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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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For a Dragon's Seduction

Highland Dragons: Book Eight

Two men. One wants to retain control. One wishes to share what it feels like to let go.

Kaiser of Pratt prides himself on his ability to do his duty. Being part of the black caste of dragons, he has performed tasks that ranged from infiltrating a clans inner circle, to escort duty, to acting as a herald for his people. He's willing to use every weapon in his arsenal to get a job done, including his body. While visiting clan MacDuffan, Kaiser catches the scent of the human Seumas Maxton. While he recognizes Seumas as an asda, a human able to bond with a dragon, he's met asdas before and has always been able to resist their scent's allure. This time, Kaiser finds his thoughts consumed by Seumas. Knowing the human has valuable information, Kaiser thinks a fun romp with him might be just the thing to glean what he needs and scratch his itch. Except, Seumas somehow knows he's already bedded others. What must he do to convince the human of the pleasure they could have together?

Excerpt - For a Dragon's Seduction

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Stop thinkin’ so hard, Seumas,” Kaiser rumbled. He pointed toward the pitcher and cup Seumas had left on the windowsill. “Grab them. We’ll share your mug.” He winked. “I doona mind sharing with a handsome man.”

Seumas scowled, his mind clearing quickly upon hearing the compliment. He strode to where he’d left his mug and pitcher. Picking them both up, he quickly downed the water in three large gulps.

Returning to the table, Seumas thunked them both down before Kaiser. He placed his knuckles on the table and leaned toward his guest. Narrowing his eyes, he swept his gaze over the seated male.

“I have heard of yer reputation,” Seumas snarled. “Allowing Hamish to fuck ye to get yer way.”

Seumas mentally cringed at the thought of Kaiser allowing that thug to touch him. Still, Seumas had no intention of becoming another who the man slept with just to get something he wanted, no matter the possible pleasure…and judging from what he’d heard, it would definitely be. While Seumas hated to reveal his own folly, he needed to make his point.

“And I know of yer tryst with Ailbert,” Seumas hissed. “Do not think that I will fall into such a trap so willingly.”

Unfortunately, Seumas knew nothing about intimidation. If he had, he would have realized this was not the way to do it with a man such as the herald. Meeting Kaiser’s gaze, he instantly realized his mistake.

Seumas took in Kaiser’s narrowed eyes and smoldering expression. The darker-skinned man’s lips slowly curved up, displaying a wide smile. Slowly, Kaiser stood and mirrored his position, leaning on the table.

When their faces were just a hairsbreadth apart, Kaiser whispered, “I will not deny bedding Ailbert. It was most…enjoyable.” He cocked his head just a little, then asked, “I am curious how you figured it out, though. I was damn careful.”

Shivering upon listening the low rumble of Kaiser’s voice, Seumas felt compelled to answer. “I saw ye slip into Ailbert’s room the other night,” he whispered. “I thought ye were going to, uh, attempt to injure him,” he admitted. He swallowed hard. Unable to hold Kaiser’s heated gaze, he lowered his focus to the table. “I overheard ye and he, uh—” Seumas stopped, unable to finish his thought.

With his cheeks and neck feeling like they were on fire, Seumas stood stiffly. He glared at the table. Thinking of the sounds he’d heard, imagining what could have caused them, his body betrayed him.

Seumas’ shaft thickened and swelled beneath his kilt. Goose bumps broke out on his arms as the hairs on his neck stood on end. His blood raced through his body as unexpected need coursed through him.

Kaiser inhaled deeply as he slid around the corner of the table. He rumbled low in his throat, making an odd growling sound. Dipping his head, he slid his nose even closer to his neck and breathed in once more.

After letting out a noise that sounded an awful lot like appreciation, Kaiser murmured, “It’s been a long time since I smelled handsome.” Humming, he added, “What I shared with Ailbert was enjoyable, that much is true, but it would be different than what I shared with you.”

When Kaiser rubbed his nose along the column of Seumas’ neck, a shiver worked down Seumas’ spine. He acted on instinct and tilted his head, offering the other man more room. Feeling Kaiser’s warm breath on his neck, he just managed to swallow a moan.

Realizing what he did, responding like a boy who’d just discovered sex, Seumas growled. He bowed his head and closed his eyes. Focusing only on breathing, he took in a deep breath. Unfortunately, all he could smell was Kaiser’s oddly heady, masculine scent.

“You fight what your body longs for,” Kaiser rasped softly. “But you don’t need to. You only deny a pleasure like you’ve never experienced. A pleasure I’d be more than happy to give to you.”

“Ye want to use me,” Seumas hissed. “Just like ye did Ailbert. Just like Hamish.”

Kaiser suddenly growled, the tone changing to irritation. “I am going to kill Hamish for the lies he’s spreading,” he snarled. “I would never let that lying arse touch me.”

Seumas jerked his head up, surprise filling him. “Hamish didn’t fuck ye?”

“Nay,” Kaiser responded coldly. His dark eyes glittered with anger. “Once a man shows his ugly self, there is nay pleasure in bedding a man like that…for any reason.”

“How can I believe ye?” Why was he even contemplating believing him?

The anger slipped from Kaiser’s expression. He offered a smile. Dipping his head, he nuzzled Seumas’ neck once more, bestowing a kiss to the tender flesh. Then, he eased away and returned to his chair.

“You either will trust me or you will not,” Kaiser replied softly, pointing at the chair opposite him. “Come. Let’s eat.”

Uncertain if he felt relief or disappointment at Kaiser’s sudden withdrawal, Seumas did as he was told. He moved a stack of parchment off the second chair and placed it on the floor in the corner. Then, he eased onto the seat and warily eyed his guest.