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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Happy Furry New Year

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Seven

Out of the cage: Crossing the bridge between knowledge and acceptance sometimes takes a leap of faith.

Rowen St. Paul has watched his friends find their mates for years, waiting patiently for Fate to give him his own. When Wesley O'Connor--a troubled eighteen-year old--is transferred to the school where Rowen teaches history, he's shocked to discover that the senior is his other half. While Rowen realizes quickly that Wesley returns his desire, he plans to keep his least, until the school year is over. All that changes when the young hooligan breaks into his home and messes with his computer. Rowen decides the teenager needs some guidance and is only too happy to donate his time. They begin a steamy affair with one rule...keep it off school grounds. Still, in a small town, a secret of this nature doesn't stay secret for long. Just as the truth comes out to the townsfolk, bad choices from Wesley's past complicate matters further, endangering not only Rowen's job, but their lives. Can Rowen prove to Wesley that their relationship can withstand the pressure?

Excerpt - Happy Furry New Year

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    A soft thump followed by a quiet groan of a floorboard told Rowen that he was no longer alone in his house. He just held in a growl, anger and irritation filling him. Just what he needed. A burglar to make his already crappy day worse.

Rowen listened for a few more seconds. He recognized the creak of one of the steps on his stairs. Then, he heard the soft squeak of the door hinge to his office.

Huh, guess forgetting to oil that was a good thing after all.

Moving slowly and silently, Rowen pushed off his covers and eased out of bed. Utilizing just the pale moonlight coming in through the window, his enhanced vision allowed him to easily make out everything in his room. Rowen padded silently to his door and peered into the hallway.

He noted a faint glow coming from his office.

Frowning, Rowen slipped through his partially open bedroom door and sidled down the hallway. He peered around the door and quickly scanned the room. The glow of his laptop screen lit up the person sitting at his desk, tapping away at the keys.

Rowen just held in his gasp of shock.

Wesley O’Connor sat at his computer doing…something.

He rocked forward, intending to barge in and demand what the hell Wesley was doing. Just as quickly, he thought better of it. Instead, he ducked across the hall and through the open door of his spare bedroom. From the dark recesses of the room, he watched…and waited.

Rowen felt his cock tap against his belly. The dull throb running through his shaft reminded him he was naked. Smirking, he palmed himself and used his thumb to massage the wrinkled skin beneath his head.

Eyeing Wesley as he worked, Rowen smiled upon seeing a corner of the young man’s lip curve into a smirk. He’d be concerned if he didn’t already know that, if he couldn’t fix whatever he did, Jared could.

Finally, Wesley turned off the computer and glanced around, probably checking to see that he was still alone. After he rose, he tip-toed on near-silent feet to the door and peeked out toward Rowen’s bedroom door.

Rowen swallowed hard, his heart pounding in his chest and his blood racing in his veins as he got a good look at what the young man wore. Black sweats and a black hoodie. Would he have another form-fitting tank top on underneath it?

A nearly undeniable urge to find out surged through him, mixed with a fair amount of need to teach the pup his place.

As soon as Wesley stepped from the room and turned toward the stairs, Rowen moved.

In two long steps, Rowen crossed the distance between where he skulked in the shadows and reached the door. He slipped through the opening and grabbed the unsuspecting human. Plastering his chest to Wesley’s back, Rowen wrapped his left arm around his mate and palmed his stomach. With the other, he gripped his neck.

Wesley squeaked, his body jerked, but Rowen ignored it, easily avoiding his flailing limbs. Within seconds, he’d backed them both into the spare room. Rowen kicked the door shut as he passed, then pivoted and turned them.

Rowen shoved the still struggling Wesley face-down on the mattress. He followed his mate down, plastering them together from chest to thigh. Gripping Wesley’s wrists, he forced them down on either side of his human’s head.

For several seconds, Wesley wriggled beneath him. Growling low in his throat, Rowen rocked his hips, unable to hide his delight at the feel of his erection riding the cloth-covered crack of his mate’s ass. Finally having the young, lithe form under him quickly went to Rowen’s head…or it could have been the brandy still in his system. Lust, feral need, rode Rowen hard. He wanted nothing more than to strip off Wesley’s cotton sweats and drive his aching prick into his mate’s pucker.

Laying heavily on the human beneath him, Rowen attempted to regain some measure of control. Through clenched teeth he growled, “Look at the naughty pup I found wandering my home.”

Wesley froze, whether in shock at his feral tone or because he finally realized the futility of his struggles.

Rowen lay on top of Wesley, feeling the human’s chest rise and fall. Lowering his head, he licked a stripe up his neck to the ticklish flesh behind his ear. Rowen enjoyed the salty, musky flavor of his skin, not to mention the shiver that shuddered through the body beneath his own.

“What are you doing in my home, Wesley?”