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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Early Amina

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Six

Just a little Love Bite: When a demon runs across his amina early, he searches for a way to secure an early bond.

As a demon under the Horseman of Famine, Beltine enjoyed helping his horseman take out a coven of witches. It was a wonderful change of pace—doing something other than spreading famine upon different areas of the human plane. When Famine teams up with his brothers to track down a dangerous and mysterious artifact, Beltine is happy—and honored—to be chosen to help. Their information takes them to an exotic animal rescue facility in the mountains of Idaho. Upon getting there, they discover that some of the animals aren’t animals—they’re shifters trapped in animal form. What really shocks Beltine is that one of the males is his amina—his soul. Except, Beltine is still a couple of decades away from his thousandth birthday. Still, once his amina—Kavan—finally returns to his human form, Beltine finds himself just like any other paranormal. He wants what the Moirai have deemed his. With his time in service to Famine not yet up, as well as trouble still on the horizon, Beltine isn’t certain what his best move is. Will even the help of his horseman be enough to find an answer?

Excerpt - The Early Amina

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

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    Spotting the large, gilded, double-doors, Beltine hurried a few steps to reach them first. He gripped the right one and pulled it open. With the weight of the door, he wondered how Hank managed to move them.

    Beltine knew that newly created demons struggled for the first few years of their life until they’d toned up a bit.

    Then Beltine realized there was probably always someone around the cute, plump human to do that sort of thing for him.

    “Thank, Beltine,” Chissom said with a grin, showing off his fangs. “But you really didn’t need to escort me.”

    Moving inside, Beltine told him, “I was told Master Famine needed me, so it was my pleasure.”

    “Oh, yeah?” Chissom swept his gaze around the massive chambers. Once he spotted his lovers, he started in that direction. “Wonder if it has anything to do with the address Master Dante gave me.”

    Beltine released the door and once again fell into step beside Chissom. “I look forward to learning.”

    Sweeping his gaze over Master Famine—who reclined in a pool on a carved reclining seat with Hank sitting on his lap—Beltine appreciated the relaxed expression on his face. His master had been so stern and stoic for centuries. Since bonding with his three men, he was learning to smile more often.

    It was fantastic to see.

    “Ah, Chissom,” Master Famine purred, lifting his hand and beckoning. “So glad you joined us.”

    Chissom placed his towel on a nearby recliner, kicking off his flip-flops. Then he did as Famine asked and joined his lovers in the pool. Stopping beside the pair, Chissom delivered a slow, sensual-looking kiss to both Famine and Hank. By the time the vampire was finished, Knossis had arrived, pausing in the laps he’d been swimming. Chissom offered the big shifter the same sultry lip-lock.

    Beltine found it fascinating that all the men smiled and watched as they kissed each other, not a hint of jealousy in sight. While he’d never had a relationship, he wondered how that worked. He supposed that, as long as it never changed, it really didn’t matter.

    After Famine finished kissing Hank and Knossis, too, he turned his attention to Beltine. “Thank you for coming, Beltine.”

    Dipping his head in deference, Beltine replied, “Of course, Master Famine. I live to serve you.”

    The corners of Famine’s lips twitched as he nodded. “We have several leads as to where the witch circle could be hiding the book,” his horseman stated. “My brothers and I are each taking a place to search. Our location is in Idaho. I would like you to put together a squadron of demons. Three teams of five. You will lead them.”

    Beltine’s jaw sagged open. For an instant, he just stared, hardly believing what he’d just heard. He wasn’t a general, but Master Famine was giving him the duties of one.

    “Oh, you just shocked the shit out of him, Famine,” Hank murmured, sounding amused. “Remember to keep breathing, Beltine.”

    Hearing Hank’s words, Beltine pulled himself together. He snapped his mouth shut and bowed low, keeping his wings tight against his back. After a second, Beltine felt Famine’s slender fingertips touch his temple, so he straightened.

    “I am truly honored by your orders, Master Famine,” Beltine stated, his comment heartfelt. “When do we leave?”

    Famine turned his attention to Chissom, who had settled beside Hank in the water. “Has your coven given you an address?”

    Chissom nodded. “Yep. He’ll have a dossier waiting for us to pick up within the hour.”

    Smiling a bit, Famine hummed. “Excellent.” He turned his attention back to Beltine. “You have two hours. Assemble in the courtyard.” Then Famine narrowed his eyes and pinned a hungry look on Knossis. “I’ve enjoyed watching your large muscles move beneath your skin while you swam, Knoss. I believe we have time for me to explore them.”

    Realizing he’d been dismissed, Beltine backed up a step. When Famine moved Hank to Chissom’s lap and lunged at his huge shifter lover, Beltine turned and headed out of the bathing chambers. He paused at the door just long enough to hit a button, which illuminated a red light to the right of every entrance.

    It was a newly installed device, warning every demon not to enter.

    Beltine hurried through the halls, ticking off names in his head and wondering how many of them were around or if they were out on assignment.

    Gotta hurry.

    Two hours wasn’t much time to track down fifteen demons that Beltine knew and trusted who would work well together, and he had no intention of failing his master.