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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Accepting His Human

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Four

Crypto Zoologist Drake Whitton works as a genetics professor at Collin City College while he figures out how to remove the eccentric label from his name, given to him by his peer's response to his last paper on the existence of the chupacabra. He thinks he's found the opportunity he needs when a private firm asks him to dissect and analyze a new DNA strand, and he discovers it contains both human and reptilian characteristics. His plans are derailed when his car gets hijacked by a detective on the run, his home gets broken into by people from the corporation he'd been doing research for, and he gets seduced by the doctor assigned to the hijacker's case.

Doctor Ailean Carmichael never expects to find a mate, let alone a human one, but he's willing to take what Fate gives him. After all, not all humans are like his late foster parents, right? And an orphaned, exiled black jaguar living in a wolf shifter's territory doesn't have too many options. He decides seducing the naive professor will be delicious fun for both of them, until Ailean realizes he needs to protect his little mate from those bent on experimenting on and eradicating shifters. But when Ailean discovers Drake actually works for the scientists trying to destroy him and his friends, will he take the time to listen to Drake's explanation? Or will he decide all humans really are the same?

Excerpt - Accepting His Human

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Who is he?”

This time the doctor’s honey brown eyes stayed on him for a bit longer. He seemed to be assessing Drake, and he flushed under the man’s scrutiny. His skin still tingled from where he’d pressed him close to his side. He wanted to shift in his chair and find a more comfortable position for his cock, which had gone hard from the contact. Drake couldn’t remember the last time someone had turned him on so much so fast. But he knew that would be inappropriate and a dead giveaway to his orientation, and he didn’t want to offend the nice doctor.

“His name is Detective Lyle Sullivan.”

Well, one thing could be said for Doctor Carmichael, he sure didn’t volunteer information. “What happened to him?”

“He went missing two weeks ago. From the looks of things, someone held him captive and tortured him,” he replied bluntly.

Drake sucked in a breath, his eyes widening in his head. “That’s terrible,” he whispered.

Doctor Carmichael lifted his head and nodded. “Yes, little mate, it is.”

He frowned, wondering why the man kept calling him that. He’d used that term several times now, and he wondered what meaning it held. He knew he was little, but they weren’t friends, not that he didn’t want to be. But he couldn’t imagine the doctor wanting to be friends with someone like him, an eccentric, poor, skinny professor.

Before he could ask, a light knock sounded on the door. Doctor Carmichael paused and took a deep breath, before saying, “Come in, Grady.”

Weird. How did he know?

A large muscle-bound blond man strode into the room followed by a shorter, slightly heavy man with long, steel-gray hair. The bigger man frowned and muttered an explicative under his breath.

The doctor smirked. “Yeah. That’s what I said upon first sight.”

He watched the shorter man rest a hand on the blond’s shoulder and whisper, “Easy, Grady.”

To Drake’s surprise, Grady, the detective, wrapped his own hand around the other man’s, holding it in place. Huh, are they a couple? Impossible. The detective oozed testosterone! Family, then? If so, Drake couldn’t make out any parental markers between their features.

“Is he going to make it?” the detective asked.

Doctor Carmichael grimaced. “I’m not sure yet. He seems stable, but I still need to run some tests. Check for internal bleeding, concussion, broken bones, blood work, that sort of thing. You got here awful quick, so I haven’t had time yet.”

Grady turned toward Drake, and he wanted to cringe. This man’s calculating gaze made him feel like prey in the presence of a hungry lion. “Are you Professor Drake Whitton?” Drake nodded. Grady looked back at the doctor. “Think you can run your tests while I chat with the professor, Ailean?”

The doctor, Ailean, nodded. What an exotic name. He wanted to ask it’s origin when the man spoke. “Sure.” Ailean’s gaze fixed on him, removing the chill he’d gotten from Grady’s stare. “You’ll be fine with Grady, little mate. He just needs to ask you some questions.”

How did Ailean know he’d been nervous? Drake looked down and realized his twisting fingers must have given him away. His head snapped back up. “Why do you keep calling me little mate?”

Ailean left the bed and headed toward him, his body moving with sensual grace. “I didn’t know your name,” he said, stopping in front of him. “Would you prefer I call you handsome? Maybe sweet baby?”

Okay, so the doctor did seem to swing his way, but why would he be interested in him? He wasn’t attractive by any means.

Trying to control his erratic reactions to the man, he frowned. “My name is Drake.”

Ailean used a finger under Drake’s chin to lift his gaze. How did the doctor move around the bed so fast?

“I still prefer little mate, Drake. Don’t go anywhere until I return. I want to ask for your phone number.”

Then to his utter shock, Ailean brushed his lips lightly over Drake’s in the gentlest most sensual caress. Before he even realized it was happening, it ended. His first real kiss and he’d been too stunned to reciprocate.

