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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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The Wolf Biker's Mate

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Ten

As a retired, gay military man, owner of a bike repair shop, and a wolf shifter, Kade McGraw is comfortable with who and what he is. When Kade does a favor for his adopted sister, Theresa, he discovers his mate is joining them, as the date of Theresa's friend. The fact that Tom is human and knows nothing about the existance of shifters is only one of many hurdles. His mate doesn't want to admit he's gay, and Kade finds himself fighting for his future even as Tom fights the mate-pull.

A straight-laced marketing executive, Tom doesn't understand his attraction to the tattooed, pierced biker with the burning green eyes and sensual smile. Tom is so deep in the closet, he may as well be chained there. But Kade turns up at the oddest times, and somehow he seems to know every one of Tom's hidden desires, turning his body against him. It doesn't matter how much Tom likes it, though, because he has family obligations that don't include revealing his sexuality.

Can Kade convince Tom that he can help him and his family? Or will Tom fold under the pressure?

Excerpt - The Wolf Biker's Mate

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    The sly look Theresa gave Kade, and Kade’s consequent eye roll, spelled trouble. “What’s your favorite football team?”

“Green Bay Packers,” Tom answered warily.

That had Kade slamming his beer onto the table. Good thing it was nearly empty already, or he would have made quite the mess. “What!?! How can you root for that sham of a team?” he snapped, leaning one elbow on the table as he frowned at Tom. “They pawned off Favre on us and it's done nothing but bring us down! Someone greased some palms there. I just know it,” he said, dropping his fist to the table to add emphasis to his words.

Tom curled his lip. “Sure palms were greased, because the Vikings could never beat the Packers while Favre was playing for them,” he stated, adding a negligent shrug just because he knew it would irritate the man further.

“They most certainly are not,” Kade snarled, leaning even further across the expanse of the table.

His blood zinged through his veins. Excitement coursed through him and his dick throbbed as Tom enjoyed the heated argument with the sexy man. That thought caught him up short. After swallowing hard to get his racing pulse under control, Tom settled back into his seat and smirked. “Superbowl wins say it all, Kade.”

Kade opened his mouth to reply, but Patricia huffed. “As if any of that’s important.” She turned her attention to Theresa and said, “How can men spend so much time arguing about that stuff?”

Irritation coursed through Tom that the woman he was entertaining the idea of proposing to could dismiss football so easily. To his surprise, Kade actually grinned, settled back in his seat, and turned to look at Theresa in expectation of her answer.

Theresa finished chewing the chip she’d just put in her mouth. After carefully wiping her mouth with a napkin she replied, “Sorry, Kade. Tom makes a valid point. Packs have won four superbowls. Vikings, zilch.”

Seeing the mock shock on Kade’s face was worth any price as he sputtered about betraying the family. Tom leaned over and pecked a chaste kiss to Patricia’s cheek. “See, sweetie? Some women enjoy sports.” Tom knew he’d never change her mind when he saw the look of disgust on her face.

He gave a mental shrug and turned back to the man across the table, wondering if he had any more words on the subject. To his utter shock, he found Kade was giving him a look of angry, feral possession so hot, Tom actually felt a drop of pre-cum ooze from his erection.

Kade’s deep green eyes narrowed, and for a second, he seemed to lift his nose and inhale, as if scenting the air. Then the big man turned to look at their approaching waiter, and the moment was gone. Tom felt a shiver run down his spine, but he wasn’t certain if it was attraction or fear.

And the jealousy he felt seeing the flirting that passed between Kade and Phil made no sense. Even if Tom could admit that he wanted to be the one to trace the outline of the tattoos partially hidden by Kade’s short sleeves, he’d never act on it.

For the remainder of the meal, Tom focused on his date, his food, and making certain he mostly spoke with the women. Still, he couldn’t help noticing when Phil slipped Kade his phone number written on the back of a receipt. Nor, could he figure out why it pissed him off so much when Kade returned the much younger man’s smile and even winked at him.

All Tom wanted to do was get home and forget this date ever happened. Instead, once they made it to the parking lot, the women seemed to gather around Kade’s motorcycle for their last good-byes. Kade had agreed to drop Theresa off at home, since Tom had picked her up.

