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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Lebanon's Reunion

Gargoyles of Cuchulian: Book Six

Ivan of McDarmund joined the Cuchulian tribe for one reason, to find his mate. He scented him at a Cuchulian wedding ceremony, but now that he's within the halls of Rostrorod, he only ever catches traces of his mate's tantalizing scent again. Until he's served lunch by the very source of the mysterious scent, Lebanon of Cuchulian. But before he can introduce himself and claim the young gargoyle, Lebanon is accosted in the gymnasium locker room. Ivan saves him, but when their Huzza comes to investigate, he finds out that someone else has laid a mate-claim on Lebanon. The only way to have a chance at claiming his mate now is by challenging the other gargoyle to a fight to the death. Will he succeed? And if he does, after what happened in the locker room, will Lebanon even want to give Ivan a chance to win his affection?

Excerpt - Lebanon's Reunion

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

     A sweet scent caught his attention, making his fork freeze halfway to his mouth and his cock take notice. He’d caught this smell at the wedding, then every so often while walking the halls of Rostrorod, but it was a whole lot stronger now. Ivan’s heartbeat sped up as he searched for the source, a gargoyle he hadn’t met yet, and preferably male. He knew what to do with a woman, but had always enjoyed sex with men more, so prayed Fate had seen fit to give him a male mate. He hadn’t always thought it possible, but after seeing the Cuchulian tribe doctor, Tyron, with his male demon mate, it had given him hope.

Just as he was about to growl in frustration, he spotted a slender gargoyle with long brown hair and pale green skin setting a fresh tray of chicken salad on a rack at the bar. He shoveled the last bite of his food into his mouth and rose.

“You done already?” Graden asked, clearly surprised.

“Naw, just getting seconds. Be right back,” he replied without taking his gaze off the unsuspecting male.

He weaved quickly around tables, trying not to appear as if he were stalking toward the bar, but he didn’t know how successful he was when the man looked directly at him and then quickly turned away, hurrying to finish his tasks. Ivan reached the counter just as the young gargoyle, and he was definitely young, barely more than a hatchling, Ivan realized, finished setting out the fresh trays.

Inhaling deeply, he fought back a moan. Over the fragrant odors of the fresh food floated the tantalizing scent of his mate. He wanted to raise a fist and let out a whoop of triumph. It had taken him two weeks of patiently stalking the halls of Rostrorod in his off hours, but he’d finally found him.

Scooping up a heaping spoonful of the delicious chicken salad, he gave the gargoyle his most charming grin, praying he was actually of age. “This salad is delicious. Are you one of the chefs?”

The pale green gargoyle flushed and ducked his head shyly. “Yes, sir. I’m glad you like it.” Before he could introduce himself, his mate glanced around nervously and said, “Enjoy your lunch,” before scurrying back into the kitchen.

“Well, shit,” Ivan grunted. He slowly added seconds of beef stroganoff, corn bread, and grabbed a bowl of tapioca pudding, trying to figure out what had just happened, all the while keeping an eye on the doors to the kitchens. After several moments when the man didn’t reappear, he headed back to his seat.

He settled next to Graden and waved his fork as nonchalantly as possible toward the kitchens. “Well, he’s a shy one.”

“Lebanon? Yeah. He’s only been with the tribe nine months. He’s still coming out of his shell.”

Adult Excerpt - Lebanon's Reunion

    Ivan cupped Lebanon’s jaw, rubbing his thumb over the pale green hide. He smoothed the pad over his mate’s dark, plump lips. Lebanon shifted, his mouth opening as a soft snuffling noise escaped him. Unable to resist, Ivan leaned down, intending to replace his thumb with his lips. Just before he reached his goal, Lebanon’s grey eyes snapped open.

Smiling slightly, Ivan eased away a bit. “Easy, Lebanon. You’re safe. You’re home. No one else will harm you.”

“You,” Lebanon whispered, his brows crinkling in confusion. “Were you in the locker room?”

“Yes,” Ivan confirmed. “That was me. You didn’t…” He paused and swallowed, praying he hadn’t actually read that situation wrong. “You didn’t look like you were into it, and I couldn’t just…”

Lebanon reached up and touched his cheek, and Ivan instinctively leaned into the touch. “You were right. I didn’t want them touching me, but they didn’t listen. Thank you for stopping them.”

“You’re welcome,” he rumbled. “I’ll always help in any way I can.”

Ivan could see the question in Lebanon’s eyes, and he waited patiently for his mate to gather his courage to ask.

Finally, Lebanon whispered shyly, “Will you help me replace those memories?”

The question surprised him, but he recovered nearly instantly and grinned. “Oh, yes.”

Lowering his head, he brushed his lips over Lebanon’s mouth, reveling in the feel of the plump flesh below his own. His mate whimpered so sweetly at the contact, and Lebanon growled. He pressed harder, slipping his tongue out and teasing the full lower lip.

Lebanon’s tentative response thrilled Ivan as his mate opened to him and brushed his tongue with his own. Dipping deeper, Ivan tilted his head, fitting their mouths together more fully. He gently thrust his tongue into Lebanon’s mouth, finally tasting him fully. He struggled to keep the kiss gentle, wanting nothing more than to ravage his mate’s mouth while not wanting to scare his obviously untried mate.

He settled his free hand on Lebanon’s shoulder and slowly worked his way down, massaging the taught, lean muscles under the thin shirt. Scraping a thumbnail over Lebanon’s pert nipple, he felt the man tremble beneath him. He thrilled at his mate’s response, loving how his body arched into his touch and how Lebanon’s hands clutched at Ivan’s shoulders.

Drifting his hand lower, he reached the bottom of Lebanon’s shirt and gently caressed the thin trail of exposed flesh between the bottom of the garment and Lebanon’s pants. The side of his wrist brushed against Lebanon’s hard shaft. He rocked his hand into the throbbing flesh right before gripping his mate’s dick through his pants.

Lebanon gasped. His hips jerked. When he snapped his head back into the pillow, breaking the kiss, Ivan froze, thinking he’d gone too far. Then he took in Lebanon’s pleasure glazed expression and grinned. He slowly gave his mate’s cock a slow, hard stroke.

   “More,” Lebanon whimpered. “Please more.”