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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Hand of Pestilence

A Loving Nip: Book Twenty-Two

Just a little Love Bite: When his brother offers him an opportunity at companionship, Pestilence must decide if he wants to take on the responsibility of repairing two broken souls.

Aiden Rolston has loved Garrett Morrison from the moment he met the vampire. Unfortunately, Fate didn’t make him Garrett’s beloved—his soul mate. He knows that eventually, he’ll lose him—either to old age or to someone of Fate’s choosing. Aiden certainly didn’t think it would be to murder—his own.

Garrett’s coven master always warned them not to get too attached to donors. That doesn’t stop him from losing his heart to sweet Aiden, and he’s the only human he’s fed from in almost three years. Garrett knows the man isn’t his beloved, but he just can’t bring himself to look at or to touch another. Then…he fails him.

The Horseman of Pestilence finds the bonds his brothers—War and Death—created with their chosen ones fascinating. Their men make his brothers happy and give them companionship. Pestilence finds himself longing for the same thing, so he tells Death. When Death returns with an opportunity to create a bond with a dying human and a guilt-riddled vampire, he doesn’t have long to make a choice. Can Pestilence convince the broken pair to give a bond between them a chance?

Excerpt - The Hand of Pestilence

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.


    “Come on, gorgeous.” Garrett tugged him from the suite, allowing him to close the door behind him. “If I don’t get you out of here now, I’m going to talk you into skipping dinner.”

    Aiden laughed. “I’d be amenable.”

    Growling, Garrett rumbled, “You’re such a minx.” He bent and pecked a quick kiss to Aiden’s lips before continuing them forward. “One of many things I love about you.”

    Gasping, Aiden stumbled to a stop.

    Garrett paused and helped steady him. “Aiden? You okay?”

    “Y-You love me?” Aiden’s heart thundered in his chest.

    Sighing, Garrett nodded. “I hadn’t intended to tell you like this, but you scramble my brain but good at times.” He placed their threaded fingers on his chest and smiled down at Aiden. “Yeah, sweetheart. I love you.” His expression turned troubled. “I know you’re not my beloved, but I’m not looking for that person, either. You realize that. Right?”

    Aiden hesitated.

    That must have been answer enough, for Garrett sighed again. After pressing another kiss to Aiden’s lips, he once more started them forward. “Let’s talk over dinner,” he stated. “That’s when I’d intended to discuss my feelings anyway.”

    Nodding, Aiden walked beside Garrett in silence. Once they made it to the vampire’s SUV, he blurted out, “You might not be looking, but you never know when Fate will bring that person along.” Aiden reached over and gripped Garrett’s wrist. “I know what happens, Garrett. The taste of my blood will begin to sour. You’ll crave that other person.”

    Garrett growled under his breath.

    Squeezing Garrett’s wrist a little, Aiden admitted, “I love you, too, Garrett.” When the vampire whipped his head around and stared at him with shock in his eyes, he shrugged. “I’ll take you for however long Fate will let me have you. And when the time comes, yes, I’ll be broken-hearted, but I always went into this with my eyes wide open, Garrett.”

    Resting his free hand over where Aiden gripped his wrist, Garrett whispered hoarsely, “I don’t know why Fate didn’t choose you to be my beloved, Aiden.”

    Shrugging, Aiden had no response to that.

    With a sigh, Garrett released him and started the vehicle. As he drove, he commented, “So, we’re in agreement. Fate’s an idiot, we love each other, and we’re going to stay together for as long as we can.”

    Aiden chuckled, although he couldn’t keep some of his sadness out of the sound.

    “Move in with me,” Garrett demanded. “Into my suite.”

    “Wh-What?” Aiden squeaked.

    Garrett shrugged. “It’s unorthodox, sure, but I want to know you’re sleeping in my bed when I have an overnight shift.”

    His mind reeling, Aiden scrambled for a way to respond.


    “Um, will Master Condor even allow that?”

    “If he doesn’t, we’ll transfer to a coven that will.”

    Gaping, Aiden couldn’t believe what he’d just heard. “Really?”

    Garrett glanced at him before refocusing on the road. “As a heart attack.”

    “O-Okay.” Aiden’s heart swelled with excitement.

    Reaching over, Garrett took Aiden’s hand in his own and squeezed, a smile on his face.

    Fate, please be kind and give me another couple of decades before you give Garrett his beloved.

    Aiden knew it was a selfish thought, but he couldn’t help himself.

    After reaching the restaurant, while Aiden slid from the SUV’s seat, his bladder twinged. He took Garrett’s hand and grinned happily when the vampire opened the door for him. To his surprise, Garrett had made a reservation, and the hostess led them to a romantic location in the back.

    When Garrett held Aiden’s chair for him, he smiled and held up his hand. “I need a minute in the men’s room. Be right back.”

    Garrett’s dark eyes smoldered as he smiled back at him. “Need help?”

    Laughing, Aiden shook his head. If Garrett joined him in the bathroom, he knew exactly what would happen.

    “Maybe next time.”

    Smirking, Garrett winked. “I’ll order us a bottle of wine to celebrate.”

    After nodding, Aiden hurried down the hall. He stepped inside the space and hustled to a urinal. Relieving himself with a sigh, he barely acknowledged the door opening to allow another into the room.

    “Don’t bother doing those up,” a gruff voice stated.

    Whipping his head around, Aiden gaped at the stranger. His blood ran cold when he saw the way the blond man licked one of his pointed canines. He shivered as he watched the guy’s irises bleed red.

    Frozen to the spot, Aiden couldn’t move as the strange vampire stalked toward him.

    “If you can service that other vampire, you can damn well service me, donor.” Then he reached for his fly.

    Finally finding his voice, Aiden screamed Garrett’s name, but the vampire was already on him.