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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Hogtying the Bartender

Carry Me: Book Eight

When a hard-working man meets someone special, he must weigh the risks versus rewards for turning his life upside down.

Vance Weimer has been leading a quiet life for over a decade. Between his work as a foreman at a pig farm and dealing with his teenage son's monthly visits, he hasn't had time for anything else. That all changes when he attends a birthday bash for his boss at a gay club. Unable to resist bartender Jimmy Gibson's flirtatious advances, Vance give in to temptation and slips into the back for a little fun. While he'd planned for it to be a one-time thing, he can't get the handsome man out of his mind. Vance starts a liaison with Jimmy, but due to the bigoted attitudes of his ex-wife and son, he keeps it discreet. A verbal faux pa in front of his family drives a wedge in his budding relationship. On top of that, another suitor--one open with his sexuality and charming to boot--makes his interest in Jimmy known. Can Vance come to terms with the changes he must make to fit Jimmy into his life, or will he allow life's demands to cause him to walk away from the first person to truly capture his heart?

Excerpt - Hogtying the Bartender

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Jimmy grinned at the customer, leaning on the bar with one forearm. “Aww, I’m flattered, handsome,” he replied in response to the guy’s request for his phone number. Jimmy just loved drunks requesting his digits. Not! Seeing as he dealt with it on a regular basis, he knew his way around it, though. “But I’m already taken. And my man is a jealous thing.”

“Damn, too bad,” the guy said with a slight slur in his voice. He leered at Jimmy. “I’d love to take real good care of you. If the moron every lets you go”—he actually reached down and cupped himself—“let me know.”

Yeah. No. Not in a million years. Not if you were the last man on the planet.

Instead of revealing his thoughts, Jimmy straightened and turned, grabbing a fresh beer from the cooler case. “Enjoy your drink.” He popped the cap and set it in front of the guy.

Turning before he had to endure any more of the blond’s inappropriate comments, Jimmy glanced toward the end of the bar in search of a new customer. The new bartender—Clayton—was another addition to The Red Door bar team, especially on a Saturday night. Clayton was knowledgeable, fast, and efficient…which meant there were no customers to help at that end.

Relief and annoyance filled Jimmy in equal measure. He didn’t know if he was grateful the new guy could keep up with him or if he was bummed. After all, keeping busy made the night go by faster.

Hearing a throat clear behind him, Jimmy turned. His mouth immediately went dry as he took in the man standing there. He was even better looking up close.

The stranger’s form-fitting Wranglers showed off muscular legs. His short-sleeve, pearl-buttoned, navy-green shirt clung to him, revealing not only a muscular torso, but also forearms threaded with ropey muscle. His black Stetson mostly hid his face, what with the way he kept his head dipped, but the man’s lips were thin and a little pink, and Jimmy wanted to see if they tasted as good as he hoped.

Jimmy offered his most winningest smile as he crossed the few steps needed to place him in front of the man he’d mentally dubbed The Cowboy. “Hi, handsome.” His voice came out a bit husky, and he swallowed quickly. Leaning one forearm on the counter, Jimmy peered at the hottie from beneath his lashes. “What can I get for you?” He curved his lips into a pouty smile. “Do for you?”

“Coming on strong, aren’t you, Jimmy?” the man stated, his deep voice barely carrying over the music. “Especially since you have a boyfriend.”

Suppressing a wince—shit, he heard that—Jimmy shrugged. Adopting his best wry smirk, he stated, “The man was drunk and a little belligerent.” Jimmy held The Cowboy’s gaze as he went for honest. “Normally, the best way to keep a guy at arm’s length is to have him think his love interest is unattainable.”

The brim of the man’s hat lifted as he tipped his head up. His eyes appeared to gleam in the club lighting, a wash of greens and browns. His lips were curved into a sensuous smile.

“Does that mean you are attainable, Jimmy?”

Jimmy didn’t wear a name badge…which meant the guy had asked about him. Seeing as Jimmy had never seen the stranger who’d entered with The Cowboy and who’d stopped by the bar for drinks for them, he knew the huge dude hadn’t been able to tell the hottie more than Jimmy’s interest. He wondered who in the bar the guy was friends with.

That’s not the most important thing, though.

“Oh, yeah,” Jimmy rumbled huskily. “I’m definitely attainable…to the right guy.”

Good grief! I’m coming onto this guy like a bitch cat in heat.

Jimmy just couldn’t seem to help himself. It’d been about six months since his last relationship had ended. In that time, he just hadn’t been able to find anyone that interested him…or his prick.

This guy did both.

What kind of guy wore a Stetson into The Red Door?

A hot one!

Mentally laughing at his inner voice’s banter, Jimmy grinned at the customer. “We have a pretty well-stocked bar.” Then he remembered what this man’s friend had ordered. “Are you the bourbon man or the vodka guy?”

“Vodka.” After answering readily, he rested his left elbow on the counter while holding his right over it. “I’m Vance.”

Pleased to have a name to go with a face for his slap bank, Jimmy took Vance’s hand. “Very pleased to meet you.”

To Jimmy’s delight, Vance didn’t release him. Instead, he rubbed his thumb lightly over the back of Jimmy’s hand. “Since you made your interest known, and I return that interest”—he paused and cleared his throat, his head tipping so his hat brim nearly shielded his eyes—“I haven’t tried anything like this in years.”

Jimmy figured Vance hadn’t meant to say that last part out loud…or at least not loud enough for Jimmy to hear.

Too bad. I did. And it’s hawt!

Squeezing the hand that he still held, Jimmy offered, “It’s slow, at the moment.” He took another quick look around to verify that fact—yep, only the guy Clayton is serving. Grinning at Vance, he stated, “I could get away for fifteen minutes, and we could take a few to…talk about what you mean.” Jimmy allowed his voice to take on a husky timber as he gave the man a heated once over.

Jimmy noticed the way Vance’s Adam’s apple bobbed, but he still dipped his head.