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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Enchanted by a Vampire

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Nine

Just a little Love Bite: A friendly human manages to extricate his life from the seedy streets…until a specter from his past comes calling.

Years before, Saul Mandisa came to Vegas to work on stage…only to find out it requires a lot of dancing, and he has two left feet. When his minimum wage job didn’t quite cover food and rent, he took a few side hustles that he wasn’t proud of. Finally landing steady work allowed him to extricate himself from that life…or so Saul thought.

Even after five years, Saul would never forget Reagan the Hammer—right hand and enforcer to the infamous crime boss—Luigi Arnasta. At first, he ignores Reagan’s calls. Then he does his best to avoid the man—and his henchmen—at all costs. After all, Saul wants nothing to do with that life, and he never had. His luck runs out when he meets a couple of friends for drinks and discovers one of them essentially sold him out.

To Saul’s shock, a sexy Frenchman steps in and sends Reagan packing—a man named Jean-Paul Tremblay. When Saul discovers his savior is a vampire who seems to think he’s the other half of Jean-Paul’s soul, will he risk taking a chance on the devil he doesn’t know?

Excerpt - Enchanted by a Vampire

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Well, this is unexpected…and welcome.

    Jean-Paul Tremblay found his attention riveted on the big blond human who’d arrived a couple of moments before. The scent of his blood teased his senses, causing his mouth to water and his fangs to ache in a way that nothing had before. Considering Jean-Paul was nearly three hundred years old and the master of his vampire coven in France, that was saying something.

    When the acrid tinge of panic and fear soured the stranger’s scent, Jean-Paul snapped out of his shock. He quickly scanned the new arrival at the table, taking in his hard features and cold demeanor. The way a pair of goon-like humans in ill-fitting suits stood a few feet back, leaning against the wine bar, told Jean-Paul all he needed to know.

    Even if this human isn’t my beloved, I’ll still send these assholes packing.

    In Jean-Paul’s opinion, no one should scent of that much fear…especially when he’d smelled so wonderful before.

    Jean-Paul narrowed his eyes as he rose to his feet. He picked up his glass of wine and took in the group’s demeanor once more. The big blond Jean-Paul desperately wanted to taste had his shoulders hunched, his jaw was set, and his brows were furrowed.

    Hmmm…I much prefer the smile he’d sported when he first came in.

    “Master Jean-Paul?” Julian murmured in French, rising next to him. “What is it?”

    Jean-Paul barely spared his head enforcer a glance as he responded in the same language, “I need to help the panicked human at that table.” He used his chin to indicate the table where the big human sat. “His blood calls to me.”

    “His blood?” Julian whispered, shock in his tone even as it oozed into his scent. “Truly?”

    Finally, Jean-Paul met Julian’s gaze squarely. “Truly.”

    “May the Fates be kind to us,” Julian murmured, moving to flank him.

    Jean-Paul shouldn’t have been surprised. They’d been waiting to meet up with a few other vampires and their beloveds, enjoying a glass of wine to pass the time. As it was, Jean-Paul appreciated that his friend, Caspian, and his bunny shifter beloved, Casey, had been running behind.

    When Jean-Paul had received a text from the vampire diplomat, who he’d become friends with over the last several years, telling him that they would be around fifteen minutes late, Jean-Paul had figured that meant they’d become distracted and ended up having a quickie.

    May they take a little while longer.

    Approaching the table, Jean-Paul saw the malicious-scenting human cast a narrow-eyed gaze upon the human who interested him. “Come with me quietly, Saul, and I’ll leave your little friend alone.” He looked over his shoulder at the bruisers behind him, then smirked as he glanced at the third human at the table—Saul’s friend. “Of course, my boys would be ever-so-happy to have your friend to play with while you and I…chat.”

    It didn’t take any stretch of Jean-Paul’s rather poor imagination to figure out what kind of chat and play this asshole was talking about.

    “Take care of his goons,” Jean-Paul ordered softly.

    With a nod, Julian peeled away from him.

    Jean-Paul arrived at the table and eased onto the spare seat, drawing two surprised looks and one malicious one. He ignored the latter and focused on Saul. Needing to banish his surprise swiftly if his ruse was to work, Jean-Paul reached over and threaded his fingers through Saul’s hair, cupping his neck.

    Then Jean-Paul leaned close and pressed a kiss to the human’s jaw, enjoying the hint of whiskers against his lips. “Play along, handsome,” he whispered into the human’s ear. Pulling back, Jean-Paul allowed his French accent to thicken a smidge as he crooned, “I am so sorry I was late. Traffic held me up.” Jean-Paul forced a depreciative laugh as he added, “This Vegas traffic still blows my mind.”

    “Uh, that’s okay,” Saul replied slowly, obviously trying to catch up. His scent still screamed of worry, and he glanced toward his antagonist once before refocusing on Jean-Paul. “Um, I’m happy to see you again, but…it may not be the best time.”

    Jean-Paul glanced toward the asshole again. “The timing is fine,” he assured, narrowing his eyes as he caught the other guy’s anger-filled stare. “You were just heading out. Weren’t you?”

    Jean-Paul barely resisted trancing the male—his vampiric ability to enter a human’s mind and manipulate it—but he figured that would be a little hard to explain to Saul’s friend. After all, in order to do that, he would need to haze his eyes. If he confirmed that Saul was his beloved, Jean-Paul would explain why his irises occasionally turned red, but he couldn’t share that knowledge with one who was not his fated soul mate.

    “The only way I’m leaving is if Saul comes with me,” the human declared with a curl of his lip. “The pair of you are welcome, too.” He eased the left side of his jacket aside to reveal the butt of a gun. “We’ll have fun with all of ya.”

    Then the guy turned in his chair and began to beckon to the pair accompanying him. Except, the guy’s henchmen were no longer standing a few feet behind him, leaning against the bar. Instead, Julian stood there, one arm on the bar and holding a glass of wine in the other hand.

    Julian smirked at the human, saying, “They were called away unexpectedly.”

    “What the hell?” the guy snarled. “You two don’t know who you’re messin’ with.”

    Considering they both sported French accents, Jean-Paul realized it didn’t take a stretch for the asshole to realize they were together.

    “The same can be said of you,” Jean-Paul stated, a cold smile curving his lips as he met the angry human’s gaze. “Run along, and don’t bother Saul again.”