Adult Excerpt - Accepting His Human

    “Ailean? What are you doing here?”

Ailean smiled at his confused mate. “Declan told me that you and your brother were coming here for safety. I wanted to make sure you were okay, so after my shift ended at midnight, I came here.”

“But why?”

He stretched out on the bed and propped his head on his hand, pleased when Drake didn’t put any additional space between them. Now how to explain to a human? “I like you, Drake. Your well-being is important to me. I want to get to know you better.”

“In the middle of the night?” he asked, cocking his head in confusion.

Chuckling, Ailean eased his free hand up to Drake’s face and cupped his jaw. “Well, I knew you wouldn’t be available for lunch tomorrow, so I figured I’d just sleep here and see you in the morning.” He leaned forward, noting the hitch in his mate’s breathing as he slowly closed the distance between them. “Waking up in the middle of the night was just a bonus,” he whispered against Drake’s lips before brushing them gently with his own.

Drake let out a soft whimper that heated Ailean’s blood. The scent of his mate’s arousal spiked, and Ailean’s dick became so hard so fast he groaned. He licked the seam of his mate’s mouth, begging for entry. Drake granted it, opening for him. Plunging his tongue inside, he tasted mint toothpaste and the heady essence of Drake.

Using his hand to tilt Drake’s head, he deepened the kiss, licking, nipping, and sucking, unable to get enough of his mate’s taste. Ailean shifted closer, settling Drake back into the pillows and half sprawled over the smaller man. He inserted a leg in between Drake’s legs and pressed his thigh against his mate’s straining erection.

Drake bucked against him. Ailean caught the strangled cry erupting from his mate’s throat. His mate stiffened, then began to tremble. Wet heat spread against Ailean’s thigh and the salty scent of seed filled his senses. Shock filled him as he realized his mate had just come.

Ailean eased the kiss to an end and lifted his head to stare down at his flushed, trembling mate. The blitzed out expression on Drake’s face was truly the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. Suddenly, as if realizing what he’d just done, Drake gasped, clamped his eyes shut and turned his head away.

He tightened his grip on Drake’s neck, forcing him to turn back to face him, but his mate kept his eyes tightly squeezed shut. “Hey, now,” he murmured, placing a gentle kiss on each of Drake’s eyes. He tasted the salty wetness of tears and worry slammed into him. How could he have missed it? He’d bet his home, his one and only sanctuary, that his mate had no experience whatsoever. He kissed Drake’s lips. “Look at me, little mate,” he ordered softly. “There’s no need to be embarrassed.”

“I’m so sorry,” Drake finally groaned out. “I didn’t mean to come like that. It just felt so good. I’ve never…”

And there was his confirmation, and damn, if that just didn’t set Ailean's blood on fire. He’d be his mate’s first and only. “Shush, Drake,” he whispered. “I love that you respond like that to my touch,” he admitted.

That finally got Drake to open his eyes and stare hesitantly up at him. “You do?”

He grinned down at him. “Hell, yeah, baby. You’re the sexiest fucking man I’ve ever seen.”

Disbelief flashed over his mate’s features and he frowned. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are,” Ailean countered. When he saw Drake open his mouth, he frowned. “Don’t argue, little mate. I say you are, so you are.” Before the man could come up with a reply, Ailean continued. “Now, let’s get you out of these pants. I know from experience that dried cum is anything but comfortable.”

A fresh tint of red colored his mate’s cheeks and neck, and Ailean knew that it wasn’t from pleasure this time. Ailean grinned. His little mate really was too adorable. Before Drake could offer a protest, Ailean whipped his shirt over his head and then slithered down the bed and worked his mate’s pants down his hips and legs, tossing the pants onto the floor.

He took in the white cream clumping the black pubic hair and Drake’s semi-erect cock lying on his stomach, also glistening with the evidence of his release. Drake’s hands moved to cover himself, but Ailean grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed on either side of his hips. “Oh, no, little mate. None of that with me.”

Settling between his mate’s legs, he swiped his tongue along Drake’s shaft, collecting as much semen as possible. He hummed in appreciation at the salty taste and got to work cleaning up his mate, enjoying the man’s gasps and groans. By the time he’d finished, his mate’s cock once again stood at attention. Grinning at his mate’s fantastic recovery time, he quickly shimmied out of his own clothes and crawled up Drake’s body. He settled his straining erection against his human’s, sliding easily against each other through his saliva.

Resting on his elbows, he looked down into Drake’s dazed expression. “So sexy,” he murmured, thrusting his hips.

Drake moaned and bucked against him, creating wonderful friction that sent tingles of pleasure spreading from Ailean’s dick, up his spine and down his legs.

“Never felt anything like this,” Drake whispered.

“It only gets better,” Ailean promised.