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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Comforting his Restless Stallion

A Paranormal's Love: Book Twenty-Two

Into the Paranormal World: While regaining his strength, a horse shifter must accept the inevitability of change in order to dream of a brighter future.

Baron and his friend plan a coup, staged in hopes of a better future, but it all goes horribly wrong. He is caught, and his friend is killed. When Baron refuses to rat out his buddy's wife and daughter's location, he's tortured for his silence. Left hanging in his chains for several days, Baron expects death. Instead, he's rescued by a stranger who assures him that his friend's loved ones are well. Baron asks to be taken to them and ends up at the estate of a gargoyle clutch. Baron's surprise is compounded when Conchlin walks in with an evening meal...and Baron recognizes the small, bright-orange gargoyle as his mate. While Baron wants the man, he doesn't think he can give Conchlin everything he needs to complete their bond. Before Baron even has a chance to heal and find out, Conchlin's past comes back to haunt him, putting their mating in jeopardy. Baron realizes it's not all about him. Will standing beside Conchlin and supporting him through adversity be enough for them to find their future together?

Excerpt - Comforting his Restless Stallion

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Baron’s mind reeled, and his body throbbed…and not from the pain in his back. He could barely string two thoughts together, so when Conchlin handed him the mug of coffee with the straw in it, he took it gratefully. Taking a sip, he hummed in surprise.

“Good coffee, so I hear,” Conchlin murmured, his green eyes sparkling. “Our head chef, Roman, he doesn’t go cheap on anything.” Chuckling, he winked as he added, “Our clutch’s coffee drinkers love it.”

Nodding once, Baron smiled. “Thanks.”

Damn, my mate has a mouth on him. Conchlin is a chatterbox. Is he always like that? Or is it because he’s nervous? Excited?

The murmur of voices drew Baron out of his thoughts. He heard Cosmo explain proper technique for spreading the cream while minimizing pain. Baron realized he could nearly instantly tell the difference between the doctor’s hands and his mate’s. It was more due to the fact that Conchlin’s touch caused a sizzle of awareness to burn through his blood than from the differences in pressure and how their fingers brushed across his skin. He wanted to push into the small gargoyle’s stroking touch rather than flinch away from it.

Baron focused on his drink and controlling his body. The bitter brew was one of the best coffees he’d had the pleasure of consuming…that included the occasional coffee shop he’d indulged in. He would have to ask Conchlin what flavor he’d brought him.

To Baron’s relief, Cosmo and Conchlin finally finished. He’d finished his coffee just a moment before, and he’d been warring with his desire to press up into his mate’s touch. If he’d done that, Baron knew he’d have immediately thrust down and rutted against the sheet.

By the gods, my cock hurts. If I were just well enough to grab my mate and hold him under me. We could rut to completion and—

“Conchlin, I need you to step outside with me for a moment.”

“What? Why?”

“To talk to you about Baron’s injuries and his well-being.”

Hearing Cosmo and Conchlin’s exchange pulled Baron out of his muddled thoughts. He snapped open eyelids he couldn’t remember closing and watched the doctor grip his little orange gargoyle’s shoulder and guide him toward the door. Baron growled irritably, gripping the coffee mug so tightly he heard the glass creak.

“Then you should probably talk about it within my earshot,” Baron stated, his words a demand. When Cosmo paused and peered over his shoulder to look at him, Baron glared. “After all, it is my well-being you’re intending to discuss with my mate.”

Cosmo’s pale eyes narrowed in his mottled-blue face. “Very well.” He turned, using his hold to cause Conchlin to do the same.

Baron hated that he didn’t have the strength to rise and grab Conchlin away from the other man. No one should move the little gargoyle around in such a manner but himself. He would press him against the nearest wall and—his balls tingled just from his thoughts, yanking him out of them.

“That’s why I was going to speak with Conchlin alone, Baron,” Cosmo told him dryly, evidently figuring out exactly where Baron’s thoughts had strayed. “You’re still on medication. You’re having trouble controlling yourself.” The blue doctor’s brow ridges drew together, his expression betraying his concern. “I have a mate. I know how strong the drive is to touch, to feel, to fuck and hold. If I could trust you to maintain discipline, then I would give the doctor’s okay, as long as you went slow and easy, as long as you stayed off your back and let Conchlin do all the work.”

Cosmo shook his head slowly. “I don’t believe I can trust you to do that though.”

Baron took a slow deep breath. He did his best to ignore the tantalizing aroma of his mate and process Cosmo’s words…objectively. As much as he hated to admit it, the blue gargoyle had a point. He definitely felt out of control.

Gritting his teeth, Baron decided on a course of action. “I’m a shifter, Cosmo,” he began slowly, working hard to keep his voice even. He couldn’t demand what he wanted. Baron was no longer an enforcer in his herd…nor did he want to be. “I’ve never been on medication before.”

That hadn’t even been an option in the past. Painkillers for shifters? Not a thing in his old herd.

Except I’m not there anymore. They’ve been disbanded, according to Lachlan.