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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Famine's Foursome

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Five

Just a little Love Bite: When a trio having fun run into trouble, they find help in the most unexpected of places.

Enforcer Knossis Raund doesn't know why Fate has forsaken him. He meets his mate, only to discover she's a happily married woman in a great marriage with several kids. Refusing to bring heartbreak to the family, Knossis seeks out the one thing he can think of that will allow him to still have a sex life--a vampire's bite.

As a vampire wrangler, Chissom Minscote is confident in his abilities. He knows Knossis expects to be bitten by a female vampire. Except, none are available, and the handsome shifter is desperate to feel...something. Chissom is happy to help.

Hank Everly is a human who's been working as a donor for over ten years. He loves the thrill of the bite, but he knows never to get attached. When Chissom asks Hank to help him show a lonely and heartbroken shifter a relaxing evening, he's happy to help the handsome pair.

An unexpected attack, a myriad of injuries, and the intervention of a Horseman of the Apocalypse bring the trio to a crossroads--accept the bond of Famine so they can bring their attackers to justice or die. Can the group learn to care for and trust each other as they unweave the twisting plot against them?

Excerpt - Famine's Foursome

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    “I’ve had a request from a shifter,” Dante told him without preamble as Chissom eased into a chair across from him. “Feel free to refuse.”

    Tipping his head in interest, Chissom waited for his master to explain.

    Dante folded his hands before him and asked him, “Have you bitten a shifter before?”

    Chissom straightened, surprised at the question. “I have.” Something clicked, and he jumped to a conclusion. “Is there a shifter here asking for a vampire bite?”

    “There is,” Dante confirmed.

    Grinning, anticipation filling him, Chissom looked forward to sampling whoever it was. He hadn’t seduced a shifter in almost eighty years. Vampires and shifters didn’t exactly run in the same circles.

    “He asked for a female vampire,” Dante told him. “But Marian doesn’t like shifter blood, Lidia is out working, Sandra is in town, and the others are bonded.”

    “And this shifter is in a hurry?” Chissom asked, rubbing the back of his neck. “Been a while since I seduced a supposed straight guy.”

    Dante winced. “He’s a bit desperate. Yes.” After a second, he shared, “He met his mate and can’t have her, so he’s struggling with, well, sex.”

    “Aaaah,” Chissom murmured, figuring there had to be far more to the story. “And he’s come to us for help.”

    “Exactly,” Dante confirmed. “Do you want to try to give him a…hand?”

    Chissom snorted softly. “Sure.”

    “He’s in the green room.”

    Rising to his feet, Chissom felt honored his master had such faith in him. “I’ll do what I can to help.”

    Dante nodded and eased back in his seat. “Good luck.”

    Chissom began toward the door. “Thank you.”

    When Chissom reached the door, Dante called, “Oh, his name is Knossis. He’s an enforcer for the nearby fox shifter skulk.”

    Chissom paused with his hand on the knob. “An enforcer?”

    Dante nodded.

    Tipping his chin in acknowledgment, Chissom strode out the door. He turned left and headed into the wing that housed rooms set up for vampires using donors. There were half a dozen bedroom suites, each decorated in a different color, so Chissom knew exactly where Knossis waited.

    Reaching the door he needed, Chissom knocked softly, then slipped into the room. He swept his gaze over the space, seeing it empty. The water in the attached bathroom ran, telling Chissom where the shifter was, so he closed the door behind him and waited.

    Chissom barely held back a surprised reaction when a huge, barrel-chested man appeared, freezing a few steps into the room. His light-brown skin was on clear display, since he’d removed his shirt. Dark-brown eyes peered at him warily as he stared back at Chissom.

    Lifting his hands, palms out in placation, Chissom introduced himself. “I’m Chissom, and I know you were expecting a woman, but none are available.” He saw the way Knossis’s full lips tightened and how his brows furrowed, telling him of his displeasure. Chissom guessed a denial was coming and hoped to head it off. Moving a few steps closer, he stated, “I’m sorry you’re in pain, Knossis. If you let me, if you share your needs with me, I know I can help you.” Smiling a little, showing off his fangs, he assured, “Coming from a vampire bite doesn’t have to involve sex.”

    The tension eased from Knossis’s shoulders. “Um, okay.” Rubbing a big palm over his bald head, he mumbled, “Haven’t had sex in almost a year. Was hopin’…”

    While Chissom was a switch and would have happily allowed the sexy man to pound his ass, he could tell the uneasy shifter wasn’t ready to hear that offer. If Knossis returned after his experience, perhaps he would eventually. Another problem would be the logistics of giving him a good bite, and the neck gave the greatest pleasure, but Chissom doubted Knossis would want to take him from the front so Chissom could reach it.

    Maybe I’ll bring in a third to help us.

    Chissom knew that was a thought for another time. He needed to please the shifter to get him to return…and to return to him. His mouth watered at the idea of enjoying shifter blood for a few months or more.

    Not every vampire enjoyed shifter blood. It was quite a bit bitterer than a human’s. On the other hand, it offered a vampire more energy and strength.

    Chissom was happy with the tradeoff.

    “We can discuss sex another time,” Chissom offered, wanting the man to know that it was a future possibility. Moving slowly toward a clearly uncertain Knossis, he smiled in encouragement while adding, “When you’re more comfortable with how my bite makes you feel.”

    After a few seconds, Knossis nodded once.

    Pleased, Chissom swept his gaze over Knossis’s broad chest. He would love to explore the miles of muscles on the man. Unfortunately, considering he’d expected a woman, he figured the shifter wouldn’t welcome his touch just yet.

    I hope we can work into it.

    “Are there any specific reasons you chose to come here today?” Chissom asked, trying to get the man to share. “Tell me how I can help you, Knossis.”

    Knossis cleared his throat and nodded. “Did your master tell you my mate isn’t available?”

    Chissom nodded. “He did, but not specifics.” A vampire didn’t have the luxury of walking away from their beloved, so he couldn’t imagine what Knossis was going through. “Do you want to talk about it?”

    Shaking his head, Knossis muttered, “No. I want to get off with someone.” He swallowed hard enough to cause his Adam’s apple to bob. “I’m tired of my right hand, but I can’t keep it up when I’m with someone else, so I was hoping—” Knossis lifted his hand, then dropped it just as quickly.

    Nodding once more, Chissom promised, “I can help you with that.”

    Chissom knew a bonded shifter couldn’t get an erection with anyone other than their mate. Since Knossis hadn’t claimed his mate, he would struggle, but it could be done. Chissom’s bite would be just what he needed.

    “Then let’s get comfortable,” Chissom continued, pointing at Knossis’s pants. “I know shifters aren’t shy. Do you mind if I strip, too?”

    Shrugging one massive shoulder, Knossis told him, “Go for it.” Then he reached for his own fly.