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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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A Pair for Serena

Gargoyles of Cuchulian: Book Five

After over a century of waiting, Serena couldn't be more thrilled to discover her first mate, except he's Huzza of the just coming out of hiding McDarmund tribe. Knowing her duty, she leaves her home, her brother, and her friends to join Clinton's tribe. Clinton quickly comes to care for his spunky mate, and even though he knows she has a second mate out there, he hopes he has some time to come to know Serena better before she finds him.

Time runs out when, on their first date, Serena attracts the attention of the sexy lion shifter, Dixon Hayes. First Dixon challenges Clinton, but when he realizes Serena is a gargoyle, has two mates, and he'll be expected to share her, Dixon rejects her. Can Dixon learn to accept Serena and her bond with Clinton? Or will she lose her second mate before she even knows him?

Excerpt - A Pair for Serena

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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    He held out a hand, and when she took it, a fissure of excitement rocked through her system. The pair took off, their wings catching currents of air as they found an updraft that carried them into the sky. Their wings flexed, shifted, and beat at the wind. She matched Clinton’s pace and speed as he whirled through the air, exhilarated by the freedom of flying.

At almost eight hundred feet above the ground, he paused, his wings beating slowly to hold position, and she matched her wing’s pace to the other gargoyle’s. Clinton pulled her close and grinned. “When I need to think, I come up here and just let myself relax on the air currents. I’m so grateful to the Fates that this is something I can share with you, Serena.”

He settled his lips over hers, giving her a soft, exploratory kiss filled with promise. A slow heat bloomed through her body, sending renewed desire slowly coursing through her veins. The burn warmed her from the inside out and she couldn’t stop the soft moan. When Clinton broke the kiss, she sighed. “Thank you for sharing this with me,” she whispered.

“There are many things I wish to share with you,” he replied. “I’ve led my people for over one hundred fifty years, focusing on deception and discretion to keep them safe. All that is changing for us. I could never be more grateful than to have you at my side through this transition.”

Flattered as well as turned on by his words of trust and admittance, Serena folded her wings close and moved closer, letting Clinton hold both their weights, showing him that she trusted him as well. “I’ll do everything in my power to help. Your people are now my people, your clan my clan, and your problems my problems. I swear fealty to you, my mate, my lover, and soon, I hope you’ll be my friend.”

A look of pure relief and pleasure filled Clinton’s face. “My mate,” he whispered before cupping her face with one hand, settling his lips on hers and delving deep into her mouth in a deep, claiming kiss.

The wind swirled around them as they kissed, and Serena felt them fall, spiraling toward earth for several long moments before Clinton released her and she instinctively spread her wings to fly with him back into the heavens. The dress swirling around her, she let him chase her through the skies. When he’d catch her, they’d come together in an explosion of sensual lust, kissing and nipping at each other’s lips, throats, and necks. They’d fall from the sky again, wings whirling around them as they plummeted toward earth.

Adult Excerpt - A Pair for Serena

    Clinton’s claws tore the dress from her shoulders as he herded her through a door and into a domed structure her passion infused brain hadn’t even noticed. She snarled in excitement and managed to break free of his grip. Serena skittered away, before turning to face him. The feral look on his face as his gaze roved over her naked breasts, down her slender, toned abdomen, to the thatch of springy red curls that hid her feminine folds excited her all the more. He stalked toward her, tearing his own clothes from his body. The glint of wild lust in his dark eyes fanned the flames burning through her body. Blood pulsed in her already swollen clit and cream oozed from her body, dampening her thighs as they circled each other.

Finally, he revealed his engorged shaft to Serena’s hungry gaze. The tip already oozed a steady amount of pre-cum that dribbled from the slit of his angry red cock. He stood naked before her in all his gargoyle glory, his red wings stretching above his head, his clawed hands flexing as his heavily muscled chest heaved with each breath.

“Present for me, mate.”

The growled command caused another pulse of cream from her body and her nipples tightened. She grinned, showing off her canines. “Do you think I’ll make it that easy?”

For a second, a flicker of surprise shot through the gargoyle’s expression, then he gave her a look so hot she felt certain her skin would have scorched if she’d still been in human form took her breath away. “You would not be huzza-mate material if you did,” he growled, pleasure filling his tone before adding with a smirk, “but you have nowhere to go, Serena.”

She finally took in her surroundings and realized they were in a pool house. A fifty by twenty foot pool dominated the far end of the structure, several hot tubs lined another wall, while she and Clinton stood amidst deck chairs and tables. Grinning, she slowly started backing away from him, her claws clicking on the oddly warm cement. Clinton growled low and prowled toward her, his shaft pointing at her as if to lead the charge. And charge he did. Clinton roared and launched, his wings stretching out as he flew toward her.

Grabbing the nearest chair, she threw it at him. The furniture smashed into Clinton’s chest, sending him lurching sideways. She laughed, intoxicated by the excitement of the chase. Next she picked up a small table and chucked it at him. This time he was ready. Clinton batted the object aside, wood splintering as it shattered. Then he was on her, his weight propelling her backward.

Her calves hit a chair and they both flew ass over teakettle. She landed with an Umph, but quickly tried to scramble away. A clawed hand digging into her leg stopped her progress and pulled her across the floor. Seconds later, a hand landed on her hip, claws sinking in deliciously as Clinton forced Serena to her knees. Muscled legs shoved her thighs apart as the hand not on her hip moved to the back of her neck, pushing her shoulders down to the floor.

Clinton’s hard muscled body draped over her own, effectively pinning her in place. Her heart beat a rapid pulse as she felt a massive blunt cock-head slide between her folds, caressing her opening. Her womb clenched in anticipation, and more cream oozed from Serena's body, readying her sheath for her mate.

“Now this is a fucking sexy picture, mate,” Clinton growled into her ear. “Your ass up, your legs open, and your pussy wet and ready for my cock. You are ready for me, aren’t you?” He chuckled throatily as he nudged his cock-head against her again. “Your juices flow freely with your excitement.”

Serena turned her head and snarled, her canines bared, giving one last token struggle that she knew would please her mate even further.

“Excellent,” he growled.

Clinton’s cock stabbed into her, sinking into her core all the way until she felt his heavy balls slap against her thighs. The hand on her hip tightened, the hand on her neck released her and wrapped around her body to cup one breast, and Clinton hauled her upright. He forced her legs just a little wider until she was practically on his lap, her back pinned to his chest, making his cock sink just a little bit further into her.

“Perfect,” he grunted.

Serena grinned and stared up at the ceiling, her breath coming in ragged gasps. She squeezed her muscled around his shaft, making her mate moan in pleasure. “I’ll get better at evading you,” she teased.

Clinton chuckled. “That will just make our couplings that much more fun, my mate.”