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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Chumming with a Great White

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Eight

World of Aquatica: After a mission goes horribly awry, an injured SEAL learns that his road to recovery doesn't have to be walked alone.

Graham Canton’s life has always revolved around his work as a Navy SEAL. When faulty Intel culminates in a mission going horribly wrong, he loses more than just part of his leg. He loses his identity. While Graham knows he should feel grateful he’s returning home alive—after all, some on his team didn’t—all he can think about is how life as he knows it is over. Then, living with his brother as he recovers, Graham meets Eban O’Gillie, and his life turns upside down all over again.

As a dominant great white shark shifter, Eban enjoys his role as head enforcer for his pod. His life at World of Aquatica, a marine park owned and operated mostly by aquatic shifters, couldn’t be better. He loves helping his alpha and beta aid those under their care and figuring out their problems. Eban’s first look at Graham is through a security camera, and his attraction is instantaneous. When he meets the human, all becomes clear. The injured veteran is his mate.

Can Eban show Graham that his worth is more than his ability as a SEAL while figuring out who’s sending him hate-filled letters?

Excerpt - Chumming with a Great White

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    Eban O’Gillie heard Ovram shout his name. Pushing to his feet, he rounded his desk and headed across the hall. He leaned against the open door and met the sea lion shifter’s gaze.

    “Yeah, Ov?” Eban asked, crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s up?”

    Ovram pointed at a security monitor. “I think we have an issue in the underwater aquarium.”

    Easing closer to the screen, Eban rested the knuckles of his left hand on the desk and took in the scene. The camera showed the wall of glass thirty feet away. Within the aquarium swam a vast array of fish, sharks, and other marine life.

    Except, Eban knew that wouldn’t be what Ovram was referring to. He swept his gaze over the large area full of milling humans who all appeared to be enraptured by the creatures beyond the glass. Well, all of them except one.

    Near the far-left side of the viewing room stood a man leaning against the wall. He clutched a cane in his right hand, and he stared at the floor. Even through the camera, Eban spotted the slight sheen of sweat dotting the man’s brows as well as the pallor of his skin.

    Even obviously under the weather, this guy is handsome.

    Huh. Weird thought, but damn.

    Eban couldn’t help but sweep his gaze over the guy a second time. He figured he was a little over six feet, and his shoulders were wide with a trim waist. The jeans he wore molded to his muscular thighs. Eban even found the day or so growth of dark hair on his cheeks and chin sexy.

    “Should I send someone in security to see if he needs assistance?”

    Ovram’s question yanked Eban out of his admiration of the man. He opened his mouth as he straightened, intending to nod and order him to contact Dare—an enforcer for their pod who worked under him in security. Except, then Eban felt the great white shark he shared his spirit with rumble in the back of his mind, displaying displeasure at sending the unmated giant octopus shifter to see to the man.


    Still, Eban would heed his animal’s desires. “I’ll go myself,” he told their marine park’s tech guru. “I was about to head to lunch anyway. Maybe he’s diabetic and needs food.”

    With the other shifter’s jaw sagging, Eban hustled out of the office, then the security building. He strode swiftly through the park, his long legs closing the distance between him and the hot man on the monitor. Eban really hoped he arrived before someone else had offered assistance.

    Eban didn’t understand his desire, but he wasn’t one to second-guess himself, and he never second-guessed his shark’s instincts.

    Heading down the ramp that led into the tunnel that led to the underwater viewing areas, Eban easily dodged between viewers. He arrived in the room he wanted in just over five minutes. In that time, the man hadn’t moved.

    Eban spotted a woman glancing the guy’s way, her brows creased in an expression of concern. Catching her eye, he smiled at her and tapped the word security on his World of Aquatica shirt. She smiled and nodded, then returned her attention to the children with her.

    Pausing a couple of feet from the man, Eban inhaled, intending to speak. The man’s fragrance coated his nostrils, and he almost let the breath out on a moan. The human’s earthy, masculine aroma was just about the best damn thing Eban had ever scented.


    Eban sucked in a sharp gasp as the realization burst through his brain like a wrecking ball. Arousal surged through his body, causing his blood to flow south. His fingers twitched with the need to touch the man before him.

    Then Eban took in the state of his mate once more.

    Right. Gotta help him first.

    Clearing his throat, Eban mentally pulled his head out of his ass. “Excuse me, sir,” he greeted softly. When that didn’t get the man to stop focusing on the floor, Eban stepped even closer and touched his elbow. “Sir?”

    Wish I knew his name.

    The human jolted from Eban’s touch. His head snapped up even as his balance wobbled. A grunt of pain escaped his lips, and he placed his free hand on the glass to steady himself.

    “My apologies for startling you, handsome,” Eban rumbled, gripping the man’s upper arm in the hopes of offering support. “I’m Eban O’Gillie. I’m in security here. We thought you may need assistance.”