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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Meshing with the Gargoyle

A Paranormal's Love: Book Thirty-Eight

Into the Paranormal World: Aaron never saw it coming when his wife betrays him, so he wonders if the want and need he sees in the dark eyes of a monster could possibly be real.

When Aaron Boltson discovers his wife cheating on him, he thinks his life is over—romantically, anyway. He can’t imagine trusting another that way. Even flings don’t sound good. Licking his wounds do, though. After all, if a woman who’s supposed to love him unconditionally can’t stand to touch his fat body, how could anyone else?

Her words, sure, but Aaron can’t seem to get them out of his mind.

Aaron reaches out to his younger brother, Aziel, needing to get away. Aziel immediately books him a room in Durango, near where he still lives, and welcomes him with open arms. After a few days of vegging and relaxing, Aaron opens his door to Melanie—his soon-to-be ex-wife—who begins begging for reconciliation. Shocked, Aaron is grateful for Aziel’s intervention.

Aziel rushes Aaron to a barbeque at the estate where he lives, but a gathering with lots of strangers—even welcoming ones—who are all in lovey-dovey partnerships is a little hard to stomach. Aaron retreats to a gorgeous garden maze maintained at the estate. From there, he takes refuge in the forest. Becoming lost, Aaron stumbles across the most stunning fairy-tale cottage he’s ever seen.

When a monster appears, Aaron would have forever denied fainting…except he wakes in a bedroom with Aziel by his side. His brother reminds him of stories told by their long-deceased mother…things he had never thought to be true, and gives the monster a name—Grimley. Days later, as Aaron’s memories of the beast plague him, he wonders why thoughts of searching for the reclusive Grimley seem far more compelling than returning his wife’s urgent phone calls? Even with Aziel’s tales of love, devotion, and companionship whispering in his ear, Aaron wonders what on earth he would possibly do if he actually spotted the beast again…other than faint a second time?

Excerpt - Meshing with the Gargoyle

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “You said you needed a phone?” Grimley asked, trying to keep his deep voice soft.

    “Uh, yeah.” He lifted his own. “I don’t have service.”

    “You can borrow mine,” Grimley told him. Then he realized another problem. “Who are you going to call?”

    “My brother. Aziel,” the man told him, moving slowly in Grimley’s direction. “There’s an estate around here, and he lives there with his partner, Jerome.” Running a palm over his head, he added, “I started walking in their garden, then wandered into the trees, and now I have no clue how to get back there.” Squinting up in his direction, he asked, “You wouldn’t happen to know how to get back there, would you?”

    Grimley figured the human was rambling from nerves, but he didn’t bother to try to stop him. He enjoyed the man’s melodious tenor. He could listen to his mate’s chatter all day long.

    Finally realizing the man had asked a question, Grimley answered. “Yeah. I know it.”

    The human had come from the estate. While Grimley had never personally chatted with Aziel and Jerome, he knew of them.

    So this is Aziel’s brother. Clearly older. And he came from the estate.

    Does that mean he knows about us?

    Through the grapevine, Grimley had heard the rumors of how Aziel had known about the paranormal before ever arriving at the estate. The human’s mother had shared the information with him when he was a kid. Their existence hadn’t been a surprise to him. It only made sense that his brother would know, too.


    Dropping from the tree, Grimley spread his wings to catch himself. He landed lightly on the ground, ten feet in front of his mate. Holding out his phone, he murmured, “Here.”

    Aziel’s brother’s eyes widened. His jaw sagged open. He stumbled backward a few steps as a squeak escaped his throat. Then he dropped in a faint.

    “Shit,” Grimley snarled, leaping forward.

    Grimley just managed to catch the human before he cracked his head on one of the stones of the cobbled walkway. Carefully, Grimley eased his mate the rest of the way to the ground. Unable to help himself, after he’d clipped his phone back to his strap, he skimmed his black-clawed fingers over his mate’s scalp. The bristly hair teased his fingers, and he smiled.

