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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Little Angelic Interference

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-One

Just a little Love Bite: A man struggling with his identity realizes he has his very own guardian angel...if he's strong enough to accept him.

As an angel sent to help a struggling soul, getting kidnapped isn't even a blip on Zylen's radar. Before he can connect with Howard, the human he's sent to help, he's taken hostage. He's rescued by the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Zylen recuperates in the Horseman of Pestilence's realm while sharing everything he knows before continuing on his mission. Finally meeting Howard, he experiences something he never has before--attraction. At first, he thinks it's a by-product of spending time in the demon realm. Then Zylen has an epiphany. Howard is his stella guida--his guiding star--the only human in existence whose life would give him more purpose than his duty to his creator. Zylen knows he can't reveal his true nature unless Howard chooses him. Unfortunately, the whole reason he was sent to Howard was to offer a guiding voice as he struggles with a choice--find a girl to date, appeasing his mother, or finally come out. From what Zylen's angelic gifts have shown him, the odds aren't stacked in the coming out category. Between meddling family, homophobic females, and the threat of hunters, can Zylen show him what can be between them without revealing his true nature and damning them both?

Excerpt - A Little Angelic Interference

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    The muggy heat immediately wrapped around Zylen, so he once again transformed his clothes. This time he mentally conjured black cargo shorts, running shoes and socks, and a light polo shirt. He felt grateful that by forming his clothing directly on his body, he didn’t have to worry about fitting his wings through slits or tears in the cloth. They were already there.

    “Good journey to you, Angel,” Lucha stated from his left.

    “And to you both as well,” Zylen replied.

    Then the three went their separate ways.

    Zylen casted a mental web, searching for the signature of the man he needed to insert himself into the life of—Howard. He found it to the south and headed that way. Another thought had his wings and aura hidden—otherwise, he would be pretty much irresistible to humans.

    Angels were beautiful creatures, after all.

    So how did the humans who captured me not want to touch and please me?

    Another thing Zylen didn’t currently have an answer for.

    Zylen used his mental abilities to keep track of the humans around him as he strode through town. He caught fleeting thoughts, most of them benign. No way did he wish to be caught unaware again.

    A man was reminding himself to pick up milk on the way home. Another planned to call his wife during lunch. A woman wondered why her boyfriend never sent her flowers.

    When Zylen heard a man think, if I catch that fag alone again, I’m gonna teach him a lesson, he paused and turned. He spotted the human—an athletic-looking dark-haired male.

    This is the kind of hatred we need to counter.

    Even though it wasn’t part of Zylen’s task, he couldn’t just leave it. He headed toward the man who was crossing a parking lot, obviously heading to his truck. As the guy brushed past Zylen, he skimmed his fingertips over the back of the man’s hand.

    In that instant, Zylen planted thoughts of acceptance, of tolerance. He even pushed a little indifference in there, too, since he felt a whole lot of anger and disgust. The man’s views had been ingrained in him by his father, Zylen learned from his memories.

    Zylen saw it often, unfortunately.

    The man spun and frowned at him, registering his fleeting touch. Considering Zylen had four inches and plenty of muscle on the man, it was all he did, though. After a grumble about watching where he was going, the dark-haired man continued to his truck.

    Moving on, Zylen found the store where he felt Howard’s mental signature—some kind of lumber or building chain store. He entered, turning just a little so his wings didn’t hit a lady exiting the store. While they were invisible, they were still there, tucked close against his back. For the most part, someone would think they’d brushed against silk and forget about it, but it was still personal to the angel.

    Striding down one aisle and up another, Zylen searched for Howard. He spotted him at the far wall, looking at lumber. The human must have sensed his presence, for he glanced Zylen’s way, then froze, his eyes widening just a little.

    To Zylen’s shock, his breath caught in his chest, and he nearly stumbled. The man before him, peering at him with a slightly tired-looking hazel-eyed gaze, was absolutely breathtaking. Big and broad with muscles on clear display under his short-sleeved shirt, he had swirling tattoos up both forearms. His head was shaved, as was his jaw.

    Best of all, he stood about six-foot-one and would fit perfectly against Zylen’s larger frame.

    Wait. Did I just think that? And why is my dick getting hard?

    As an angel, Zylen didn’t have a sex drive. His body was built for battle, both physically and mentally. He certainly shouldn’t be wondering what it would feel like to slide his palms over Howard’s scalp or what his skin would taste like when he traced his tattoos.

    Did my time in the demon realm change me in some way?

    But surely that couldn’t be possible. An angel’s nature couldn’t be altered in any way.

    What if the humans’ drugs did something to me?

    That was a much more likely possibility.

    Then Howard yanked his gaze away from Zylen, and he felt it like a physical ache in his chest. He wanted the man’s focus back on him so very badly. It felt like an almost visceral need.

    Oh my goodness!

    That was when it hit Zylen.

    This man is my stella guida—my guiding star—a human who will give my life purpose beyond the creator’s tasks.

    Zylen had heard the rumors, whispered on occasion. To his knowledge, it had been over three centuries since an angel had found his stella guida. The angel was supposedly living in Italy, although he’d never tried to confirm that.

    God, that man is hot. Howard’s thought flittered through Zylen’s mind. Another followed quickly. Damn it. Stop thinkin’ like that. I can’t be gay. Momma would never understand.

    Remembering his task, Zylen just managed to bite back his wince. The whole point of him being there was to help Howard accept his sexuality. Being gay, straight, bi, or whatever didn’t matter. Humans and paranormals alike were made in the creator’s image, and it was them who’d come up with the prejudices.

    And it looks like he’s leaning toward denial.

    Please, creator, don’t let me be too late.