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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Channeling the Womanizer's Lust

A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-Three

Into the Paranormal World: When a woman-loving player finds himself unexpectedly lusting after a male, he discovers the power of the paranormal.

Over the last couple of years, Mitch Lindson has watched his buddies fall in love and bond with gargoyles. He's happy that they're happy...but he doesn't understand it. Settling down with one person isn't even a blip on his radar, yet. On top of that, all gargoyles are male. Mitch used to double date with his friends. He can't figure out their sudden switch. When the gargoyle Kardamon breaks up his bid to seduce a daughter of one of the paranormals, Mitch is shocked to feel arousal for the male. Confused, he runs. The dreams start shortly thereafter, leaving him horny and dissatisfied. When he discovers he can't slake his lust in his usual fashion, Mitch's frustration grows. It doesn't help that Kardamon manages to seek him out at unexpected times and in secluded places, driving his unexpected and unwanted desire higher. Facing off against Kardamon, can Mitch find a way to get the blue gargoyle out of his system without his life being turned upside down?

Reader Advisory: Lady bits are spoken of in this story, however, no m/f intercourse takes place.

Excerpt - Channeling the Womanizer's Lust

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Leaning forward, Kardamon swept his gaze over the forest floor, deciding where to land. He was about to drop from the tree when he heard a feminine giggle followed by a masculine rumble. Frowning, he cocked his head.

What the hell?

Kardamon knew what it sounded like the pair were intending to do, but they were damn close to the party. Even shifters weren’t that brazen. Deciding to check it out, he took in the lay of the tree branches and mapped a path.

Creeping toward the amorous couple, Kardamon felt a little skeevy. He had no intention of breaking up a rendezvous as long as he knew who it was and that they went a safe distance from party-goers taking a walk. With his decision to verify that in mind, he located the couple.

Kardamon frowned, recognizing the young woman. What the hell is Karen doing, and who is she with? The giggling blonde was the eighteen-year-old daughter of Brogan and Katie. There was no way she should be out in the woods with…whoever the man was. Problem was, Kardamon had heard through the grapevine that she was pushing boundaries—had been for a couple of years.

While Kardamon knew Karen was technically an adult, he had no desire to have his ass handed to him by Brogan or Maelgwn for not putting a stop to her shenanigans.

Growling under his breath, Kardamon anticipated their trajectory and figured out where Karen was leading the guy. He used the tree branches to get to the tiny clearing first. Standing on one side with his arms crossed over his chest, Kardamon leaned against a trunk and waited.

A second later, Karen appeared, her date in tow.

Karen stopped short, gasping. Her eyes widened, and her scent betrayed her shock…and guilt. Her cheeks took on a rosy glow in the moonlight that had nothing to do with her blush.

“H-Hey, Kardamon.” Karen offered a shy smile. “What’s up?”

Kardamon wanted to roll his eyes at her antics. Unfortunately, now that he was downwind, he caught the scent of the human with her. His eyes narrowed as the masculine aroma teased at his senses, causing his blood to fire in his veins.

“Oh, fuck no,” Kardamon growled.

He raked his gaze over the muscular, fit male, liking the sweep of his short brown hair over his brow and deep blue eyes. In fact, they were a little dilated, and the smell of beer wafted over the breeze. It was easy to see that the guy’s inhibitions were down, which probably made it easy for Karen to manipulate the human a little.

No way am I going to allow Brogan’s daughter to have her way with my mate. Damn! This hot human is my mate!

“Who are you?” The demand was out of Kardamon’s mouth before he could think better of it.

“It’s okay, Kardamon,” Karen cut in, glancing between them. “This is Mitch. He’s known about paranormals for years.”

The name snagged a memory. “Friend of the mated humans,” he mused, settling a narrow-eyed gaze on Mitch. “Karen, go back to the house before I call your father.”

“Um, o-okay.” Karen pointed toward the left, starting that way. “Come on, Mitch. The trail to the pond is just this way. We can—”

“Mitch isn’t going with you, Karen,” Kardamon stated, closing the few steps between them. He reached out and gripped Karen’s wrist, just resisting the impulse to squeeze until she released Mitch’s hand. “Leave now, and go back to the house,” he ordered again. Seeing Karen’s mutinous expression, he gave her a feral glare. “Mitch and I need to talk.”

Karen scowled at him, her coy, pretty expression disappearing in an instant. “Ugh! You’re going to warn him away from me, aren’t you?” Releasing Mitch, she began stalking away through the trees. “Bastard.”

Kardamon ignored her muttered insult in favor of focusing on Mitch. He saw that the human had lifted his hands in a placating manner. His expression had turned wry.

“Hey, man, uh, Kardamon, she said?” After Kardamon had nodded, Mitch continued, “I get it. I do. Stay away from Karen. I can do that.” Scoffing, he lowered his hands to his hips as his cheeks took on a rosy glow beyond even what the alcohol had given him. He chuckled roughly. “My boys told me the same thing, but when a pretty girl makes her desire for a ride on Big Mitch known, who am I to deny us both the pleasure.” He waggled his brows, his grin growing cocky. “Know what I mean?”

Gritting his teeth, Kardamon resisted his urge to shout that Mitch was his. He didn’t know how he’d missed the man—probably since he rarely came around and Kardamon stayed out in the woods so much. It didn’t matter. What was past was past.

Only the future matters.

Kardamon leaned into Mitch’s space and inhaled deeply. Even the smell of beer couldn’t drown out the delicious goodness of his mate’s earthy, masculine scent. Unable to resist a taste, he licked a strip up the side of his neck.

“Whoa!” Mitch jerked backward, but he didn’t get far. When his back hit a tree, he gaped up at him. “What are you doing?”

Chuckling softly, Kardamon again drew close to Mitch, boxing him in with his much larger body. “Mitch, your friends live here, are bonded with paranormals.” He rested his hands on the tree trunk on either side of his mate’s head. Leaning close, he placed his face inches from Mitch’s own. The desire to capture his human’s parted lips, to remove his wary expression, burned through him. “You know about mates?”

Mitch swallowed hard enough to cause his Adam’s apple to bob. He tipped his chin in the faintest of nod as he continued to hold Kardamon’s gaze. His blue eyes were wide.

“Well, you are my mate, Mitch.” Kardamon rumbled with pleasure at just expressing the sentiment. He turned his head and nuzzled his cheek against Mitch’s as he brought his lips to his human’s ear. Whispering roughly, Kardamon repeated, “You are mine.”

Mitch jolted sideways, slipping out from under Kardamon’s arm. He straightened and turned, watching his mate. Displeasure slithered through him upon seeing the way Mitch lifted a hand, obviously asking for space as he backed away from him.

“No way, man,” Mitch denied, shaking his head vehemently. “I ain’t gay, so unless you suddenly grow tits and a pussy, there ain’t no way I’m your mate.”