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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Alpha's Prerogative

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Two

Declan McIntire is the alpha of the Stone Ridge pack. Because he's been unmated for over a century, he's had the mothers of his pack parading their daughters under his nose for decades. He rejects them all, hiding his preference for the hard plains of a male over the soft curves of a female. When he scents his mate at a clan BBQ, he's ecstatic to discover it's a cute, sexy male named Lark Trystan. He's even more shocked to find out Lark not only knows about shifters, but has been comfortably interacting with his pack for months. But Declan quickly realizes that even though Lark doesn't care that he's a werewolf, his large size and dominant personality will be a problem.

Lark thinks shifters are amazing. Their ability to change into a sentient animal coupled with their increased strength make his doctor's fingers itch to take blood samples and find out more about their genetic make-up. Since the pack alpha is straight, he can't figure out why he's suddenly taking an interest in Lark, who is not just out, but proud of it. He also doesn't understand why he's so drawn to the big man, especially considering his poor track record with relationships. Big men always seemed to think he'd make the perfect punching bag, and Lark had the scars to prove it, both physical and mental.

When Lark ends up in the hospital, Declan puts everything on hold, determined to take his mate home and prove that he's nothing like Lark's previous lovers. But not everyone in his pack is accepting of a gay alpha. Can Declan find a way to reconcile the two? Or will he have to choose between the pack he's devoted his life to and the man who is quickly coming to hold his heart?

Excerpt - Alpha's Prerogative

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    The guest of honor’s words brought him back to the present, forcing Declan to focus. “I’m sorry, alpha. I should have thought to introduce you. That’s our friend, Lark Trystan. He works at the hospital and is a good friend. He’s known about us since our Fourth of July party several months ago. Our father and Gregor initiated him.”

Lark Trystan. Even the name aroused him. Mate. The realization hit so suddenly, he let out a startled oh. After all this time, he’d finally met his mate! Excitement coursed through him and he practically vibrated, the worry that followed immediately settled him. Since Lark knew of werewolves, enjoyed playing with the cubs, in fact, Declan didn’t think that him being a shifter would be the problem between them. But he couldn’t get the way the smaller man had cringed away from him out of his mind.

Tearing his gaze away from Lark, Declan watched Rainy’s eyes widened. “Oh, god, please tell me they informed you.”

Declan watched Lark laugh at something Carson said, who manned the grill. His eyes narrowed as jealousy ripped through him with the force of a tornado. Feeling his gums tingle, his canines threatening to descend, he took several deep breaths. He smelled Rainy’s near panic and turned to the newly mated wolf to reassure him. “Lark Trystan. Aye, I vaguely remember the name.” He forced a relaxed smirk and said, “Sorry to alarm you, just didn’t meet him at the time.”

“Alpha, excuse the interruption.”

Declan turned to see Nick Greely, one of his best trackers, after Duncan and Cliff, standing near him. “Yes, what is it?” His gaze traveled back to the sexy little man filling a number of plates with food. Did Lark have a hollow leg? The word poachers caught his attention, and he realized he hadn’t heard a word Nick said.

“I’m sorry. Say that again?”

“Yes, I said we located the warehouse. We notified Detective Stryker and are waiting for him to call us back.”

Declan nodded. That was great news. They’d been looking for where the poacher’s housed the animals for weeks, ever since Cliff had ended up caught by them. He’d been in wolf form at the time, and under heavy sedation, so hadn’t been able to remember the whereabouts. “That’s great. Notify Duncan, Carson, and Vernon to be on standby. They’ll need to go in with Stryker. As soon as you hear from him, notify me and have everyone meet at Duncan’s.”

“Yes, alpha.”

Once Nick had left, he excused himself, stepped off the deck, and headed toward the food. He found Lark staring at several plates laden with hot dogs, potato salad, and an assortment of other goods. He suddenly remembered Lark’s comment about feeding the kids and knew he planned to take the food back to the cubs. He couldn’t stop the grin. What a sweetheart! “Feeling a bit hungry, are you?” he teased.

Lark blushed prettily and ducked his head. Damn, Lark was a beautiful man. “It’s not all for me. I told the kids I’d bring them something to eat, but I didn’t plan on how much…” Chewing his lip, he didn’t meet Declan’s gaze. “I mean, weres eat more than humans,” he rambled. “I’m just trying to figure out how to get all this food to the kids, alpha.”

His dick twitched at the submissive move, his desire to dominate the man roaring to the forefront. Struggling to hide his lust, Declan smiled. “Then let’s not disappoint them. Let me give you a hand.”

His blue eyes widened in surprise, and Lark backed a step. “Oh, no! You don’t have to do that. I can get…”

Declan grabbed Lark’s arm. “Don’t be silly, Lark. I’m here, offerin’ to help. Let me help, aye?” God, could his lilt get any thicker? Over a hundred years out of Ireland and he sounded like he’d just stepped off the damn boat.

