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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Giving Perrin Life

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Seven

It's taken over a week for Terence Williams to heal from defending his friends against an alpha lion shifter. Although he lost the fight, badly, Terence was saved by his mate. Unfortunately, Terence's mate didn't stick around to enjoy the victory, and Terence wants to know why. While Terence heals, his friends are out searching for the mysterious black lion shifter who'd saved him. When they find him, it doesn't take long for the male to exert dominance and claim Terence.

He discovers a problem pretty quickly. Perrin has never been part of the human world. He'd lived his entire life as a scientific lab rat until escaping eight months before. Living on the run, Perrin stays mostly as a lion, roaming from place to place. He doesn't know anything about shifters or mates. Just when Terence manages to convince Perrin to come live and build a relationship with him under Kontra's protection, the local lion pride beta, Patrick, arrives. He claims Perrin is now the lion pride's alpha since he'd killed the old one while saving Terence.

Can Terence help Perrin adapt? Or will Perrin return to the simpler life of a wild lion?

Excerpt - Giving Perrin Life

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Trusting in the mate-pull he knew they both felt, Terence entered the clearing. He hadn’t even made it three steps when, from the mouth of the cave, prowled his mate. The morning sun gleamed off of sleek, black fur, making the male lion look almost blue in the afternoon light.

“Hello, handsome,” Terence whispered.

The huge cat stopped and stared for several seconds, then rumbled softly.

Terence took that as a good sign and moved forward again. “Me and my friends have been looking for you. Why did you run after the fight? I know you feel the same attraction I do. You must realize I’m your mate. We’re made for each other.” Through all his words, the cat shifter just watched him move steadily closer, until finally Terence stood directly in front of him.

“Come on, handsome,” Terence pleaded. “Won’t you shift for me? We have so much to discuss. I want to learn everything about you. Where did you come from? Why don’t you have a pride?” He licked his lips and reached out, tentatively sifting his fingers through the lion’s mane, finding the thick strands silky and pleasant to the touch. “Most of all, I want to know what you look like as a man, so I can kiss your lips and lick every inch of your body,” he finally finished in a throaty whisper.

He felt the telltale shiver of a shift tingle up his fingertips, then seconds later, a massive African American peered down at him. Considering Terence stood six foot three that was saying something and put the guy at about six foot five. The hair threaded through Terence’s fingers appeared scraggly, falling around his shoulders wildly, but the strands felt just as soft as the shifter’s mane had. The man’s dark brown eyes held such intensity, that Terence had to fight back a shiver at his mate’s scrutiny.

Suddenly, his mate’s large black hands latched onto his upper arms. The shifter ducked his head, buried his face in the crook of Terence’s neck and inhaled. A low growl rumbled through the guy’s chest. Terence slid his palms down to his mate’s pecks, which were firm and warm, feeling the sound vibrate the skin beneath his fingers. Terence couldn’t resist moving his thumbs the little bit needed to flick them over the black pebbled nipples.

The growl turned into a snarl, and suddenly, Terence found himself swung off his feet and his back pressed into the soft grass. His mate’s considerable weight pressed him into the earth. A huge, steel-hard erection pressed against his own through the thick fabric of his jeans.

“Mine,” the man snarled before sinking his teeth into Terence’s shoulder.

Terence heard the rip of fabric right before sharp canines sank into the flesh of his shoulder. “Holy shit!” he screamed as pain and pleasure swamped him. His dick, which had been hard ever since he’d started tracking his mate, throbbed in his jeans. Terence roared in bliss as cum exploded from him and filled the crotch of his jeans.

Dazed, endorphins pinging through his system, it took Terence several seconds to realize his mate was trying to pull off his jeans. Understanding the man’s need to claim him, because he felt the same pull, Terence quickly shucked his shirt, then batted his soon-to-be lover’s uncoordinated hands away and opened his jeans himself.

