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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Fae on a Roll

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Twenty-Five

On the Road: When a serious fae warrior stumbles across his soul-mate in a fun-loving, paralyzed human, he discovers the hardest task in his life is learning how to connect.

Prudhoe Rison is a specially trained fae enforcer and had been sent to the human realm to search for a missing prince. After completing that task, he should have returned home, but feeling a pull to stay, he’s remained for several weeks. Wandering the town to discover the source of the sensation has proven fruitless…until he drives past the library. The pull he’s been feeling intensifies, and he follows it into the building. There he meets Korvyn Peruke—his paramour—the other half of his soul. Prudhoe is drawn to Korvyn’s friendly disposition and outgoing personality. Even though the human is wheelchair-bound, it doesn’t stop Korvyn from enjoying life.

At first, Korvyn doesn’t understand why the serious and handsome Prudhoe is taking an interest in him—until he puts two and two together. A visit from a fae enforcer alerts Prudhoe that people in his own realm are talking about him. It also tells Korvyn—who already knows about paranormals—that Prudhoe is something . Can Prudhoe keep Korvyn safe when trouble from the fae realm comes calling, or will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice to keep Korvyn safe?

Excerpt - Fae on a Roll

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Tingles erupted on the flesh of Korvyn’s arm, and his palm began to sweat. Crap! When he attempted to release the uber-hot man’s hand—Prudhoe, right—the guy didn’t let him go until Korvyn tugged twice.

What’s that about?

Swallowing hard, Korvyn managed to get moisture to his suddenly dry throat. “H-Hi. Korvyn Peruke.” Focusing on the question Prudhoe had posed to Katie, he added, “And, yeah. We do have a small gay romance section. It’s this way.”

Lowering his hands to the wheels on his wheelchair, Korvyn turned and began leading the way.

“The way Katie’s comments sounded to me, we may have something other than our enjoyment of gay literature in common.” Prudhoe grinned down at Korvyn as he fell into step with him. “I’ll just be blunt and throw it out there. Are you gay, Korvyn?”

Korvyn snorted. “Maybe some straight guys enjoy reading gay romance, but I’ve never met any.” He grinned up at Prudhoe as he kept rolling. “Yeah. I’m gay. And Katie’s about as subtle as a bull in a china shop, trying to set us up like that.” Reaching over, he patted Prudhoe’s forearm, which was about as high as he could comfortably reach from his seated position.

Prudhoe was just that huge.

And talk about hawt!

Korvyn knew the man was way out of his league. Even if he hadn’t been stuck in a wheelchair, Korvyn still wouldn’t have been in the same ballpark.

Nice eye-candy, though.

Korvyn tipped his head up and grinned as he offered, “Don’t think you need to ask me out on a date or anything, just because of Katie’s comments. She’s always trying to set me up.”

“Well, I’m glad that she took the news that I prefer men so well.” Prudhoe’s full lips curved into a wry smile as he added, “I go to the diner for lunch almost every day, and I think she was getting the wrong idea.” Wincing, he shook his head. “Didn’t occur to me until she started flirting a couple days ago. Glad she’s understanding.”

Laughing, Korvyn nodded. “Yeah, she understands that you’re attracted to who you’re attracted to. Just the way biology works.” Korvyn sobered as he added, “Wish everyone understood that.”

Even as Prudhoe cocked his head just a little and his eyes narrowed, Korvyn stopped at a section at the end of the romance aisle. “These two shelves at the bottom are the gay romance section.”

“Not much call for it in this town, huh?”

Korvyn scoffed as he watched Prudhoe drop to one knee. His muscles bulged as he ducked down and peered at the titles. He rested his forearm on his thick thigh, showcasing his brawny bicep.

The moisture in Korvyn’s mouth dried up, and he had to swallow—twice—in order to get enough moisture to answer.

Just damn, he’s huge!

Warmth coated his chest, and his nipples beaded. His abdominals clenched as he wondered what Prudhoe’s dinner-plate-sized hands would feel like on his skin. Did he have callouses? Those would feel amazing.

Korvyn turned his head, focusing on the two shelves of books. The sight of the male-male romance stories…and even a few female-female ones…helped him focus on Prudhoe’s questions. It also helped him untie his tongue.

“Actually, I had to go over my boss’s head to even get these for our gay fiction fans.” Korvyn knew his tone had turned bitter, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. His boss looked like a sweet grandmotherly type but was actually a hardnosed, busy-body bitch.

Prudhoe turned his head and focused on him. His pale-blond brows shot up. A second later, his ice-blue eyes narrowed, and a questioning gleam filled them.

Korvyn felt his breath catch in his throat as he stared into the other man’s gaze. His blood fired in his veins, and he felt the hairs on his nape stand on end. Swallowing convulsively, he struggled to follow their conversation.

What was I saying?