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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Binding Santos

Gargoyles of Cuchulian: Book Three

Santos is a demon, enjoying life as a bachelor and the body of any male that strikes his fancy. But one kiss to Tyron’s lips and he becomes obsessed with the little gargoyle. They strike a deal. Tyron will give him one night of passion in exchange for information his tribe needs. But before the deal is done, the gargoyle’s conscience kicks in, and Tyron reveals that they’re mates, and that’s why Santos can’t stop thinking about him. Scoffing at the ridiculous notion, after all, demons don’t mate like gargoyles do, Santos insists on fulfilling their bargain.

Imagine his surprise when the Demon Coalition, the ruling body of demons, kidnaps Tyron, claiming Santos has started an unapproved binding with the gargoyle. Santos is told their bond must be broken. Now he has a choice, but how can Santos decide between his own execution, which would free Tyron, or allowing the Coalition to sacrifice the honorable gargoyle he's infatuated with?

Excerpt - Binding Santos

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Or how about a trade?” Tyron murmured, allowing his hips to thrust up, showing Santos how much he liked his touch.

Suddenly, he felt pressure on his own cock and glanced down in surprise. A pale green tail curled between his thighs and rubbed the hard length of his erection through his jeans. Grinning, Santos allowed his black eyes to flash red before getting his lust back under control. “Mmmm, nice. What is it you want to trade?”

Tyron’s grin felt like a punch in the gut. It transformed his handsome face into a stunning work of art. “I can smell your desire, Santos. You want me. You got me. If you tell me about Leeching.”

Santos’ hand paused in its massage, and he felt his face pale. “That subject isn’t open for discussion.”

The grin never faded. Instead it seemed to ratchet up a notch. Tyron shrugged. “Then tell me what demons had to do with The Dispersal.”

“Fuck, you pick tough subjects, pet,” Santos muttered. But, damn, did that tail feel good on his cock. What would the leathery skin feel like if it stroked him without the barrier of material? The thought almost had him coming in his jeans. He let out a painful grunt as he fought to control the tingle in his balls. Santos knew he couldn’t say anything about Leeching. The Continuum, the ruling Council of Demons, would probably Leech him if Santos told anyone how to drain a demons powers. It was forbidden. And old and powerful though he may be, Santos was still subject to them. But The Dispersal… well, if he could get Tyron’s word that the information would never be used against a demon, then he could tell a little about it.

Santos let a wicked grin split his lips, his teeth lengthening slightly as his control over his human guise slipped due to the lust he felt for the man next to him. “We have an accord.” Lifting his hand from Tyron’s cock, his held it out.

Tyron took it quickly and gave it a squeeze, and Santos felt the tingle of a binding agreement shiver up his arm. No getting out of this now, which meant Tyron was all his. Tyron released his hand, and before Santos could move, the lithe gargoyle straddled his hips. Santos growled low in his throat as the object of his lust rocked their cocks together.

“There is something you need to know before we consummate this agreement,” Tyron whispered.

“Time for talk is done,” Santos hissed, caring only for the promise of sex with this man. He saw Tyron open his mouth to protest. Leaning forward, Santos closed the gap between them and sealed his lips over Tyron’s.

Adult Excerpt - Binding Santos

    The demon’s lips sealed over Tyron’s, and as Santos plundered his mouth, his thoughts scattered. Besides, what was the point of arguing about it when they both wanted the same thing? He’d deal with the repercussions later. Much later, he decided, as he rubbed his aching cock against the bigger man’s thigh. The answering thickness pushing against his stomach made his mouth water.

Breaking the kiss, Tyron dropped to his knees and reached for the button on the demon’s pants. He glanced up, asking permission with his eyes. Santos’s smile turned feral, and he dropped his hands to Tyron’s shoulders, squeezing gently. Easing open the button of Santos’s jeans, he reached in and pulled out the large piece of meat he’d been massaging with his tail.

The demon’s cock jumped in his hands. He wrapped his fingers tightly around Santos’s hard-as-nails dick, stroking slowly, learning his mate’s length and girth. Ten inches of glorious, thick, heavily veined flesh filled his hand. He could barely get his fingers all the way around it. His asshole fluttered as he anticipated having the demon’s massive length buried inside him. Desire filled him with excitement, but first, he needed to taste the demon.

He moved his head forward and slid his tongue from root to tip, enjoying the smooth skin and salty sweat of the creature in front of him. Reaching the broad flat head, engorged with blood, Tyron slid his tongue into the slit and pulled a large drop of pre-cum into his mouth. He heard Santos's grunt of pleasure just as Tyron moaned his enjoyment at the spicy, tangy taste of his mate’s flavor.

Unable to hold back any longer, Tyron wrapped his lips around Santos’s red-skinned shaft and slid all the way down, carefully twisting his head to keep his horns out of the way. He had to open his throat to take all of the demon’s length, and he silently thanked eighty-seven years of practice. Caressing the throbbing vein running the underside of Santos’s cock, he sucked hard as he drew his head back up.


Santos growled his name, making Tyron smile. Santos grabbed two of his horns and pleasure exploded through Tyron’s system. The tingles went straight to his cock, making his rock hard shaft twitch in his cargo shorts and beads of pre-cum soak his boxers. It wasn’t often he found a partner willing to touch his horns, but, oh, the sensations it caused was well worth the search. To have Santos do it, without asking, fulfilled a deep longing inside Tyron that he didn’t even know he’d had.

Santos used his grip on Tyron’s horns to tilt his head up, allowing the demon’s red eyed gaze to stare down at him as he held him steady. His mate started thrusting his red dick in and out of Tyron’s mouth, lust clearly written on Santos’s face as he used his mouth for his pleasure. Tyron opened his throat and took everything Santos threw at him. He sucked hard on the thick cock filling his mouth, sliding his tongue along the throbbing vein and dipping the tip of his tongue into the slit whenever he could. He was never disappointed, always able to pull a large dollop of cream from the demon.

Santos’s breathing increased, along with the speed of his thrusts. The demon began caressing the horns in his hands, sliding his palms from root to tip and back again as he thrust his hips in counterpoint. The sensations sent jolts of pure pleasure through Tyron’s system, centering in his cock, and he thought he’d explode right then.