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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Carry Me: Book Two

Trace Plinter is a player. He doesn't deny it. When his current lover decides to move on, it's a simple thing to give Patrick his blessing. After all, he'd been ready to do the same for over a month. When Trace rescues a cute farmer from a barn fire, he recognizes attraction in the man's sweet green eyes, but he doesn't have time to talk to Laramie and thinks he's missed his chance to explore a new lover. Until, Trace sees Laramie again at a diner and makes his move.

Laramie Goshen is just moving on from his uncle's death when the father who beat him and disowned him for being gay reenters his life--proclaiming that he owns half the pig farm his uncle left Laramie free and clear. When Laramie refuses to give in to his father's demands, problems start happening at the farm. Laramie finds his fantasies filled with the sexy firefighter who rescues him from the fire that burned his barn to the ground. But when that same firefighter makes his interest known, Laramie is at odds. Th complication of a boyfriend is the last thing he needs.

They strike a bargain--sex with no strings attached. Trace loves the arrangement, but is unprepared for the protective feelings that surface when he witnesses a confrontation between Laramie and his lover's father. If Trace decides to try to make their situation more permanent will Laramie even be receptive?

Excerpt - Piggyback

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Laramie jerked forward, almost dumping himself out of the porch swing. He dropped his booted feet to the porch planks and rubbed his face with both hands. Once his mind was sort-of working, he tried to figure out what had yanked him out of his doze.

An odd glow came from the other side of the barn. His eyes widened. The haystack was on fire! The lean-to containing the hay was attached to the barn. Swinging into action, Laramie yanked his phone from his pocket and dialed nine-one-one as he ran. Even as he rattled off his emergency and his location, Laramie shoved the barn doors open and sprinted to the first stall.

He coughed.

Smoke had already started to fill the loft. As he threw open stall doors, Laramie sent up a silent prayer of thanks that he didn’t have any hay up there right now. It was mainly used if the winter was going to be bad for a few days and they planned to feed from above.

Horses whinnied in fear, the noise almost drowned out by the whine of sirens. He’d just opened the last stall, the smoke making him hack and choke. Laramie couldn’t get out of the way of the horse quickly enough and the frightened quarter horse’s shoulder slammed into him, spinning him around and knocking him over.

Laramie’s head rang, but he managed to get to his knees. He squinted through the haze and smoke, trying to get his baring. Out of the swirling eddies obscuring his vision, came the massive figure of a fully garbed firefighter. The man wrapped a strong arm around him and helped him to his feet.

“Is there anyone else in here?”

The muffled words were hard to make out, but Laramie had enough presence of mind to shake his head. He sure didn’t want anyone in here looking for what wasn’t there.

Another figure appeared out of the gloom and wrapped an arm around his other side. “We clear?” the second man asked.

“Yup, let’s get our asses out of here,” the first man stated.

The two men practically carried him from the building. Laramie hacked and coughed, trying to suck in fresh air as soon as they were clear of the flames. The man on his right, the first one who’d appeared at his side, escorted him to an ambulance. Laramie’s eyes were watering and his lungs burned. Once the paramedic had Laramie seated in the back of the vehicle, the firefighter pulled off his helmet.

“You’re in good hands, buddy. Just do as Randy says. Okay?” the guy encouraged.

Just then, an oxygen mask was positioned over his face and mouth, making it impossible to do more than nod. Laramie finally managed to look up into his rescuer’s face and he nearly stopped breathing again. The man had the warmest brown eyes and his sexy square jaw had the nicest, encouraging smile Laramie had ever been the recipient of. To his dismay, the guy turned to Randy and asked, “He gonna be okay?”

Laramie wanted to shout that he was right there, but all he could do was struggle one rasping breath after another, even with the oxygen.

Randy nodded. “I think so. No burns, just really bad smoke inhalation. Just what the fuck were you doing in there?” the paramedic asked Laramie, shaking his head at him as he shined a light into first one eye, then the second.

Like I can really answer with this mask over my mouth. Laramie lifted his hand to remove it.

A gloved hand wrapped around his wrist, and Laramie snapped his gaze to the firefighter’s. To his surprise, those nice eyes were giving him a warm, approving look. He was so caught up in the firefighter’s gaze, he almost missed the man’s words.