It didn’t take long for his mate to peel the jeans from his body and toss them aside. Terence found himself flipped to his stomach, which rubbed pleasantly against his surprisingly still-hard shaft. When his mate covered him and he felt the massive rod glide along his butt crack, Terence froze.

“Hell, no,” he shouted. “Stop!”

Adult Excerpt - Giving Perrin Life

    To Terence’s surprise, the man actually whimpered, but he did as Terence commanded and released him.

Looking over his shoulder, he spotted the man’s crest-fallen, pained expression. “Hey,” he murmured. “We’re not stopping,” he assured. “We just need lube. You’re way too big to take dry, handsome.”

“Dry?” his lover asked uncertainly.

Terence watched as his mate’s brows drew down into a clearly confused expression. The man truly looked like he had no clue what Terence meant. Had the man only been with women? Terence knew a considerate lover prepped a woman, but at least their bodies made natural lubricant.

“Yeah. Don’t get me wrong, I want your sexy prick up my ass,” he assured the man, seeing his uncertainty, “but if you just shove it in, you could seriously injure me.”

“I-I don’t want to hurt you,” the man whispered.

Terence really hadn’t doubted that, but it was nice to hear, just the same. “My jeans,” Terence said. “Hand me my jeans,” he said, indicating the discarded clothing.

To his relief, his mate obeyed, easing off him and handing him the denims.

“What’s your name?” Terence asked, keeping an eye on the sexy man as he pulled a small, single-use packet of lube from one pocket.

“Perrin,” the guy replied absently, watching his movements. “What’s that?”

“I’m Terence Williams, by the way,” he told Perrin, though his mate hadn’t asked. He held up the pouch. “This is lube. You use it to stretch out and slick up my chute, so your prick will slide right in.”

Perrin looked confused. Not wanting his obviously inexperienced mate to feel, well, inexperienced, Terence winked and whispered throatily. “Let me show you.”

Without waiting for a response, Terence dribbled a good amount of the lube onto his fingers. He turned and rested one hand on the ground so he appeared to be on all fours with his ass toward his mate, and inserted one finger into his rectum.

Although Terence did like to receive as well as pitch, it had been awhile since he’d bottomed. His ass muscles resisted, and he had to slide his finger in and out a couple of times before he could fit a second finger in beside the first. Once the second digit was seated comfortably, he crooked his fingers and searched out his prostate.

Pleasurable fire shot through his body when he found his magic button. “Ugh,” he grunted, his body jerking.

“What?” Perrin sounded concerned, although his eyes were riveted to where Terence’s fingers disappeared into his ass.

Terence grinned. “Feels good.”

“It does?”

Finally, Perrin’s dark eyes rose to Terence’s face. He honestly looked…interested.

Terence winked. “I’ll show you some time, handsome.” Perrin’s brows scrunched, so before the sexy man could deny that statement, Terence continued. “But first, I need your fat cock in my ass, sliding in and out of me, stretching me wide open. I need to feel your teeth in my neck and my mate claiming me, again,” he stated bluntly.

Perrin growled, obviously excited by Terence’s words if the way his fist pumped once along his thick shaft was any indicator. Terence had to swallow hard and fight his urge to suck the thick length and learn what made his sexy mate roar. Panting, Terence handed the almost empty packet of lubricant to Perrin.

“Here,” he panted, wiggling the plastic pouch. “Put the rest on your cock, then fuck me.” Gods above, Terence could hardly wait to feel Perrin’s dark, thick shaft spear him.

Perrin took him at his word. He grabbed the pouch, emptied it on his dick, and rubbed it in with a couple of quick swipes. Done, he yanked Terence’s hand from his ass, shoved Terence’s face to the grass with a big palm on the nape of his neck, lined up his dick with Terence’s hole with his other hand, and shoved in to the hilt.

It burned. Holy fucking hell, it burned. But Terence had never felt anything better than being man-handled by his mate, and he roared his pleasure to the trees, grass, and rocks at having Perrin fill him for the first time.