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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Spider Sense

Kontra's Menagerie: Book Five

Haben Bello heads for Kansas to help his old friend, Wes. The human attorney deals with child custody in shifter-human cases, protecting shifter secrets. Wes needs help uncovering the true motives behind a young boy's mother who suddenly wants custody after she'd given up all rights to him twelve years before. When Haben meets the boy's human foster father, Lou Reynolds, he realizes the man is his mate.

Lou is still coming to grips with the fact that shifters exist. It's one thing for his son to be able to turn into a lion, but a spider? Lou may be able to accept Haben the man, but can he learn how to accept Haben the tarantula? And what about when Haben's job in town is done and he decides to move on? Lou has a son and can't just up and leave to join Haben on his nomadic travels. Can Lou trust Haben's insistence that he's willing to turn his life upside down, adopt a lion shifter cub, and settle down after nearly one hundred years of freedom?

Excerpt - Spider Sense

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    “Hey, you okay?”

Lou’s soft question interrupted him a few moments later, and Haben swung around to face his mate. My mate, Gods that still sounds so odd to me. He smiled at Lou and nodded. “Just thinking.”

“About what?” Lou leaned his butt against the arm of the sofa.

This wasn’t really the conversation he’d planned to have with his mate, but at least Lou was willing to talk to him after his display at dinner. He’d practically mauled the man in front of everyone. Shaking his head to clear his wayward thoughts, he said, “I’m just wondering how Vivian knew Damon had shifted. Wesley told us it happened in the living room. Did he shift again at some point—maybe in front of people?”

Lou frowned. “Not that he’s told me. Maybe when Terence starts training him, your friend could ask. He might feel more comfortable sharing shifter stuff with him instead of me,” he added thoughtfully.

Haben cocked his head. “He seems like a good kid. Do you think he’d keep things from you?”

Sighing, Lou rolled his shoulders. “About anything else, I’d say no, but, after everything that’s happened? Maybe. This is a big adjustment—for both of us.”

“And I’m just complicating things,” Haben muttered.

Lou’s brows shot up and he leaped to his feet. To Haben’s surprise, Lou took his hand and squeezed. “Hey, I didn’t say that. I admit, this is a lot to take in, but,” he paused and shrugged before adding, “I’d really like to get to know you. See where this goes.”

His hand tingled where his mate held him. Haben brought Lou’s hand to his lips and gently kissed the palm. “Where this goes is to a permanent partnership, Lou,” he whispered, liking the shiver his kiss and rough admission caused in the other man’s body. “I’ve searched too long and hard to find you to just let you go.” Shaking his head, Haben continued, “I know that sounds a bit like a stalker, but I know we’ll never find this level of attraction to another.” He smiled at Lou’s confused look of disbelief. “I know you’ll need time to understand, and I’d like to give that to you, but resisting you is difficult.”

“What if I don’t want you to resist me?” Lou whispered.

Haben groaned and gave in to the desire coursing through his system. He grabbed his mate’s hip with his free hand and yanked his body close, bringing their pelvises crashing together. The contact against his half-hard dick had him instantly firming. His mouth hovered over Lou’s and he forced himself to give his mate one more chance to turn him away. “If we start this now, we won’t finish until we’re in your bed, naked, sweaty, and with my spent dick in your ass.” So it was more of a premonition than an out, but it was the best Haben could do.

Lou moaned so sweetly, then tipped his head and closed the distance between their lips. Haben let go of Lou’s hand and wrapped his fingers around his mate’s slender neck, cupping his skull. Taking control, Haben tilted Lou’s head. He nipped Lou’s lower lip gently, then soothed the sting away with his tongue.

Lou hissed, and Haben thrust his tongue into his mate’s mouth. He growled at the human’s minty taste, which told him Lou had brushed his teeth not too long before. It was thoughtful of him, but he’d enjoyed the man’s natural taste. Of course, it occurred to him that because Lou had brushed his teeth, he’d expected to at least make out with Haben.

