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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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An Angelic Dilemma

A Loving Nip: Book Thirty

Just a little Love Bite: An angel runs into a dilemma when the man he’s supposed to be helping is associated with his stella guida.

As an angel, Mordecai has the ability to read the thoughts of others. Sitting in a coffee shop, eyeing the human he’s there to help—Charles—Mordecai listens to the man’s internal troubles so he can discern the best way to assist him. Mordecai hears Charles wondering why he’s agreed to meet his workout buddy, Jeffrey, for coffee…knowing Jeffrey intends it as a date. According to Charles’s thoughts, the human has never bothered acting on his occasional flash of appreciation for the opposite sex, and he doesn’t see the point in doing so now.

Mordecai assumes that his task is to help Charles come to grips with his desire for the occasional male. In the past, he’s spent time talking with his assigned human, walking them through a bit of soul-searching. Mordecai doesn’t think anything is special about the assignment. He’s done it plenty of times before.

Everything changes when Mordecai gets his first look at Jeffrey and meets the man’s gaze. The human, Jeffrey—Charles’s date—is his stella guida, his guiding star—the one human he can share a soul with. How can Mordecai help Charles come to grips with dating Jeffrey, when every instinct screams at him to take him for his own?

Excerpt - An Angelic Dilemma

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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    As Mordecai moved into the line behind Charles, he heard him order a protein drink. He mentally cringed at the sound of it, and when it came to his own turn, he asked for a berry smoothie. Mordecai gave the barista his name before following Charles toward the pick-up area as he listened to the human’s thoughts.

    What the hell am I doing here? Charles didn’t sound particularly happy. I shouldn’t have agreed to meet Jeffrey. If I’d known he would think of this as a date, I would have turned him down. After giving a mental groan, Charles continued his mental rant. How did I let him catch me looking at his ass? Except, those running shorts he wears make it look so damn sexy. How could I not notice?

    Charles took his drink from the barista before Mordecai could think up a way to introduce himself.

    Leaning an arm against the counter, Mordecai discreetly watched Charles head to a table off to the left.

    Maybe I can set Jeffrey straight as soon as he arrives. We don’t have to have a drink together. Charles eyed the door as he took a sip of his beverage. Or I’ll let him know I’m flattered, but I don’t swing his way. Scowling at his drink, Charles twisted his lips into a pensive expression. I’ll just explain that I enjoy the male form, but I don’t wanna cross that line. God, I hope he understands. I don’t wanna be labeled bisexual. Just because I find men nice to look at on occasion doesn’t mean I want to do anything with them.

    As Mordecai had continued listening to Charles’s tense musings, he’d received his drink and sat down at a nearby table. He realized the human found himself attracted to another man, but he obviously wasn’t ready to cross that line. Mordecai had dealt with plenty of men just like Charles over the last several decades.

    While it was becoming more accepted to be labeled gay or bisexual—and humans had even come up with a myriad of other labels to try to fit people into nice little boxes—some people were still finding it tough to accept some of their urges. Being gay, straight, bi, or whatever didn’t matter. Humans and paranormals alike were made in the creator’s image, and it was them who’d come up with the prejudices.

    Charles was leaning toward denying his urges, and Mordecai knew it was his job to make certain that if the human did that, it wasn’t going to damage his psyche in any way.

    Just as Mordecai decided to ask Charles about his drink—he knew he was a built, fit guy, and could pass it off as a health-related question—the door to the café opened, and the bell jingled. He saw Charles’s shoulders stiffen. Following the human’s line of sight, Mordecai watched as a tall blond man swept his gaze over the café.

    When the man’s gaze landed on Mordecai, for an instant, it remained there. The man’s green eyes widened, and his nostrils flared. He even froze just within the entrance.

    Mordecai felt that look right down to his toes. His breath caught in his chest, and it felt as if the world tilted on its axis. He felt his blood begin to heat, warming him from the inside out.

    For the first time in Mordecai’s life, he felt his dick begin to swell, and a tingle warmed his groin. His fingers twitched around his cup, and he longed to thread them through the human’s damp-looking hair. The thick locks were just long enough to fall across his forehead, and Mordecai wanted to push them from the man’s gorgeous face.

    I could peer into his beautiful green eyes as I run my fingers along his jaw. Would I feel a fine hint of scruff there? What would that feel like across my palm…or chest…or—

    “Hey, Jeffrey,” Charles greeted, and the man yanked his attention from Mordecai and turned to the other human.

    Just that fast, Mordecai realized two very important things. The human was Jeffrey, the man who’d asked Charles on a date. And second, Jeffrey was his stella guida—his guiding star.

    Oh, dear creator. Mordecai couldn’t help the mental anguish coursing through him as he watched Jeffrey greet Charles with a smile and chin lift. How can I objectively help Charles through this decision?

    “Let me get a drink, and I’ll be right there,” Jeffrey told Charles. A wry smile curved his full lips as he added, “From your expression, I know what’s coming, and I think you’ll be surprised at my response.”

    “Uh, okay,” Charles replied, sounding confused.

    When Jeffrey reached the counter and began talking to the woman behind it, Mordecai rose. He quickly made his way out of the café. Unable to help himself, he paused in the doorway and glanced over his shoulder.

    Mordecai sucked in a harsh breath as he spotted Jeffrey staring after him, and a jolt of longing slammed into him…hard.

    Clenching his jaw, Mordecai turned and headed away from both men—his mark and his stella guida.

    One thought circled his brain.

    How can I help Charles make a fair decision when I want Jeffrey all to myself?