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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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An Unconventional Mating

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Five

Out of the Cage: When a bomber stumbles across a confused shifter in the woods, he realizes the war between humans and paranormals is just ramping up.

Clayton Zukan is a skilled bomb maker, but he's careful to only sell his devices to those with a worthy cause, or so he thinks. He learns about shifters when an assassin disarms one of his devices and tracks him down. After his brother mates with a shifter, Clayton does his best to hide his jealousy. After all, Clayton would love a mate of his own.

The wolf shifter pack is kind enough to build Clayton a large shop with an apartment over it, so he throws himself into his work. It's pretty remote, and he likes that, so he doesn't have to watch all the mated couples' sickly sweet antics. Taking a hike, Clayton comes face to face with an animal that shouldn't be living in the mountains of Colorado--a cheetah.

When the beautiful animal transforms into an even more gorgeous man, Clayton feels the mate-pull, and he's overjoyed. Fate has brought him his very own shifter. Except, the sexy man--Baily Dyer--claims to not know what a shifter is. When explanations begin, can Clayton convince Bailey that paranormals are not the enemy, especially after learning that Bailey volunteered for the experiment that turned him into a shifter?

Excerpt - An Unconventional Mating

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    I’m too young to die!

    Fear permeated every cell of Clayton Zukan’s body. Never in his wildest dreams would he have guessed he would end up as cat chowder.

    And what a cat it is.

    “What the hell is a cheetah doing in the mountains?” Clayton had always rambled and talked to himself, especially when he was nervous. “You’re not supposed to be here.”

    To Clayton’s surprise, he spotted a tell-tale rippling of skin. That was followed by twitching limbs and the crack and pop of adjusting bones and ligaments. The fur disappeared to be replaced by human skin—lots and lots of lightly bronzed and sexy naked skin.

    “Oh damn,” Clayton whispered, unable to help but stare at the stranger. “You’re a shifter.”

    The man cocked his head as he swung his legs off the side of the rock ledge. “A shifter?” As he eased off the side with a wince, his half-hard cock and large balls were on clear display. “I’m Bailey…I think.” Stalking toward Clayton, he added, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I didn’t want you to go.”

    Tongue-tied, his attention on the naked man’s gorgeous frame, Clayton stared. The man had dark hair, either dark-brown or black, that reached his ears. His dark eyes glittered in the dim lighting. His body was all lean muscle and toned limbs, and Clayton’s fingers twitched to touch.

    Except, Clayton knew better than to touch a shifter without permission. While he was a human, he lived near the beta of the local wolf pack. To a shifter, nudity was perfectly natural, since they had to get naked to shift or get stuck in clothes.

    “Hey,” the man—Bailey—crooned. “What’s your name, cutie?”

    Then Bailey reached out and cradled Clayton’s jaw, teasing his thumb under his bottom lip. “I-I’m Clayton. Um, Clayton Zukan.”

    “So very nice to meet you, cute Clay,” Bailey rumbled, resting his second hand on his shoulder. He sidled even closer as he swept his gaze over him. “Please tell me you’re gay. Or at least bi.” His smile turned predatory as he added, “Because you smell so fucking good, and I wanna fuck you in the worst way.”

    “I-I’m gay,” Clayton replied, uncertain if he actually liked being called cute Clay, but something else seemed more important. “I smell good to you?”

    Considering Clayton had spent the last two days focused on making a cool new explosive device, then had immediately decided to decompress by going for a hike and picnic, he couldn’t figure out why anyone would think he smelled good. He hadn’t even taken the time to shower before gathering what he needed and heading into the woods. In the past, he’d always cleared his head by enjoying a sauna in the hidden, underground bunkers he and his brother, Castrose, had lived in. That had been before one of his bombs had been purchased by a lying shifter, who had exposed Clayton to the paranormal world.

    Clayton could hardly wait to show Alpha Declan and Prier Bozeman the new bomb he’d just finished. They could use it to continue liberating paranormals from government facilities. It would also just be fun to blow something up.

    Clayton knew that Prier would get a kick out of that, even if Declan wouldn’t.

    Except, Clayton had needed time to decompress first, so he’d gone to enjoy nature.

    “Yes, you smell fantastic.” Then Bailey tucked his nose against Clayton’s neck and inhaled deeply. On a groan, he muttered, “So fucking good.”

    Even as arousal surged through Clayton, excitement of a different sort filled him. “D-Do y-you think”—he tipped his head to the side, offering Bailey more room to snuffle, lick, and nip his skin—“mmm, that I could be your mate?”

    Clayton had wanted his own shifter mate since he’d learned what it meant. He’d met every single shifter in Alpha Declan’s pack, even the women. Unfortunately, none of them had been a match.

    Chuckling roughly, Bailey muttered, “If mating means fucking, hell yeah.” Then he slid the hand on his jaw around to cup his nape. “Gonna kiss you.”

    Bailey didn’t wait for permission. Instead, he just took. He dipped his head while tightening his hand on Clayton’s nape, holding him steady, and sealed his mouth over Clayton’s own.

    Clayton felt Bailey nip his bottom lip, and he opened on instinct. His mouth was instantly filled with the rich masculine flavor of the other man. He welcomed his soon-to-be lover’s appendage, dueling it with his own as he grabbed the guy’s shoulders and clung, reveling in the feel of the smooth, hard flesh beneath his palms.

    Sliding his hand from Clayton’s shoulder down to wrap around his waist, Bailey pulled him tight against his body. He eased his fingers under Clayton’s sweatshirt, teasing up his spine. At the same time, Bailey used his hold on his neck to ravish his mouth.

    Reveling in Bailey’s aggressive hunger, Clayton went with the flow. His tongue teased against Bailey’s, and he curled his fingers into the man’s flesh. He felt tingles erupt over the flesh of his back to trickle around his torso until his nipples beaded.

    Finally, only because the need to breathe intruded, Clayton turned his head and broke the kiss on a gasp.

    Bailey growled softly as he began nuzzling Clayton’s temple. “You taste delicious, too.” Licking at his skin, he added, “Can’t wait to taste you everywhere.”

    Clayton snickered as he heard those words. “Honestly, can’t see how I taste so great,” he admitted with a grimace. “I’ve been working for several days and didn’t take the time to brush my teeth or shower before leaving on my hike.”

    Humming, Bailey murmured, “I’m not certain when I last brushed my teeth.” His chuckle sounded husky as he added, “Maybe we both taste terrible, and we just can’t tell.”

    Snorting, Clayton turned his head to the side, offering more of his neck to Bailey. “Then maybe we should never brush our teeth again, ’cause I sure like how you taste.”

    Bailey’s snickers were cut off when he began sucking on Clayton’s neck tendon.

    Clayton’s mind began to shut down as heat and lust flowed through him. Except…wait. “Why can’t you remember?”

    “Talk later, Clay,” Bailey replied, sliding his hands to both of Clayton’s ass cheeks. “Fuck now.”

    The possessive hold yanked a groan of pleasure from Clayton’s throat. “Okay.”

    Bailey wasted no time in gripping the hem of his sweatshirt and pulling it over his head. He followed up by popping the button on his jeans and undoing his fly. Then he dropped to his knees and tugged them down, underwear and all.

    Clayton swung his arms, losing his balance upon feeling the swift moves on his body.

    Immediately, Bailey noticed his predicament. He grabbed his waist and steadied him. Peering up at him, he winked before pressing his nose against Clayton’s groin. Nuzzling softly, Bailey inhaled noisily.

    Then Bailey let that breath out in a low groan. “Soooo, good.”