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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Gargoyle's Holiday Cheer

A Paranormal's Love: Book Eighteen

Into the Paranormal World: A little holiday magic can make the world a brighter place.

Grigoris has spent over six hundred years alone. As a gargoyle who lives away from most of society this isn't surprising. Sure, he's had his clutch-mates and his work, but he's never truly had someone to share it with. When Aaden Hauser, a young black human sneaks into his garage, attempting to locate a friend and warn him of trouble, Grigoris instantly realizes the skittish male is his mate. While they enjoy a brief interlude, his sneaky human slips away. Grigoris uses a mutual friend to track him down and to learn more about him. In the process, he discovers something disturbing about the young male's family. Grigoris realizes, although he's the last person to rouse holiday cheer, his young mate needs it now more than ever. Can Grigoris figure out how to not only woo his wary human, but lift his spirits enough to accept that change can bring unexpected joy?

Excerpt - The Gargoyle's Holiday Cheer

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Just as Aaden’s fingertips touched the knob, a strong thick arm wrapped around his torso, forcing his arms to his sides. He felt something cold and sort of pointed press against his throat. Whoever pressed up behind him from back to thigh was just as big as the huge arm implied.

Aaden gasped, freezing in the man’s grip. The pressure to his throat caused a spike of fear to slice through him and his blood ran cold. His gaze riveted on the door he’d been planning to open.

“Let go of the doorknob, human,” a deep rough voice ordered.

While Aaden thought the wording was damn odd, he immediately obeyed. “P-Please don’t hurt me.” He couldn’t help but whisper the pleading words.

He could hear the big male breathing behind him. It felt as if something sharp scraped lightly across his t-shirt covered abdominals just inside his open jacket. While he felt a tremble work through him at the sensation, he wasn’t entirely certain it was from the same source as his fear.


“Tell me why you are sneaking onto the estate through the garage, handsome man,” the deep voice commanded. “Speak truthfully and no harm will come to you.”

Figuring it would be best not to press his luck by asking for a promise, although the words were on the tip of his tongue, Aaden realized his best bet was to just tell the truth.

After gulping almost loud enough to hear, Aaden whispered, “My name is Aaden Hauser. I’m a friend of Andre Capston. I came here to warn him about his parents.” He hesitated an instant, then hurriedly added, “I tried calling him a few times, but his phone keeps going to voicemail. I wanted to make certain he was here, that he’s safe.”

Aaden’s heart thundered in his chest as he listened to the huge man holding him hum softly. Feeling something slide along the column of his neck, Aaden jolted in the man’s grip when he realized it was the man’s nose. Goose bumps broke out over his skin.

What the hell was the guy doing?

“I believe you,” the man responded huskily, removing whatever he held against him away from his neck. It felt cylindrical as he continued to hold it in his palm, which he rested against Aaden’s neck, his unusually sharp-feeling nails stroking the skin of his neck. “But why didn’t you just buzz at the gate and ask?”

Aaden’s mind blanked. He drew his brows together as he responded oh-so-eloquently, “Uuuuhh.”

The man holding him chuckled, the deep sound causing his chest to press more firmly against Aaden’s back. “Rushed head long into it, did you?” the man rumbled, sounding amused. “We’ll have to work on your knee-jerk reactions.” While Aaden’s mind reeled at the guy’s words as he continued in a bemused tone, “Although, rushing to aid a friend is admirable. Now, tell me about the problem with his parents, then I will find someone to locate Sumak and Andre.”

“C-Can I, uh, will you let me go?” Aaden requested, his skin beginning to tingle everywhere the man touched him, causing confusion to muddle his mind. “I promise I won’t try to run or anything.”

The big man behind him chuckled once more. “You can’t promise that until you see me,” he stated. “And I’m not ready for you to see me, so I’m not letting you go just, yet.”

That caused Aaden to attempt to turn his neck, curiosity filling him. What exactly did the man look like that had him so concerned? Unfortunately, his holder tightened his grip on his neck, his nails digging in a little, creating a sting that sent tingles down his neck to his chest, causing his nipples to bead. Aaden returned his focus to straight ahead.

“Now then,” the man continued, his grip loosening again. “My name is Grigoris. I’m the mechanic for the estate. You are Aaden Hauser, friend of Andre. You will tell me what happened with Andre’s parents that sent you running here.”

Aaden began to nod, then thought better of the move. He licked his bottom lip and swallowed, getting moisture to his dry throat. “Andre’s dorm room is a few doors down from mine. I noticed his door was cracked, but since I’d just talked to him in the locker room, I knew he wasn’t there, so I looked in,” he explained swiftly. “I saw Andre’s parents and brother. They were talking about kidnapping him when he returned to the room, since Andre refused to join them for a family dinner unless they accepted his boyfriend, Sumak. They talked about taking him to one of those places that supposedly cures gays. I wanted to warn Andre.”

Grigoris growled softly, the noise sounding mean. “It’s been a few months since they sent a man to kidnap him from this very garage,” he stated. “I’d wondered if they’d given up, but it seems they haven’t. Andre’s being guarded, you know,” he shared. “He never would have been kidnapped, but your actions do show your loyalty.”

“H-He’s being guarded?” Aaden asked, confused. Then the first part of Grigoris’s comment registered. “His parents already sent someone to kidnap him? He never told me!”

“What goes on here stays here, Aaden,” Grigoris claimed. “So I’m not surprised. Now, I am going to turn you and walk you into the back to the work bench. Got it?”

Aaden nodded on instinct. It was a good thing Grigoris was already in the process of pulling his hand away. He only received the slightest of scratches for his trouble.

“Why are your nails so sharp?” Aaden asked, the words out of his mouth before he could think better of them. “Or, um, are you wearing gloves or something?”

Grigoris slid the hand on Aaden’s stomach to his hip, then with gentle pressure, urged him to turn. “Those are my claws, Aaden,” he answered as he placed his other hand on the small of his back and pushed, starting Aaden moving in the direction he wanted him to go. “Not a glove.”

While Aaden kept his focus forward, he couldn’t help sweeping his gaze over the garage. It was an impressive space. Still, he had trouble focusing on it upon hearing Grigoris’s claim.

Claws? What the hell?