That sent a soft growl of excitement rumbling from his chest. One last thought managed to surface in his brain and Haben brought the kiss to an end with a groan. Resting his forehead against Lou’s he whispered, “Is Damon still up?” He’d already given the kid one shock today.

“He’s in bed but probably not asleep yet. We just need to be quiet,” Lou replied.

“Quiet. Right,” he growled. “I can do that.”

Lou snickered. “You sure?” he whispered against Haben’s lips.

“Sure, sure,” he responded absently.

He slid his hand under Lou’s shirt, massaging the muscles along his human’s back. He pressed his erection against Lou’s stomach, feeling a bit of give and loving the sensation. He had to work to keep the moan at a low volume. Okay, so maybe being quiet would be a little tough. Haben couldn’t remember the last time he’d fucked a man when another was in the house. The kind of men he met at bars weren’t really family men.

“Bedroom. Now!” Lou gasped.

Adult Excerpt - Spider Sense

    Haben was glad it wasn’t him who’d suggested it. He was nearly two centuries old, but he felt like a randy teen around his mate. "Lead the way."

Releasing Lou proved to be difficult, but Haben did it. He kept one hand clasped tightly on one of Lou’s as the human led them silently up the stairs into a loft style bedroom. A California king bed only took up about a quarter of the room. There was a desk in one corner with a laptop on it, a couple of nightstands, a dresser, and two doors were on the left wall.

Before he could ask about them, Lou was easing his t-shirt over his head. Haben went with it, lifting his arms and letting Lou pull the shirt off him. He stayed his soon-to-be lover’s hands and worked the buttons of Lou’s shirt. He only bothered with the first couple at the top before yanking the tails from Lou’s jeans and helping his mate out of it. It was better than he imagined. The soft pudge of Lou’s stomach called for his kisses, but Haben resisted and focused instead on his jeans.

He shoved the denim down Lou’s hips, followed quickly by his boxer-briefs. Lou’s engorged shaft bounced up, smacking him in the stomach and smearing it with pre-cum. Haben wrapped his hand around his mate’s short, thick erection, gratified by how Lou’s breathing hitched when he pumped the swollen dick.

Jacking Lou’s dick, he watched the wide slit in the red, swollen head ooze a drop of pre-cum. Haben dropped to his knees, unable to resist the siren call to taste his mate’s flesh and fluids. Hands landed on Haben’s shoulders as he leaned forward and lapped up the bead of clear liquid. His mate’s taste washed over his tongue.

Haben moaned and sank down on Lou’s dick, sucking the head gently, working the sensitive bundle of nerves under the head. A soft mewl of pleasure came from above, and Haben looked up at Lou through his lashes. Lou’s eyes were at half-mast as he stared down at Haben with undisguised desire, his teeth capturing his kiss-plumped bottom lip to keep his more vocal cries inside.

He knew it was necessary, but Haben sure wished it wasn’t. There was nothing better than listening to the sweet moans and cries of a lover and he wanted to discover every sound Lou could make. He sucked his mate’s dick until Lou tugged painfully on his short, black curls. He released his lover’s dick and sat back on his haunches.

Grinning up at Lou’s panting form, he whispered, "Need something, sweetheart?"

"You," Lou gasped. "You, in me."

Liking the sound of that, Haben groaned and leaped to his feet. By the time he managed to strip off his jeans, Haben looked up and found Lou lying across his bed, a bottle of lube clutched in one hand and two fingers of the other hand buried in his hole. It was the most erotic sight he’d seen in over a century, and Haben had to grip the base of his dick tightly to keep from coming right then.

Once he felt in control, Haben let out a low growl and prowled to the bed. He climbed onto the mattress and peered through his lashes as Lou stretched himself. From the way Lou whimpered and trembled, Haben knew his mate was close. He reached up and gripped the base of Lou’s dick firmly. The man’s eyes, desperate and wide, snapped up to stare at him.

"No coming until I’m buried balls deep in your tight ass," he ordered.

Grunting, Lou nodded quickly. "Please. Now, please," he whined.

"I thought you’d never ask," Haben moaned.