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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Gargoyle for his Own

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty

Into the Paranormal World: After a master vampire’s evening meditation is interrupted, he discovers his well-ordered life quickly begins to unravel.

Master vampire Krispin Stearling has led his coven for over one hundred fifty years. Ruling his people while running a successful hotel and bar—which affords the vampires a safe, discreet place to search for donors—creates a great deal of stress. Krispin finds refuge on his rooftop garden and meditates there often. Imagine his surprise when his beloved literally falls out of the sky, taking out a swatch of bushes with him. After Krispin drives away his beloved’s attacker, he takes him to his suite and ensures he’s well cared for. He learns his name is Washington, and he’s a tracker for the nearby Aerasceatle clutch. The gargoyle who’d injured him is a rogue he’s been tracking. While Wash admits to wanting to pursue his bond with Krispin, he has reservations. Wash’s clutch recently gained a new chieftain, a new inner circle, and he’s just coming to terms with the changes. Can Krispin convince Wash that switching his loyalty once more, to a vampire no less, will be well worth the upheaval it’ll cause to both their lives?

Excerpt - A Gargoyle for his Own

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    As soon as the door swished open, revealing the warm evening, Krispin inhaled deeply. The fragrance of flowers, earth, and bushes filled his senses. The trickle of the fountain reached his ears. Soft lights illuminated the maze of the garden paths as well as the colorful plants.

    Krispin smiled.

    Stepping off the elevator, Krispin headed down a path to his right. His friend’s assessment—rooftop oasis—really was accurate. He loved it up there.

    Pausing at a storage closet set up against the wall of the greenhouse, Krispin pulled out his yoga mat. His penchant for yoga and meditation wasn’t common knowledge in his coven. He liked to keep that little personal nugget to himself and a few trusted people—namely, Ridger, Basques, and now Dloben.

    It wasn’t that he was embarrassed by his nightly ritual. Instead, he just didn’t care for the teasing he knew it would invite. What he got up to in private was his own business.

    Placing the yoga mat on a grassy stretch near the fountain, Krispin stepped onto it and began his nightly routine. As he moved through different poses, focusing on his breathing and headspace, he felt the troubles of the day slip away. His mind cleared, and the muscles of his body warmed.


    Krispin was just wrapping up his routine when an odd whooshing sound reached his sensitive ears. Cocking his head, he straightened and rested his hands on his hips. He narrowed his eyes and waited to see if it came again.

    It did, accompanied by the unmistakable sound of flesh hitting flesh and a roar.

    “What the hell?” Krispin peered around, searching for the source. “Who’s fighting at my coven?”

    To Krispin’s shock, a movement to his right drew his attention just in time to watch a large form slam into a trellis, wiping it out. The body continued to tumble, carving a trail of dirt and destruction. A blueberry bush went next, followed by a bed of daylilies. Finally, the brown-skinned form came to a stop beside a pecan tree.

    Krispin started toward it warily. He spotted black wings and realized he was staring at a gargoyle.

    What the hell?

    He was within twenty feet of the male when another gargoyle landed next to the fallen one. Instead of helping, the gray-hided gargoyle swung a black-clawed hand and flayed the skin of the brown gargoyle’s back. Blood sprayed from the wound…hitting Krispin in the face and torso.

    Licking his lips at it on reflex, Krispin discovered two things at once.

    My beloved just fell from the sky right in front of me, and some motherfucker is trying to kill him.

    Hell no!

    Screaming a battle cry, Krispin lunged. With his vampire speed, he easily reached the attacker between one heartbeat and the next. He sliced his claws through one black wing as he sank the claws of the other into the gargoyle’s back, right about where the kidney should be.

    The gargoyle bellowed and leaped forward, jumping away from Krispin. He pivoted and spread his thick arms and wide wings.

    “Stay out of this, vampire,” the male ordered.

    “You landed on the roof of my coven house,” Krispin stated. “No unsanctioned attacks will take place here. State your name and business.”

    No way was he going to tell the bastard of his discovery. He didn’t know what was going on between the two males, but he wasn’t going to allow him to hurt his beloved.

    Sneering, the gargoyle stated, “As if you could stop me.”

    The male lunged forward, but Krispin was ready. He pivoted and swung, slicing his three-inch talons into the gargoyle’s side. The male was clumsy, thinking his massive, six-foot-six frame gave him an advantage.

    Krispin hadn’t kept hold of his coven for one-hundred-fifty years with words alone. He’d been in his fair share of fights. He easily evaded the gargoyle’s attempts to hit him, countering with blows to the creature’s torso, thighs, and wings each time.

    After Krispin’s third slash to the gargoyle’s wings, the other paranormal bellowed with rage as he lifted off the ground. At first, Krispin thought he would dive-bomb him or something. Instead, he flew away, yelling that it wasn’t over.

    Krispin watched the gargoyle until he was out of sight in the dark sky.

    “Moron doesn’t even know if he’s being watched by a human,” Krispin grumbled, shaking his head. “What the fuck?”

    Then a low moan caught his attention, returning his focus to his downed beloved.

    Rushing to the male’s side, Krispin took in the flayed hide of his back and one wing. He grimaced as he knelt beside him. As much as he wished he could begin licking the wounds to seal them, he didn’t know the male or what had brought him here.

    But I will soon.

    The fact that he hadn’t woken yet was cause for concern, too.

    “Right, get my head out of my ass.”

    Krispin jumped to his feet and rushed back to his yoga mat. He grabbed his phone and dialed Basques’s number. His enforcer picked up on the second ring just as Krispin dropped back to his knees beside the gargoyle.

    “Hey, buddy,” Basques greeted. “All’s quiet here. No need to—”

    “Shut up a sec,” Krispin cut him off. “I need you to locate Ward and bring him and Dloben up to the roof. Ridger, too, if he’s not with a donor.”

    “I’m on the move,” Basques replied instantly, and the noise of the lounge disappeared from the background. “I’ll bring everyone up as quickly as I can. What’s going on?”

    Unable not to touch, Krispin threaded his fingers through the gargoyle’s shaggy, dark-brown hair, pushing it away from his face. “My mate just fell from the sky. Literally.”

    “What the fuck?”

    Krispin felt about the same. “He’s a gargoyle. He was attacked, and he’s injured. Unconscious. I was wondering if Dloben would recognize him.”

    “Damn, Kris,” Basques muttered through the line. “Congrats, and don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Then a laugh erupted from him.

    “What?” Krispin didn’t know what his buddy could find funny about the situation.

    “Guess you’re stuck carryin’ your offspring, just like me.”

    Krispin felt his gut twist and his ass clench. Gargoyles could get their male mates pregnant.

    “Oh, fuck.”