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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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For a Dragon's Redemption

Highland Dragons: Book 5

Two men. One will do anything for family. One will discover the true meaning of responsibility.

Ross McCord will do anything to fulfill his mother's dying wish...protect family above all else. He does his best, keeping their sheep herd healthy and strong as he watches over his crippled father, Achaius, and his pretty, but dim sister, Skena. When Chieftain Goth notices Skena's beauty, he demands to use her as a bride-price to complete an alliance with a neighboring clan. Attempting to keep his sister from being heart-broken, Ross embarks on a dangerous mission to earn a boon from Chieftain Goth. He heads north in search of a secret way for his chieftain's warriors to attack the clan who took in Goth's son, Ian. Much to Ross's distress, he's captured by the brawny redhead, Ziethman. He expects to be killed for trespassing, but Ziethman offers a much more pleasurable form of...interrogation. Experiencing sensations he's never imagined, Ross finds himself craving the other man's touch. When Ross learns that Ziethman is more than a man, and is in fact a dragon, can he accept the male's differences and the help he offers, or will it be too much, sending him running back to his clan to fulfill his mission?

Excerpt - For a Dragon's Redemption

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “This is Karstelle territory. What are you doing here, stranger?”

“I’m, uh, just turned around,” the human responded. “I hoped if I climbed high enough, I could spot a road or a town.”

The human’s scent gave away his lie.

Ziethman smiled. He tucked his nose against the human’s neck and licked a swipe up his neck. “Oh, nay,” he rumbled. “You do not get away with that bullshite answer.”

Without another word, Ziethman picked up the highlander and tossed him over his shoulder. He ignored the man’s surprised cry. Turning, he bounded down the meager trail the human had been following. Ziethman found himself impressed the man had seen it. It seemed the man knew a thing or two about spotting animal trails.

Once Ziethman reached the bottom, he stopped in a clearing, keeping the steep stone trail at their back while the trees ringed their front. In one smooth motion, he knelt and flipped the human off his shoulder, causing the human to land on his arse in the grass. Ziethman pulled the knife from the human’s boot and tossed the blade aside. Next, he grabbed the hilt of the human’s sword, pulled it, and tossed that away, too. No sense in getting himself stuck while seducing the enticing smelling asda.

After disarming the human, Ziethman levered over him. He straddled his hips and grabbed his wrists, trapping a hand on each side of his head. Ziethman peered down at the man. Seeing the human’s flushed cheeks, Ziethman felt the erection pressing against his arse. His smile turned feral as he stared into the human’s shocked brown eyes. The human’s aroused scent perfumed the air.

Oh, this will be fun.

“Now,” Ziethman growled. “Let’s start with something easy.” He grinned as he demanded, “Tell me your name.”

As he spoke, the human’s mouth snapped shut. His dark eyes narrowed. Still, after a few seconds of holding Ziethman’s stare, the man shifted his gaze to focus on his chin. “Ross. Ross McCord.”

Scenting that was true, Ziethman rumbled, “See. Now we’re getting somewhere.” He swept his gaze over Ross’s lean form and compact torso. While he had plenty of muscle, it was lean muscle, not the bulk of the warrior highlanders that had recently joined them in their valley. Ziethman found he liked this so much better. Narrowing his eyes, he hummed as he said the man’s name, drawing it out slowly. “Ross.” He also slid his hips back just enough so he sat on Ross’s thighs. He rocked his hips, pressing his erection into the other man’s.

Ross nodded, his eyes widening as he finally swept his gaze over Ziethman’s torso. It seemed the human was finally coming to grips with his situation. His cheeks heated and the scent of his arousal thickened the air.

Perfect. It seems this sexy asda finds me just as alluring.

“Now, Ross,” Ziethman continued. “Tell me why you were climbing a cliff as if you were a mountain goat?”

“I, uh, told ye,” Ross muttered, unable to meet his gaze. “I’m lost.”

Ziethman clicked his tongue, tsking the man. “Naughty, Ross,” he rumbled. He rolled his hips and pressed his erection against the human’s prick…hard. Ross gasped and groaned, his eyes going wide. Ziethman lowered his head and licked a stripe up his neck. “Try again,” he whispered roughly into Ross’s ear. “Or perhaps I should encourage a little truth out of you, hmm?”

Liking that idea very much, Ziethman lowered most of his weight onto Ross’s groin and ground against him. At the same time, he suckled softly on the sweet-smelling human’s ear. Aye, he liked that idea very much.

* * * *

Ross’s eyes nearly rolled into the back of his head at the pressure on his dick. It’d been moons since he’d sought a woman to share his bed. That had to be why this man’s ridged cock pressing against his own erection felt so damn fantastic.

Shite. What was the question?

“Mmm,” the bigger man hummed. “I do love your decision,” he rumbled. “A bit of erotic torture is just the thing to loosen your tongue, sexy Ross.”

“E-Erotic torture?” Ross mumbled. What the hell was that?

“Aye,” the bigger man grinned down at him.

Slowly, he released Ross’s wrists and sat up. As he moved, he slid his hands down Ross’s arms to his shoulders, then scraped his fingernails down his chest and over his nipples. Tingles broke out over his torso, causing his abs to clench and his dick to jerk.

The stranger smirked. His eyes seemed to glow with the knowledge of how Ross’s body reacted to his touch. He moved one hand to the brooch holding his great kilt in place and unclipped it. Lifting the simple pin, the man peered at it. A curious expression crossed his face as he rubbed his thumb over the small red gem.

“Pretty,” he mumbled. Then, he rested it gently aside on a thick patch of grass. “Now,” he began, once more meeting Ross’s gaze. “Where were we?”

“Who are ye?” Ross blurted out the words. While that probably shouldn’t have been his greatest concern, he really wanted to know who touched him. “What do ye want with me?”

Grinning at him, the man replied, “I guess that would be a good thing for you to know. I am Ziethman.” His eyes narrowed as he continued, “I want you to be honest with me. To tell me why you were really climbing the cliff. I want you to tell me what clan you are with and if you mean my people harm.”

Then, the redhead—Ziethman—pushed the folds of the great kilt off Ross’s shoulder with one hand while gripping the hem of his tunic with his other. “Mostly,” he continued. “I want you to scream my name as I give your body pleasure.”