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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Nip of Good Cheer

A Loving Nip: Book One

Just a little Love Bite: When you ignore your senses, you can miss out on something pretty important.

Daystrum Striplan, second in command of the Esson vampire coven, knows he's been distracted the past month or two. He just can't figure out what tugs at his mind...or rather...whom. Every night Daystrum's dreams are plagued by a slender male figure with striking blue eyes. When he wakes, his fangs ache with the need to sink them into the man's column of tanned flesh and taste his blood. Unfortunately, Daystrum can't remember where or when--hell, even if--he's met the man in his dreams. Then, the evening of the coven Christmas party, Daystrum scents the object of his obsession, Korbin Harris. Unfortunately, he's not the only one who notices the human. Jaymes, the master of a visiting coven also expresses his interest, and that vampire doesn't have to beg forgiveness for forgetting their first meeting...a meeting that Korbin remembers. Can Daystrum earn the forgiveness and affection of his wayward beloved?

Excerpt - A Nip of Good Cheer

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Daystrum followed the trail of Korbin’s scent. Rounding the corner, he spotted Korbin pacing back and forth in the hallways, three steps to the left, four steps to the right, and back again. Korbin ran a hand through his short, black hair, then rested his hand on the back of his neck and massaged the tendons there.

Even clearly agitated, Daystrum found Korbin the sexiest man he’d ever seen. However, he didn’t like seeing the young man so worked up. Unable to fight the need to soothe Korbin, Daystrum started toward him.

Korbin had just hung up the phone when Daystrum reached his side and rested a hand on his shoulder. The human jerked sideways, away from his touch, as he spun to face him. Daystrum lifted his hands in the universal easy does it signal.

“Crap, you startled me,” Korbin muttered. His cheeks flushed a pretty shade of pink as he held his hand to his chest. “Wh-What are you doing here?”

“I apologize,” Daystrum told him. “I saw you slip away and wanted to make certain you were okay.” He paused, thinking quickly, before adding, “I could scent that you were a bit upset.” Waving a hand vaguely toward the phone Korbin held in his right hand. “Is everything okay?”

Licking his lips, Korbin’s gaze flicked from him to the wall toward the floor, back to his face again. “Uh, n-no,” he said, shifting nervously from foot to foot. “My friend Paul needs help.”

Korbin returned his free hand to his neck again and massaged the tendons again, clearly agitated. He lowered his gaze, then his cheeks flushed darker. As Daystrum watched, Korbin’s eyes widened just a bit, then he snapped his head back up. His scent intensified.

Daystrum’s mouth watered with the scent of Korbin’s blood rushing to his face, the life-giving force pounding through the veins of his neck. The heady scent called to Daystrum. He took a step forward and rested a hand on Korbin’s shoulder, his thumb rubbing over the Korbin’s pulse point.

“Korbin.” Daystrum whispered the human’s name, his body nearly vibrating with the need to pull the man into is arms and make him his own. “Your smell—”

“I need to go,” Korbin whispered, tension thrumming under Daystrum’s fingertips.

Daystrum lifted his other hand to cup Korbin’s jaw. “And I need to taste your lips,” he whispered. “Then I will take you anywhere you want to go.” Daystrum knew it was a bit heavy-handed, but with the scent of Korbin’s arousal and blood causing his own senses to sing, his need overruled his good sense.

Lowering his hold from his neck to Korbin’s back, Daystrum tugged Korbin closer as he lowered his head. With the hand Daystrum had on Korbin’s jaw, he tilted his human’s head up. First, Daystrum brushed his lips over Korbin’s upper lip, then his lower, then he sealed his mouth over Korbin’s.

Korbin let out a strangled gasp, which Daystrum took full advantage of. He thrust his tongue out, slipping it between Korbin’s lips. Swirling around Korbin’s mouth, Daystrum explored the other man, enjoying his honey flavor mixed with a hint of beer. He lapped and teased Korbin’s tongue, entreating him to join in exploration.

Finally, Korbin’s lips relaxed, and he brought his free hand up to grip the lapel of Daystrum’s jacket. Leaning into him, Korbin’s head tilted just a bit more and his tongue came out to lap against Daystrum’s tentatively. Humming in appreciation, Daystrum suckled gently on the appendage. Korbin whined, feeding Daystrum’s need.

Wanting to hear more of those noises, Daystrum scraped his fang lightly over Korbin’s tongue. Korbin rewarded him with a groan and a fisted—phone-filled—hand pressed against his hip. Daystrum growled into his mouth, liking his soon-to-be lover’s responses. He wanted more…and he sure as hell wanted Korbin as his own.

With that primal thought in mind, when Korbin lapped at his fang, Daystrum changed the angle just enough to once again scrape his fang across Korbin’s tongue. The prick, harder this time, drew blood. Daystrum tasted the couple of beads that welled up, one sweet burst of flavor after another.

My beloved!