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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Blood of a Mountain Man

A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-Six

Into the Paranormal World: When a vampire helps reunite family members, he must convince an elder mountain man that his life is just beginning.

Spieron Virche has served his coven as an enforcer for less than a decade when he's given the honorable task of helping a gargoyle elder. To his surprise, erasing the memory of the man threatening the other paranormal gives him an outsider's glimpse into a human who piques his interest--Albert Lindson. When Spieron is asked to lead the way to the man, he's more than eager to do so. As soon as he meets Albert, Spieron suspects the reason for his interest. He takes advantage of the man's shock at his son's unexpected arrival to taste the human's blood, and his world is turned upside down. Albert is Spieron's beloved, the other half of his soul. Too bad the aging mountain man is settled in his solitary life and expects to die alone within a few years. Can Spieron find a way not only to draw Albert back into the world but convince him that his life is far from fact, could it be just beginning?

Excerpt - Blood of a Mountain Man

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “This place is impressive for your location.”

The smooth tenor belonged to the man Albert had been doing his best to ignore. Even though he hadn’t been introduced, yet, it had been tough. Threatening the man with his shotgun had taken just about every bit of self-control he’d had.

In truth, Albert had wanted to invite the man in, then see if he had a shot at exploring every inch of the leanly muscled male.

Albert had never explored that side of himself. As he glanced from the stranger’s lean, handsome features, then to his son and back again, he wondered if he finally could. Of course, trying to figure out if another guy was interested…well, that was something he’d never had to do before.

Holding out his hand the man, Albert offered, “I apologize for threatenin’ ya.” He grinned as he shrugged. “I get poachers up here occasionally, especially this time of year. Huntin’ season just brings out the crazies.”

“No apology necessary,” the stranger all but purred as he stepped forward and took Albert’s hand. “After all, I don’t intend to apologize for this.”

Albert opened his mouth to question the man, but he didn’t get a chance. Instead, the man tightened his hold on his hand even as he stepped closer to him, right into Albert’s personal space. He used his other hand to cradle Albert’s nape, and with a gentle hold, the man urged Albert to dip his head down as he tipped his own back and pushed into him.

To Albert’s shock, he felt the man seal his lips over his own. His heart skipped a beat as the stranger’s warm, thin lips slid against Albert’s own. The press and tease of the man’s mouth moving over his own caused tingles to zip down his neck and across his chest.

When that sensation hit Albert’s nipples, he gasped.

The other man took complete advantage, sweeping his tongue into Albert’s mouth. The stranger teased along his tongue, encouraging him to join in the tongue-play. He mapped Albert’s mouth, teasing along his gums, licked over his teeth, and swiped over his palate.

As a tremble worked through Albert, he brought his hands up and rested them on the guy’s hips. His first instinct was to push away the brazen man, but the taste of the guy was quickly going to his head. Albert thought his flavor was the most exquisite combination of maleness and something sweet…like red licorice bites.

God, I love red licorice bites!

Wanting more of the man’s amazing taste, Albert tightened his hold on his left hip. He moved his right hand to the stranger’s strong jaw. Sliding it along the smooth bone-line, Albert used his hold to tip the other man’s head, then took control of the kiss.

Albert sank his tongue into the other man’s mouth, searching for more of that amazing flavor. Instantly, it burst across his tongue. Growling deep in his throat, Albert felt his aggression rising, and it was his turn to map the other man’s mouth. He teased along the guy’s tongue and lapped along his teeth.

To Albert’s surprise, he came upon a tooth that was far sharper than he thought it should be. He slowed the kiss, lapping along it. For a second, Albert thought perhaps the man had a broken tooth.

Just that fast, Albert felt the lean man in his arms use his own tongue to push his against the tooth. A sharp pain shot through his tongue, and he nearly jerked away. Except, then the other man suckled his appendage lightly, creating a riot of sensations to flutter through Albert’s gut.

Moaning roughly, Albert began to slide his arm around the guy’s waist. Then he heard a low rough chuckle. Just that fast, Albert remembered where he was and who else was around.

Albert snapped his head up, breaking the kiss. Panting harshly, he stared at the man in his arms…and who was pressed tight against him. He couldn’t remember when he’d pulled the man flush to his chest, but he sure liked it. Although, feeling a hard dick pushing into his upper thigh was definitely different.

“Well, hell,” Nicholas commented, amusement in his tone. “It seems we have a hell of a lot to discuss.” To Albert’s relief, his son was staring at the guy he held, his lips curving into a wry smile as he lifted one eyebrow. “You got something to tell me, Spieron?”

Spieron grinned widely at Nicholas. “Oh, yes.” In the next instant, he met Albert’s gaze, showing off the fact that his canines were damn sharper than any he’d ever seen. “I was wondering why I found Baltus’s memories of Albert so fascinating. Now I know.” As Albert stared down at him, Spieron slid his thumb over the hair on his top lip. “Albert is my beloved.”

“Congratulations,” Bodb immediately responded.

Nicholas, however, his brows shot up and he cocked his head. “Damn. Really?” Then his eyes twinkled as he stated, “Cool.”

Their responses confused Albert just as much as his odd uninhibited display did. Realizing he still held the stranger—Spieron—he lifted his hands and took a step backward. He didn’t know if he was upset or pleased that Spieron let him go without a fight.