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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Adult Excerpt - Four Under the Mistletoe

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

   Terence couldn’t stop his shout of pleasure as Rance’s hot, wet mouth enveloped his dick. The sight of his naked alpha on his knees servicing him was almost enough to make him shoot immediately. He had to dig his nails into his palms to keep himself from coming like an untried cub.

Samson stepped up next to him and claimed his lips, sending another throaty moan through him. He could taste Rance on his mate’s tongue, and fuck if that wasn’t the sexiest thing ever! Rance tasted like citrus, and it mixed in the most intoxicating way with Samson’s musky flavor.

A strong pull on his dick refocused his attention southward. Rance’s talented tongue traced his veins, played with his glans, and prodded his slit. His knees threatened to buckle under the onslaught and Rance placed a strong hand on his hip to keep him in place.

Needing to touch his mates, and yes, he could accept what a lucky bastard he was to have two mates, Terence buried one hand into Rance’s dark hair and the second around Samson’s closely shorn hair. His hips began to rock and Rance didn’t stop him, allowing Terence to fuck his alpha’s face as Samson fucked his mouth with his tongue.

When Rance rolled his balls in the palm of his hand, Terence knew he was lost. The sparks playing along his spine shot straight to his balls and his cock erupted. He released pulse after pulse of seed, euphoria swamping him. Samson swallowed his shout of pleasure as Rance suckled his cock, extending the delicious tingles shooting through his body.

Finally, Rance pulled off his softening shaft. Samson released Terence’s lips only to have Rance latch onto his mouth, shoving his tongue into him, allowing him to taste his salty release mixed with Rance’s citrusy flavor. He moaned, his cock beginning to fill again.

He rested his head back against the bureau when Rance released his lips. “Shit, that was amazing.”

Samson’s throaty chuckle had him snapping his eyes back open. The blond grinned. “I have a feeling it’ll get better.”

Terence groaned, a flush working its way up his chest and neck.

“Mmm, now that’s sexy,” Rance murmured, his head lowering, his lips tracing along the tendons of his neck. The scrape of teeth sent shudders through Terence, and he groaned when Rance pulled back. “Let’s get you two cleaned up.” Then the alpha gave Samson a heated look, staring at the bulge in the man’s jeans. “Unless you need me to take care of that right now?”

Samson’s eyes narrowed, and he gave Rance a feral grin. “It’ll keep until I can bury it in your tight ass, Rance.”

Terence expected the alpha to object, but instead saw an answering lust flare in the brunette’s eyes. Well, hot damn! “Then let’s not keep it waiting too long,” Rance growled.

As he stripped out of his jeans and followed the other two men into the large bathroom, a thought occurred to him. “How did you know that we were your mates? And if we’re your alpha-mates, how can we be your betas?”

Rance glanced over his shoulder at him where he was adjusting the temperature of the multiple head shower. “You’re not my alpha-mates.”

Terence froze, ice trickling down his spine. “What?”

Samson wrapped his arms around Terence in support. “You’d better explain that,” the big man growled.

A confused look crossed Rance’s face when he looked at them and took in their defensive posture. He cocked his head for a second before his mouth opened on a sigh. “I’m sorry. I guess I thought you knew. Come in here. I’ll explain as we clean up those wounds.” When they didn’t move, an understanding smile curved his features. “Come on. It’s nothing bad. In fact, it means we’ll all share one more mate.”

Taking a deep breath, Terence decided to give the alpha the benefit of the doubt. He stepped into the shower and under the relaxing heat of one of the shower heads. Samson followed, but from the wary glint in his eyes, Terence knew he wasn’t nearly as open to the idea.

   “Start talking,” Samson ordered gruffly...