“He was saving his horses,” Laramie’s rescuer explained. The guy’s brown eyes remained focused on his. “That was damn brave of you, friend, and damn stupid.”

Adult Excerpt - Piggyback

    “Come on,” he muttered.

Snickering, Laramie teased, “Eager much?”

He pulled his keys from his pocket and glanced over his shoulder at the man, unable to hide his grin. “I don’t normally go this long without sex, and you make my dick so hard, baby,” he surprised himself by admitting.

Laramie’s eyes narrowed and filled with heat, showing that Trace wasn’t the only one desiring this coupling. “Then we better do something about that. Get the door open, Trace,” he ordered.

Eager to please, Trace once more focused on the lock. He didn’t get two steps into his home when the door slammed behind him and he was spun around with surprising force. Impressed with the strength in the smaller man’s lithe body, Trace went with the flow and found himself pressed against the hallway wall with a firm masculine form pressed against his own.

Trace’s mouth was taken with surprising aggression and he opened wide, enjoying the desire and need Laramie expressed with his plundering tongue and searching hands. A hard erection pressed against his thigh as his new lover rocked against him, searching for pleasure Trace was only too happy to give.

* * * *

Laramie wasn’t normally this bold. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d even bothered to go to a club to pick up a one night stand. But this guy, this handsome firefighter pushed all his buttons. He was broad-shouldered and nicely muscled. It was easy to see the man worked hard to stay in shape for his job. And the guy had come on to him and made his interest plain. Laramie wanted to bury his hands in Trace’s thick brown hair and hang on as they twisted their tongues together, so he did.

Rocking against Trace, Laramie moaned, enjoying the pressure on his dick and liking the way Trace wrapped his arms around him and held him close, encouraging the movement. Laramie liked it even better when Trace took control of the kiss by gripping the nape of Laramie’s neck and tilting his head back.

He opened wide, giving in to Trace’s dominance. Trace spun him around and Laramie found their positions reversed. Trace’s second hand dropped to his ass and gripped it. He hissed out a breath, enjoying the feel of another man’s hand on his body.

Trace easily lifted him and Laramie instinctively wrapped his legs around his sexy firefighter’s waist. The new position aligned their erections, increasing the sweet pressure on his dick. Laramie dropped his head against the wall and groaned.

“Oh, holy fuck, that’s good,” Laramie muttered roughly.

Growling low, Trace thrust against him. “This one will be quick,” he whispered. “Then I’m going to take you to my bed and fuck you through the mattress.”

“Hell, yeah,” Laramie responded breathily. He could certainly get behind that idea, or under it, or over it. As long as he got Trace’s dick in his ass, he’d take the man any way he could get him.

Laramie cracked open his eyelids and watched through his lashes as Trace worked both their jeans open. He gasped upon seeing Trace’s massive dick spring free of its confinement. The man was hung! His asshole twitched just looking at the long, thick cock.

“Oh,” he whispered. His amazement turned to pleasure when Trace licked his palm and then wrapped his fingers around both their shafts. “Trace!” he shouted, his hips bucking.

“That’s right, baby,” Laramie said, the words a practically coming out a growl. “Show me how much you want me.”

His balls pulled tight to his body at Trace’s sexy tone. His fingers twitched spastically in the fabric of the man’s shirt. His body practically vibrated in his strong lover’s arms at the pleasure Trace caused. The base of Laramie’s spine tingled, telling him his orgasm was imminent. Laramie mewled and shuddered, his hips jerking, chasing that feeling.

“That’s it,” Trace crooned. Lips sucked kisses along the tendons on his neck, sending even more sensations through Laramie. “Give me your cum, Lare. Let me see your pleasure.”

The sexy command threw Laramie over the edge. His release tightened his balls and rushed through his body. He let out a long, low groan as he shuddered and twitched with ecstasy. In the peripheral of his senses, Laramie heard a grunt and hiss. As he became more aware, he realized Trace rested his head on his shoulder and Laramie listened to his ragged breathing.

They remained frozen, panting together, just breathing. Laramie voiced the first coherent thought he had. “Shit, you’re strong.” He would have blushed, but hearing Trace’s sexy chuckle had all his blood heading straight back to his dick.

    “Thanks.” Trace’s reply was muffled, then the man lifted his head. Laramie’s breath caught in his throat at the lust still filling Trace’s brown eyes. “Ready for round two?”