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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Now Available on Kindle Unlimited!

The Substitute Omega

Dragons In Our Time: Book One

When a not-so-simple task goes awry, an uneducated omega must learn fast...and decide what he's going to do with his new education.

All Abraham was supposed to do was deliver a cup of tea to Gary, the human tribute meant to spend the next week with master dragon, Xargos Inyada. Instead, he discovers him gone, leaving only a note behind. Abraham's boss charges him with sharing the disturbing news with Master Inyada. Having no choice, he obeys. Within seconds of meeting the sexy dragon in human skin, Abraham finds himself aroused beyond almost all reason. Xargos explains it's because Abraham is an omega, and he's an alpha in rut. Abraham knows he should head out the door. Except, he doesn't want to walk away from the bliss the master dragon offers. Is he willing, however, to pay the price required for discovering what he's been missing all his life?

Reader Advisory: This short story was originally offered during the 2020 Heart of the Beast Valentine's Give-Away. No significant changes have been made.

Excerpt - The Substitute Omega

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Why did he run away?

    Abraham pushed his rambling thoughts from his mind when he reached Master Inyada’s suite. He’d never actually met the dragon. In truth, he’d been ordered away from this area of the castle by Zenith, who handled the hiring for the estate.

    Maybe I should have located Zenith and told him of Gary’s desertion as opposed to taking the tea back to the kitchens and telling Fringres. Now I’m going against the second-in-command.


    Still, Abraham had to admit, he was curious about his master. From the occasional glimpses out the window and spotting him landing or taking off, Abraham knew the creature was a deep blue color in his dragon form with black wings, horns on his head, and matching spikes on his tail.

    He’d heard people claim his human form was fine, too, with thick brown hair, lightly bronzed skin, and—like every dragon—a muscular body. His eyes were rumored to be a piercing emerald green. Some said that the only ugly dragons were red ones…but that was because of the scarring on their bodies due to their love of dueling and the hungry, feral expression they were said to always wear.

    That curiosity was what urged Abraham to open the door and slip inside the room, closing it behind himself. He took up a position just to the left of the door, tipping his head down as he gazed surreptitiously around the room. The suite appeared to be a very nicely appointed living space with a stone hearth fireplace, a huge recliner, and a couple of comfortable-looking ottomans. There was even a fur rug, which could have been a bear skin, and a moose head hung over the fireplace.

    However, the room was empty.

    Unease filled Abraham. He really, really didn’t want to stray further into the suite—especially not invited. Still, he needed to give Master Inyada the news.

    Screwing up his courage, Abraham called, “Master Inyada?”

    Okay, so his voice came out a soft murmur.

    Abraham swallowed hard, trying to get moisture to his dry throat. He sucked in a slow breath, then let it back out again, just as slowly. His attempt at slowing his pulse failed miserably.

    “Who are you?”

    Abraham nearly jumped out of his skin upon hearing the deep, rumbling voice. He jerked his head up for just an instant, then returned his gaze to the floor. Still, that quick peek had been enough.

    No description that Abraham had heard did Master Inyada justice. Of course, it could have been because the man wore the thinnest of sleep pants in a pale blue color. His broad shoulders and muscular torso tapered to a trim waist. No chest hair marred his defined pectorals or six pack abdominals.

    Abraham’s body instantly responded to that small glimpse.

    To Abraham’s everlasting embarrassment, he felt his blood heat and flow south. Even as he willed away the plumping in his dick, it didn’t work. The visual of the long, thick, clearly outlined erection in the pale blue silk pants—which hid absolutely nothing—was just too mouth-watering.

    “Don’t make me ask again,” Master Inyada ordered.

    Lowering to his knees, Abraham figured any bad news should be given from a subservient position. “Please, forgive me, Master,” he murmured. “My name is Abraham, Master. I’m a server in your kitchens.”

    “And what are you doing here, Abraham?”

    Abraham felt the hairs at the back of his neck stand on end upon hearing his name from his master’s lips. “I-I don’t know what happened,” he gasped out. “When I went to get Mister Gary from his room, he wasn’t there. The room was empty. I notified my boss, Head of the Kitchen Fringres,” he continued, hurriedly, doing his best to explain everything before the master crushed him like a bug. “He had people search the grounds, but…they couldn’t find him,” he finally finished on a squeak. “I-I’m so sorry.”

    Abraham nibbled his bottom lip as he waited for the master’s response…and prayed. He heard the soft swish of footsteps on carpet. Then two masculine feet—which shouldn’t have been handsome but were—appeared in his line of sight. The toes were straight, and the nails were blunt and clean.

    Shit. I must truly be an idiot to be thinking these things when I’m probably about to be fired! Or worse…

    When Master Inyada’s large hand cupped his jaw, goose bumps broke out on Abraham’s neck and chest, causing his nipples to bead. Giving in to his master’s urging, he tipped his head up. He still kept his eyelids shuttered, focusing his gaze on the man’s navel…he was definitely not staring at the hard cock outlined in the thin pants.

    “Look at me.”

    Abraham responded instantly. He peered up at Master Inyada and found himself snared by the male’s deep green eyes. His master’s intensely feral gaze caused a tingle of awareness to thrum through Abraham, and his nipples ached while his cock thickened further.