick was trying to do the exact same thing. He had to keep one hand on his lap, just to be sure the bulge of his erection didn’t show.

Because he was watching, Chris saw Manon’s Adam’s apple bob as he swallowed. The red-head glanced his way and grinned. “Now dat wouldn’t be ver’ gentlemanly, would it?”

The thick Cajun accent and the gleam in his eye made Chris want to leap across the console and suck the man’s dick until he exploded. Problem was, that would lead to other things, which Chris couldn’t do. Instead, he fought back a whimper and looked out the window. He did manage to whisper, “I guess not.”

They fell into an uncomfortable silence. He couldn’t hear Manon’s heavy breathing over the roar of the engine, but from the corner of his eye he could see the quick rise and fall of the man’s chest. Shit, they needed to talk about something else.

“So, what do you do, Manon?” Chris asked. That had to be safe, right?

Manon flashed a grin at him. “I’m a helicopter pilot and paramedic. I work for the hospital, mostly flying Life Flight.”

Chris knew his eyes widened. “Wow! That’s really sweet! I bet the views of the mountains are stunning.”

“They are,” Manon said, smiling. “I do own a private copter. Perhaps I could take you up some time. Show you those views first hand?”

“I—” Fuck! “I’m not sure I could handle the heights,” he finished, cringing internally at the lie. He’d never had an issue with heights and in fact loved rock climbing and repelling.

Manon glanced his way, giving him a quick, searching look. He smiled, showing off his even white teeth and killer grin. “That be too bad. Maybe you’ll change your mind, oui?”

Damn, he wished he could.

“What about you, cherie. What do you do?”

“I’m a sales clerk at All Weather Outfitters,” he answered automatically. Oh, damn. Now he can find me after we break up. Then Chris remembered that Manon knew where he lived, so it was really a moot point. His pulse calmed. At least, all the uncertainty got his erection back under control.

“Ah, I know dat place. My buddy’s boyfriend works there,” Manon commented. “Maybe you know him? Tom Bristol?”

Chris’s jaw dropped. “Oh. Yes. I know who he is. He’s a…a good manager.” He was also the reason Chris was stuck in this predicament in the first place. Not that he minded, for the most part. Manon was good company, sexy and sweet. Too bad he thought Chris was a woman.

Manon turned his Camaro into the parking lot of an Italian restaurant. Before Chris could even get out, the other man zipped around the hood and opened his door for him. Chris smiled up at him, pleasantly surprised, and took Manon’s offered hand. The palm against his back as Manon guided him into the place felt nice, too.

Their conversation remained pretty easy, discussing hobbies, likes, dislikes, movies, even books. They both seemed to enjoy action and comedy movies, and shied away from romance. Chris sighted the fact that they were unrealistic as his excuse when Manon seemed so surprised. In reality, he just didn’t like seeing all the girlie bits.

They had nothing in common regarding books, since Manon enjoyed historicals and science fiction, while Chris enjoyed mysteries. There was no way in hell he was going to admit that he read gay romance.

The food was delicious, the service excellent, and the company even better. Chris couldn’t remember the last time he’d enjoyed himself so much. Manon’s subtle flirting and occasional touches on his hand or arm set Chris’s blood on fire. He wanted more, he just wished it could happen.

By the time they reached miniature golf, Chris knew his friends were right. He was a goner. He’d fallen in love with the sexy Cajun. Now he just had to figure out how to say good-bye.

Adult Excerpt - A Cajun in Colorado

    Manon stopped by the side of his bed and smiled down at him. “No, cher. Taking care of you is your boyfriend’s job.” He leaned down, resting a hand on either side of Chris’s head, his face just inches from his own. “My job,” he whispered.

Chris moaned softly at the pressure of Manon’s lips against his own. Only their lips touched as the bigger man took his mouth in a slow, claiming kiss. A warm, wet tongue slid inside him to glide and tangle with his own. Manon drew Chris’s tongue into his mouth and sucked the appendage gently. The pulls sent tingles down his spine straight to his cock, and it filled quickly.

Slowly, Manon brought the kiss to an end, but he didn’t withdraw. Instead, he ducked his head and nuzzled Chris’s cheek and neck. “Are you ready to get out of here, Chris?” Manon whispered.

Swallowing hard, Chris nodded. “Yeah.”

“Good, because I have some good ideas about ways to distract you from the pain,” Manon told him.

Chris’s brows shot up. “Really?”

Oui, cher,” Manon said. He pulled back a bit and grinned at Chris. “I see they got your wrist casted,” he said, glancing down Chris’s body. His focus paused on the slightly tented sheet. He looked back at Chris’s face and winked. “Your cast not be the only thing hard, cher,” he teased.

Blushing, Chris could feel the pulse pounding through his erection. “You affect me so…so…” he couldn’t hold Manon’s gaze. He dropped it to stare at his cast, the heavy green weight a reminder of what happened to him. For now, the lust he felt for the man next to him overshadowed the pounding ache in his head.

“Sweet man,” Manon crooned. “We should really get out of here before I suck you off, but perhaps you don’t want to wait, Chris?”

Chris glanced around the room, but saw that he and Manon were alone. “What did you have in mind?” he asked quietly.

Manon gave him a heated look, then slid his hand under the sheet. Chris whimpered when he felt the man’s palm brush over his side, across his abs, and down his hip. Manon leaned over him, holding his gaze, letting Chris see all the lust and need filling him. He shivered when Manon rested his fingers on his hip and gently raked the tips through his pubic hair.

He couldn’t stop the moan from escaping him. Manon’s touch was so close to his cock. His shaft was so hard it hurt, and he desperately wanted to feel the man’s firm grip wrap around him. His body practically vibrated with the need to rotate his hips and get that hand on him.

Manon grinned down at him and then gently slid the tip of one finger from the base of Chris’s dick to the tip. He swirled it through the pre-cum leaking from him like a sieve. “Please,” Chris whispered.

“Please what, cher?”

His breath came in soft pants and Chris knew his eyes were wide, pupils dilated with lust. He didn’t know where Manon’s fingers would move next. With the sheet covering him, Chris couldn’t see where the man’s hand hovered. All he could do was feel. His body trembled as he waited for the next scrape of callouses against his nerve bundle, soft flick into his slit, or squeeze up and down the stalk of his shaft.

“Ugh!” He couldn’t stop the grunt of pleasure when Manon finally wrapped his fingers firmly around him and stroked. Chris’s hips bucked convulsively, and his free hand gripped the sheet. He stared into his new lover’s eyes as he worked him, sending delicious threads of pleasure down his stalk, into his balls, and through his groin.

Finally, Manon lowered his head and kissed him. He thrust his tongue deep into Chris’s mouth again and again in a parody of how Chris desperately wanted Manon to sink into his ass. His hole clenched with the mental image.

His shaft jerked in Manon’s grip. Chris bent his knees, planted his feet on the bed, thrust his hips, fucking himself through his lover’s tight fist. Sparks shot up, then back down his spine. His balls pulled tight. Chris was so close he could taste his orgasm building.

Suddenly, Manon lifted his head and growled, “Come.”