Then Lark smiled at him and the whole world seemed to brighten. “Thanks,” the small man murmured. “That’s very nice of you.”

“My pleasure,” Declan grated. Lark smiled again before blushing. What was that all about? Could Lark possibly be attracted to him? Hope blossomed through Declan. Grabbing the rest of the plates, Declan followed his mate’s small, sexy body as it easily weaved through the crowds. The man’s slender five foot five inch body moved like a dancer. He could imagine holding his mate as Lark and Declan moved to music… He was so lost in his fantasy, he stumbled over a kid’s toy, nearly spilling the food all over himself. Smooth, Declan!

Adult Excerpt - Alpha's Prerogative


Declan couldn’t believe he’d just admitted that out loud. Now Lark would probably go screaming for the hills. Damn morphine messing with his brain. But Lark’s touch aroused him like no other, and there wasn’t even anything sexual about it. Every brush of a knuckle and glide of his fingertips sent heat straight to his cock. His dick pulsed painfully against the blanket under him and he fought the desire to rub off on it.

His mate's hand on his neck, massaging gently, caught his attention. The small man still knelt beside him and now leaned his face close, too close, to Declan’s where he lay on the floor. “What did you say?” Lark whispered, disbelieving.

And that’s when he smelled it. Lark was just as turned on as Declan was. Oh, my god, the man smelled wonderful. Earthy and warm, with a hint of spice. Declan’s precarious control snapped. He shifted and grabbed Lark’s waist, yanking the man to the floor and pulling him half under his naked body. He hated the fact that Lark wore clothes. He wanted skin. Declan wanted to feel his mate’s body against his own. Burying his face in Lark’s neck, he inhaled deeply, memorizing Lark’s scent, and nibbled at Lark’s neck. Damn, the man even tasted fucking fantastic.

Lark lay frozen underneath him, but he didn’t smell of fear, just shock and… worry? He trailed his fingers over Lark’s slender body. The man was slight, compact and muscular. With a leg thrown over Lark’s waist, he rubbed his aching cock against the man’s hip and moaned at the tingling pleasure that spread through his body.

“What are you doing?”

“I’d think that’s obvious, pretty man,” he whispered, licking a trail up Lark’s neck. His mate turned his head, giving more access. Such natural, sweet submission in his mate, Declan growled his excitement and nipped Lark’s neck. Lark gasped, the scent of his arousal increasing. Sucking his earlobe into his mouth and tugging, Declan felt the tremor pass through the body under him and grinned. “Ye obviously didn’t believe me words, so I knew I had to show you.” He rubbed his cock against his mate’s hip again to emphasize his point.

Shifting his weight, he inserted his leg between Lark’s legs and rubbed his thigh against Lark’s crotch. Declan wasn’t disappointed. He felt the hard length of Lark’s cock trapped behind the fly of his jeans. The man whimpered, bucking slightly against him as Declan continued to bring pleasure to them both.

Declan lifted his head and stared into Lark’s face. Absolutely breathtaking. Lark had his head thrown back and eyes closed in bliss, his flawless skin flushed, Declan had never seen anything more beautiful. Everything about Lark screamed feminine, but he had enough masculinity that no one would mistake him for a woman, even with the eyeliner and lip gloss. Arched brows, slightly slanted eyes that were a crystal blue when open, straight nose that was slightly turned up at the end, and full lips, with the bottom being slightly plumper than the top. Great for sucking cock. Declan couldn’t wait to see those pretty lips wrapped around him.

While inspecting his mate’s face, he’d paused in his rubbing and Lark’s eyes snapped open. “No,” he whispered.

“No, what?” Declan asked.

“You don’t want to do this,” Lark continued, ignoring his question. “You’re in shock. You’re hopped up on morphine. You don’t know what you’re doing.”

Declan reached down, his fingers manipulating the button on Lark’s jeans. “I do want this.”

“Well, I don’t!” Lark declared. The hands that had rested passively on his biceps moved, one to his chest to push against Declan, the other to the wrist of the hand working on his jeans. “Stop it.” As he pushed, he glanced around the room before snapping angry blue eyes back to Declan. “I don’t do exhibitionism. Let me up.”


How had he so thoroughly forgotten that they weren’t alone? He’d almost taken his mate like a common street whore in a room full of people. “I’m sorry, Lark. I didn’t mean…” he let the sentence hang as his mate scrambled to his knees. Declan knew exactly what he’d meant, and shame filled him at his treatment of his mate. Lark shoved his supplies back in his bag, not meeting his eyes. Declan knew he had to try one more time. “Lark, I am sorry. I’ll make sure we’re alone next time.”

At that, Lark’s eyes snapped to his. “There won’t be a next time, Alpha.”