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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Fighting for his Fox

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Three

Just a little Love Bite: When a man who thinks he’s straight acknowledges his attraction to another guy, he has to fight more than the shifter’s stubbornness to win him.

When Jerome Harsnen’s best buddy, Stanton, meets a hot guy and gives in to his bisexuality, he learns something unimaginable—vampires are real. Stanton’s lover is one, and he’s part of a coven in Montana. Since Jerome’s younger brother is already living in another state, he decides to move with Stanton when his buddy asks him to. While Jerome could admit to being wholly unprepared to live with a coven of vampires, he’s even more ill-equipped to handle meeting a shifter who revs his engine like no one ever has before. The shifter lets slip that Jerome is his mate, but then he walks away. After some soul-searching, Jerome decides to track the man down. It’s a small town, after all. He discovers the guy is a red fox shifter named Deputy Cain Whistler. When Jerome goes to introduce himself, he’s surprised to find Cain having lunch with his fiancée. At least that answers why Cain walked away.

With the wedding fast approaching, can Jerome figure out if his fox is worth fighting for and why Cain would be willing to walk away from his fated mate?

Excerpt - Fighting for his Fox

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    “I’m sorry, Vivian. Mister and Misses Ridging,” Cain began thirty minutes later. He’d drank his coffee but hadn’t managed to get down more than a third of the frosted cinnamon bun Vivian had ordered for him. On more than one occasion, Cain had told her that he preferred salty over sweet, and with the frosting, the baked treat was too much for his taste buds. Rising from the table, Cain explained, “My lunch break is over. I need to get back to the station.”

    Misses Ridging rose, as did her husband. “Oh, Cain,” she began, reaching out with both hands and cupping one of Cain’s. “We’re about to become family. If you’re not comfortable calling me Mom, then please call me Loretta.”

    “And call me Mason,” Mister Ridging ordered, not offering the Dad honorific.

    That was okay. Cain didn’t have any intention of calling either of them by Mom or Dad.

    “Thank you, Loretta. Mason,” Cain replied, easing his hand from Loretta’s. “I appreciate that.”

    Having also risen, Vivian took his hand next. “See you this evening, Cain,” she stated, which was news to Cain. “I’d like Perry’s lamb gyro for supper tonight. Oh, with deep-fried mushrooms.”

    Cain nodded, realizing he’d just been ordered to bring Vivian dinner. “Of course. I’ll text you when I leave work.” When she turned her cheek, Cain gave her the perfunctory kiss she wanted even as he tried not to inhale due to the perfume she was wearing.

    “To hide that I’m pregnant,” she’d told him.

    Pulling away, Cain waved at them all. “Have a good afternoon.”

    Then Cain turned and headed toward the door. The twinge of his bladder had him moving to the coffee shop’s men’s room instead. After a couple moments taking care of business, Cain exited.

    A sweep of the room told Cain that Vivian and her parents had already left. They’d also left their trash on the table. Sighing, he crossed back to the table and picked it up. After dumping it in the trash can near the door, Cain headed out of the shop.

    As Cain released the door and took a deep breath of the cool, fresh afternoon air, a large dark-brown hand gripped the door, pulling it open wider. The smell of salty peanut and nougat combined with a summer rain assailed Cain’s nostrils. His fox perked up in his mind with a yip, and arousal simmered through his veins.

    Cain stared at the stranger in shock. He stood a couple of inches over his own six-foot height. His dark-skinned form appeared leaner, with toned, muscular legs covered in form-fitting jeans. Deep gray eyes stared back at Cain for several seconds, and Cain felt as if he could lose himself within their depths.

    While Cain had accepted his bisexuality decades ago, he rarely had a chance to act on it. His family had a much more conservative view. Being gay, while accepted by some in the skulk, would not have been acceptable in the alpha’s son.

    Except, when the man’s full lips quirked into a small smile, Cain wanted to taste them so badly his mouth watered.

    Mine! Mate!

    “Oh, fuck,” Cain whispered, recognizing his fox’s claim. “You’re my mate.” Feeling heat rise to his cheeks for a reason other than arousal, although his dick was still plumping quickly behind his fly due to the human’s scent, Cain muttered, “Sorry. Excuse me.”

    Turning away, Cain tried to figure out what the hell Fate had been thinking sending him his mate, a male mate, right then.

    “Wait.” The man’s deep voice washed over Cain’s senses as he felt the human grip his upper arm, urging Cain to turn back to face him. “Did you just call me your mate?”

    Cain swallowed hard, seeing the interested gleam in the man’s deep gray eyes. “Uh, no,” he began, then realized he couldn’t lie to his mate. “I mean, yeah. I did, but—” Cain sighed and shook his head, pulling his arm from the gorgeous man’s grip. “I’m sorry. This is such fucked up timing. I…I gotta go.”

    Then Cain hurried away from the human, all the while listening to his fox yip angrily in his mind.

    Gods, what the hell am I going to do now?