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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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Submerging with a Sea Snake

Beneath Aquatica's Waves: Book Thirteen

World of Aquatica: During a milking for his venom, a sea snake shifter catches a whiff of the one person who’ll change his life forever—his mate.

Kenny hates getting milked—the process where Doc Anthony eases his snake’s fangs through a thin lid covering a cup in order to collect his venom. Still, he knows it’s a necessary evil if he expects to live in a shifter pod. The doc needs it so he can always have anti-venom on hand, and since he used his last vial to save a human Kenny had bitten, he needs to make more.

Imagine Kenny’s surprise when, as Doc Anthony sinks his fangs through the paper, an amazing scent teases his senses. The distraction causes him to pop his head up, and he nearly stabs a fang into the doc. In the doc’s shock, he fumbles Kenny’s snake form, dropping him to the counter.

A set of hands Kenny doesn’t recognize grabs him. He struggles for an instant until he catches his new holder’s scent. Stilling, Kenny realizes the big human holding him with a firm and confident hand is his mate. He listens for a moment, learning the man is Renaldo Martinez, and he’s a snake enthusiast.

When Kenny shifts, revealing what he is and declaring their connection—that Renaldo is the other half of his soul—will he be able to convince his human to be just as enamored with him in human form?

Excerpt - Submerging with a Sea Snake

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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    Kenny mentally grumbled. He hated this aspect of living in a shifter pod. Getting milked while in snake form completely sucked.

    Such indignity.

    Still, Kenny really did love his life. He enjoyed so many luxuries that he never before would have been able to experience. Taking Alpha Kaiser Roush up on his offer to join his pod and work at their aquatic marine park was the best decision he’d ever made.

    With that in mind, Kenny didn’t protest when Enforcer Craeg called him and told him that Doctor Anthony was prepping for him. He’d known the doc wanted to get the milking done at some point that afternoon, so he’d left his day open. Kenny hadn’t even gone to the marine park to troll for a hook-up.

    Oddly enough, there were plenty of single people who frequented the park who were willing to share in a bit of fun in order to get a behind-the-scenes experience. All Kenny had to do was wear a security uniform and watch for someone checking him out. As long as the scent of the human was right, he didn’t mind if it was a man or a woman.

    Alpha Kaiser, being a colossal squid shifter, understood a paranormal’s high sex drive. When he’d built the place, he’d even incorporated a number of nooks and crannies into the place for just such activities. As long as everyone was discreet, they cleaned up after themselves, and the activity was consensual, Alpha Kaiser didn’t give a shit who used what areas.

    Maybe after I get this done, I’ll find a hot young thing to relieve the stress created by this.

    Seeing as this was being done in animal form, Kenny headed to the medical facility for animals. While many of the animals viewed in the tanks and aquariums were shifters, there were just as many of the non-shifter variety, too. This facility was where Enforcer Craeg had told him to meet the doc.

    While Kenny found it odd, he didn’t question it. He figured as he was already within the bowels of the marine park, he would be that much closer to the main grounds. Kenny could slip out a side door and start trolling for a little fun.

    After a ten-minute stroll, Kenny arrived at the animal medical wing. There were several aquatic animals in large aquariums, each being monitored for various things. A huge salt-water crocodile lounged docilely in a secure area.

    “Damn.” Kenny pointed at it, finding Doctor Anthony standing at a prep table. “What happened to Edgar?”

    Doctor Anthony glanced his way, then at Edgar the crocodile. “According to the cameras, some jerk fed him a burger and fries from the Cantina.” Scowling, he growled softly as he added, “Normally, that wouldn’t bother the boy, but another camera angle showed that he sprinkled something on the fries, and I can assure you it wasn’t ketchup.”

    “Damn.” Shock filled Kenny. “Someone tried to poison Edgar?”

    Some people are just too horrible to let live.

    “Seems that way,” Doctor Anthony confirmed, his cheeks darkening as the scent of his anger began perfuming the air. “Preliminary tests showed arsenic.”

    It was Kenny’s turn to growl. “Please tell me that Ovram is using facial recognition to track down the asshole.”

    Doctor Anthony’s smile turned feral as he focused on Kenny. “The guy’s already in custody.”

    Even seeing the doc’s rather creepy smile, relief filled Kenny. “Good.” He could never understand why anyone abused an animal…for any reason. Rubbing his palms over his opposite upper arms, Kenny looked over the items on the table and spotted the cup with the thin plastic covering. “Well, let’s get this over with. How much do you need?”

    “Mmmm,” the doc mused, staring at the cup. “If you can give me three milliliters, I bet I can make four or five injections from it.”

    Kenny nodded. “Good. Then I won’t have to do this again for a few decades,” he quipped with a smirk as he reached for the hem of his polo shirt.

    “My thoughts exactly,” Doctor Anthony agreed. With a smile of understanding, he added, “I know you don’t like this process, but we appreciate your willingness to do it.”

    Nodding once more, Kenny didn’t bother responding. He quickly folded his shirt before placing it on a nearby chair. After he kicked off his sandals, his shorts followed his shirt.

    Unmindful of his nudity, Kenny hopped onto the metal table. He hissed softly upon feeling the cold on his ass. Even as he mentally winced at how that would translate to his cold-blooded form, Kenny began to shift anyway.

    As usual, Kenny’s body transitioned swiftly. His legs and arms merged with his narrowing frame. His olive-toned skin rippled as scales formed in bands of brownish-black and creamy white. He closed his eyes as his head morphed, the push and pull a familiar sensation.

    Then Kenny’s eyelids were gone, and he viewed the world in a variety of hues of reds, yellows, and grays. He spotted Doctor Anthony moving toward him, his lean, toned body shape familiar to him. Kenny lay still as the doc reached for him.

    As a sea snake, Kenny had very little ability to move while on land. His long, lean body and tail shaped similar to an oar just weren’t designed for it. The only reason he could at all was because he still maintained his human brain. He recalled how earth snakes used their muscles, allowing him a limited range of motion.

    Kenny didn’t try to utilize that knowledge, though. Instead, he accepted Doctor Anthony’s handling. He was lifted into the air, most of his seven-foot body cradled in one hand. Kenny felt the doc’s other hand behind his head, urging him to open his mouth.

    Obliging, Kenny couldn’t resist flicking out his tongue and scenting the world around him. To his surprise, something…amazing…tickled his senses. Jolting in shock, Kenny whipped his head around, scenting again, trying to discern direction.

    “Gee-zus!” Doctor Anthony cried in obvious surprise.

    The hands cradling him loosened, and Kenny felt himself tumbling back to the metal trolley.

    When Kenny hit the hard surface, he lay there in shock for a few seconds. Then the exquisite flavor registered again, and his desire to find the source coursed through him. Bunching his muscles, Kenny slithered to the left.

    A pair of large hands suddenly pinned him to the surface of the trolley. Fingers gripped behind his head in a surprisingly gentle hold as the other hand held him halfway down. Even still, being held by a stranger, Kenny hissed in agitation.

    Except, that was when the stranger’s scent registered, and he realized the human was the source of the delicious aroma.

    Holy shit! He’s my mate!