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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Now Available at Amazon and on Kindle Unlimited!

The Darkling's Kiss

A M/M Erotic Romance,Three-Part Epic Fantasy Adventure!

For decades Philippe has lived the life of a thief, keeping apart from society. He steals items for customers...for a fee, of course, which has earned him wealth enough for several lifetimes. Due to his mixed heritage, a volatile mixture of human, angel, and daemon blood--a creature called a darkling--his job is his solace. After a disastrous encounter with a wizard, Philippe has a choice to make--live the rest of his life on the run or commit to a single task to gain a clean slate. Either way, his thieving days are over. Philippe accepts the Council of Wizard's terms.

He finds himself traveling with Kalylle, a wizard of the second order. Their task is to clear up a disagreement between the dwarf and elven nations, as a war between their peoples would tear Fidelia apart. To Philippe's surprise, he discovers an unexpected kinship with Kalylle--an attraction that offers both danger to their mission and hope for a future. Except as they run up against one obstacle after another, it becomes clear that a third party is involved, someone with powerful magical resources. Can Philippe overcome the urges of his daemonic heritage so he can complete his quest with Kalylle, or will the machinations of rogue wizards cause him to lose himself to the daemon living inside him?

Reader Advisory: This is a three part epic fantasy adventure and should be read in order for best enjoyment and understanding. The prologue in Part One: The Quest was previously offered as a free read during the 2014 GRNW event. It has been included for background information and reader enjoyment.

Warnings: This story includes wizards, magic, men learning to have a sense of humor while overcoming dark elements, and a HFN ending. There are erotic m/m scenes suitable for adults only.

Excerpt - The Darkling's Kiss

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Philippe located Kalylle in one of the gardens, deep in conversation with Deantmore. Although he hated interrupting, he couldn’t leave without notifying the wizard. He just wasn’t certain what he’d say to the man, either.

    Biting back a sigh, Philippe crossed to them and offered a shallow bow to Deantmore before turning to Kalylle. “A word, please?”

     Kalylle rose. “Of course,” he responded. After a nod at Deantmore, he led the way deeper into the garden. “Are you well?” he asked, concern in his voice. “You look…troubled.”

    “I am fine,” Philippe assured. Focusing on Kalylle, he asked, “Do you need me to return to the dwarf capital with you?”

    Kalylle stared at him, his brows furrowing. “It’d be a simple matter for you to discover the guilty party,” he pointed out. He swept his gaze over his face, perhaps reading his expression. “Why? What have you learned?”

    Philippe hesitated, unsure how to explain. “Do you remember me telling you how I have feelings, uh urges,” he mumbled.

    Gods, this isn’t easy to explain.

    “Yes,” Kalylle responded. He nodded once, probably hoping to encourage Philippe to finish.

    Knowing he couldn’t keep Feline waiting in the stable for long, Philippe continued, “Not all my urges are from my daemon side.” Seeing Kalylle’s surprised expression, sensing the emotion rolling from him, Philippe explained, “The angel side is a lot like feeling a premonition. It feels like a compulsion. I—” Watching Kalylle appear to become even more confused, he hurriedly stated, “There is something I must do. It will only take a couple of days. Then I intend to head to Crood and look into whose wagon you destroyed.”

    Scoffing, Kalylle replied, “Well, it was the wagon or us.”

    “I liked your choice.” Philippe hesitated, before adding, “This is important, Kalylle. I need two days.”

    Finally, the other man nodded. He still looked confused, and the emotions beating at Philippe’s senses gave away the extent of his concern, but he stated, “I suppose I won’t need you. You said the guilty dwarf sat at the lower end of the table, right?”

    Philippe nodded.

    “It shouldn’t be hard to find out which one after questioning them,” Kalylle continued. He eyed Philippe for a moment. “How long do you expect to be in Crood?”

    He shrugged. “Hopefully I should be able to meet up with you in Xebean within a moon’s cycle.” Philippe hesitated, and then stated quietly, “I’d like to leave right away.” Suddenly, he felt a spike of mistrust radiate from the wizard. He gritted his teeth at the unintended insult. “I’m not deserting you, Kalylle.” He growled the assurance. “I will meet up with you.”

    Kalylle peered at him, his expression solemn. “I didn’t mean to offend, Philippe. We still know so little about each other.”

    The thief nodded, accepting the other man’s apology. “Perhaps we’ll change that.” Slowly, holding the man’s gaze, he removed his gloves and held out one white hand. Kalylle stared at him for a few seconds, then took his hand as if understanding the trust he was putting in him.

    Hand still clasped, Philippe stared hard into Kalylle’s blue eyes as he took a step forward and closed the distance between them. With his other hand, he cupped Kalylle’s jaw. He tilted his head and pressed his lips lightly against the slightly taller man’s and breathed into his mouth. With that move, he sent images into the unsuspecting wizard’s mind.

    The other man’s eyes widened as he saw the conversation with Feline, felt Philippe’s rage, the urgings of his angel heritage, and finally the understanding of what he had to do. It took only a few seconds, then Philippe separated their lips, but he didn’t put more than a hair’s breadth between their mouths.

    “Wow,” Kalylle whispered.

    Philippe smiled faintly as he murmured, “Abilities gifted through angel blood are always very intimate.”

    “Fine by me.”

    Kalylle’s voice came out rough, betraying the want and desire that flowed through him. He cupped Philippe’s neck and sealed their mouth’s together. When the wizard dipped his tongue into Philippe’s mouth, he accepted Kalylle’s attention, opening to him. Philippe felt his control dwindle as Kalylle’s tongue stroked his own, causing his cock to swell. His internal daemon stirred, urging him to take control, to turn Kalylle, to bend him over the nearest bench and claim the man’s body in the most primal of ways.

    Philippe broke away from the wizard’s hold and stumbled backward a few steps. Panting softly, he held up a hand. “I-I need to stop.”

    Kalylle nodded slowly as he licked his slightly swollen, kiss-reddened lips. “Don’t think I won’t want more when we see each other again,” he warned.

    His heart hammering in his chest, Philippe somehow managed to keep control as images of fucking Kalylle in his bed entered his mind. He jerked a nod because there was no use in denying it. When he reached Xebean, Philippe would have the man.