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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Paws, Preening & a Pumpkin Patch

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-One

Out of the Cage: A bear of a man walks into a bar...and meets his slender, clean-cut opposite. It could be love at first sight...or not.

Hessian Roshburg, Hess to the few he calls friends, loves beer, barroom brawls, and breaking into places he's not supposed to. He also enjoys strolling through the woods--in Kodiak bear form, of course--and scratching his back on trees. While dropping off a stolen file to his friend Dillan, he indulges in one of his favorite pastimes. He visits a gay bar for a few beers and a little dancing. He's shocked when he bumps into his mate, literally, and it's none other than a straight-laced, stick-up-his-ass raven shifter named Gilbert. Hess can't wait to ruffle the guy's feathers. In an effort to figure out what makes the other shifter tick, he digs a little too deep and uncovers a couple of secrets he shouldn't, putting not only his own life in jeopardy, but the lives of those in Gilbert's flock. Can Hess fix his mistake, prove his intentions, and keep his mate and friends safe...all at the same time?

Excerpt - Paws, Preening & a Pumpkin Patch

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Getting inside the club was a simple matter. It seemed Lyle knew the bouncer. Some massive African American human named Rocky who looked like he spent his off hours body building. Hector immediately bounced up to the guy, who had to stand six-foot-four if he was an inch. Plastering himself to the bouncer’s side, he rubbed his hands all over his t-shirt covered torso.

“Oh, you have so many muscles,” Hector purred. “Do you do those body builder competitions? I bet you’d look stunning greased up in a speedo flexing on stage.”

The big man’s lips widened into a broad smile, showing off even white teeth. “Aww, thanks, cutie,” Rocky responded. “I do compete.” He settled his huge hands on Hector’s hips and eased Hector away from him. “Head on in with your friends, now.”

Hector pouted for just an instant, before his expression widened to a smile once more. “Will you come dance with me?” he asked, even as a clearly nervous Cho pulled him out of the huge man’s grip.

“Sorry, little man,” Rocky responded. “As soon as I get off, I gotta head home to my baby. Maybe another time.”

“Come on, Hector,” Prescott urged, grabbing the little shifter’s other arm. He winked at Rocky, then focused on Hector. “Let’s get on that dance floor. Okay?”

A look of disappointment crossed Hector’s face, but then it cleared. He nodded. After one more look at Rocky—an expression that could only be called longing—Hector allowed his friends to guide him away.

“Thanks for being a good sport,” Ash said to Rocky. “He’s…exuberant.”

Rocky nodded almost absently, looking at where Hector had disappeared into the crowd. Then, he turned back toward the door and his duties.

Gilbert shook his head, then put the exchange out of his mind as he followed the other men into the club. After Ash said that he was going to find a table, Gilbert tapped Thad on the shoulder to get his attention over the loud music.

“Let’s get everyone a round of drinks,” Gilbert called to the turkey shifter.

Thad gave him a thumbs up in lieu of answering. Jared patted Gilbert on the shoulder and beckoned. For some reason, people actually parted for the human. Gilbert and his flock-mate quickly followed.

In less than a minute, Gilbert was at the bar, trying to decide what to order for everyone. As he opened his mouth to ask for advice about fruity drinks with an umbrella—Gilbert knew both Hector and Cho would prefer that to beer—an earthy, musky scent tickled his senses. Turning his head, Gilbert inhaled deeply, trying to figure out the source. He couldn’t imagine who would wear a cologne that smelled like dirt and pine, but he liked it.

In fact, to Gilbert’s shock, his dick actually began to stiffen in his jeans.

“You okay, Gil?” Thad asked, tapping him on the shoulder. “Do you want me to order?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Gilbert answered absently. “No, I’ll—” His words died in his throat when someone shoved into his back. “Hey,” he snapped, spinning to face the clumsy male. “Watch—” he began to snarl, but snapped his jaw shut once more when he realized the big male was the source of the alluring scent.

Turning to face Gilbert and giving him a once, twice over, was a bear of a man. Where Rocky’s muscles and body had obviously been developed by body-builder, this man was all natural big. He wore a leather vest without a shirt, showing off a hairy, muscled chest and ink swirling up and down his arms. His thick thighs were encased in leather leggings, too, and biker boots adorned his huge feet.

“Well, well, well.” The man’s deep, rumbling voice yanked Gilbert’s attention to the man’s goateed face. His shaggy, dark hair bracketed his wide grin and sparkling dark eyes. The stranger stared down at him. “Hello, little pretty.”

It hit Gilbert like a ton of bricks, causing his stomach to tighten uncomfortably, as well as his groin. This probably six-foot-eight man, who was built like a brick shit house and a shifter to boot, judging from his scent, was his mate!

Shaking his head in disbelief, Gilbert muttered, “Oh, fuck no.”