    Then Grimley sobered and shook his head. His mate had fainted at the sight of him. Obviously, even if the man knew about gargoyles, he hadn’t been ready for one to drop out of the tree in front of him.

    Shaking his head again, Grimley slid his arms under his mate’s torso and legs. He hefted his big human into his arms, rising to his feet. For a moment, he just clutched his human to his chest, getting a feel for his weight while reveling in the knowledge that he had his mate in his arms.

    Never thought this day would come.

    Grimley stared at his mate, admiring him. “You’re completely perfect, my mate,” he murmured before dipping his head and touching his nose to the man’s neck. He inhaled deeply, taking in his human’s heady, masculine scent. His cock throbbed behind his loincloth, and he let out a low groan of pleasure and need. Shaking his head at himself, Grimley spread his wings and flapped. “Time to get help.”

    Lifting into the air, Grimley held his human securely. He flew swiftly toward the estate. Grimley heard the commotion long before the rear of the estate came into view.

    Evidently, his human had been missed.

    “We’ll find him, Aziel,” Chieftain Maelgwn was saying. “Try to relax.”

    “My brother’s an accountant,” Aziel replied, judging from the words. “He doesn’t do outdoors.” He sounded clearly upset. “Hell, the most outdoors he does is a trip to a jungle-themed restaurant.”

    What the hell is that?

    “Grateman and Treatise are already looking,” Maelgwn stated, indicating a pair of trackers for the clutch. “They’ll find him.”

    A second later, Grimley cleared the trees, and the expansive back deck came into view. Chieftain Maelgwn stood on the edge with a hand on Aziel’s shoulder. The human’s mate—Jerome—as well as a number of other humans and gargoyles, stood around them. They were offering support with words of assurance.

    “Look!” The small purple gargoyle, Sumak, spotted him first. He pointed. “It’s Grimley, and I think he’s carrying your brother.”

    The group rushed off the deck as Grimley landed on the lawn.

    “Grimley,” Chieftain Maelgwn called. “What happened to him? Where’d you find him?”

    “He found my house,” Grimley told them.

    “Damn.” Enforcer Sapian shook his head. “He managed to wander that far?”


    When the enforcer reached for his mate while asking, “What happened? Why’s he unconscious?” Grimley took a step back and growled in warning.

    Sapian froze, his blond brows shooting up. “Damn, Grim.” Frowning, he stated, “I was just gonna take him to the doc.”

    “He’s my mate,” Grimley revealed, and a number of people gasped. “He told me he was Aziel’s brother, so I dropped from the tree I was in. I must have startled him because he fainted.”

    “Ah, shit,” Aziel muttered, running a hand over his scalp in a move very reminiscent of his brother. Shaking his head, he told him, “You didn’t startle Aaron. You probably scared him.”

    “What?” Disbelief and unease surged through Grimley. At least it caused his aching erection to ease somewhat. “Why?”

    Aziel heaved a sigh and revealed, “I haven’t had the chance to talk to Aaron about the paranormal, yet.” With a grimace and a shrug, he told him, “I wanted to make certain he followed through on divorcing his wife first.”

    “Wife? He’s married?” Grimley couldn’t help the growl in his tone.

    When Aziel nodded, Grimley sighed deeply.

    Of course Fate is going to fuck with my life once more.

    Not this time, damn it.

    Grimley frowned at Aziel. “You said Aaron’s divorcing his wife?”

    Aaron. Such a strong name for my mate.

    Aziel nodded. “They’re separated, but she’s in town trying to win him back for some reason.”

    “He’s mine,” Grimley declared, shaking his head as he tightened his hold.

    “We’ll explain everything to him,” Chieftain Maelgwn assured, squeezing his shoulder with his human-looking hand. “Give him here.” He lifted his arms, beckoning with his fingers. “Let us help you both.”

    Grimley had to fight his desire to just fly back to his cottage.

    Instead, Grimley allowed his chieftain to take Aaron.