Kade strapped on a pair of leather chaps which clung to his legs and ass in the most delicious of ways, then he swung his leg over his bike and grinned at them all. “You sure you don’t want a short ride, Patricia? Nothing like the power of a Harley between your thighs,” he said, holding up a second helmet.

He may have been talking to Patricia, but Tom couldn’t help noticing the way Kade’s gaze slid over him. There was no way Kade could miss the erection filling Tom’s jeans, and Tom didn’t miss the heat in the biker’s eyes.

“Oh, no. Motorcycles are really not my thing,” Patricia answered, shaking her head.

I’d love a ride, and not just on your motorcycle.

The thought slipped through his mental guard, making Tom struggle to keep from blushing. Somehow, from the way Kade lifted a brow, Tom just knew the man knew what Tom was thinking. Damn!

Adult Excerpt - The Wolf Biker's Mate

    Somehow, as if reading his thoughts, Kade moved a step toward him, closing the distance between them. He dropped his head down a bit and growled into Tom’s ear, “And I came to see you, Tom.”

The heat of the man’s breath against the shell of his ear had his cock thickening in his slacks. He couldn’t move, couldn’t think, as all the blood in his body flowed south. Kade’s lips brushed against his neck, caressing lightly. He could smell the dark musk of man on the guy’s skin and Tom’s dick oozed a bead of pre-cum. A whimper of need escape Tom’s throat.

The sound acted like a bucket of ice water to the face, and Tom jerked away from Kade. Hangers dug into his back and he spun sideways, putting distance between himself and the man who was so dangerous to Tom’s libido. How the hell could I forget that cameras are everywhere in here?

“Cut that shit out,” he snarled, glancing around nervously.

Kade cocked his head, his deep green eyes narrowing. The smile grew slightly. “But you enjoy it so much, Tom,” he seemed to purr, his gaze dropping to the bulge outlined in Tom’s slacks.

His cheeks heated. It didn’t matter how right Kade was, he did not need this right now. Somehow, he had to explain his position to the exasperating man, but he sure as hell couldn’t tell him in the middle of the store. “Come with me,” he snapped.

Turning, he forced himself to stride calmly through the store. He knew the big man followed, not just from the sound of his long-legged strides and biker boots thumping on the floor behind him, but from the heat caused by how close he stayed behind him. Tom led Kade to his office.

He heard the door click closed behind him, locking him in with the big man. Suddenly, the walls closed in on him and the room seemed to shrink. Maybe bringing him to his office wasn’t such a good idea. His fears were confirmed when Kade’s heat pressed against his back and strong muscle-corded arms wrapped around him, one around his shoulders and chest, the other around his waist.

“You’re right,” Kade’s voice rumbled. “This is so much better.”

Tom shook his head. “This isn’t why I brought you here,” he forced out. It took everything in him not to melt against the man and give in to the lust coursing through his body.

Kade nuzzled the back of his neck then started nibbling down the tendons of his neck. Tom groaned, unable to stop himself from tilting his head and offering the other man more room. “You’ve gotta stop,” he said with a moan.

“Nooo,” Kade crooned. “We both like it too much.” To prove his point, he slid the hand that was around Tom’s waist to his thigh and used his thumb to caress the side of Tom’s hard dick through his pants. While he did that, Kade gently bumped his groin against Tom’s ass, rubbing his own erection against his backside.

Tom let out the groan he’d been fighting and finally pressed back against the man. “I can’t,” he stated, even as his actions were at odds with his words. “I’m not out. I’m going to marry a woman.”

“Jared’s sister?” Kade asked with a chuckle. Tom grunted his confirmation. “No, you’re not. You’re going to be mine.”

The man’s confidence was sexy and stimulating, but also pissed Tom off. Still, he couldn’t force his body to pull out of the man’s arms. The man’s touch felt too good. His thumb as it slid along his dick had his words coming out breathy with longing. “Not yours. Not gay.”

“Ah, gonna play that card, are you?” The purring, chuckled question sent more warm breath ghosting over the skin of his neck already moistened by Kade’s kisses.

Tom hissed in appreciation. Fuck, the man knew how to seduce someone. “You’re much too tense, Tom,” Kade whispered, resuming his kisses. “You need some relief. I can help you with that. All you have to do is ask.”

As he spoke, one big hand smoothed over his chest, grazing his nipples. The other cupped his inner thigh, pressing the flesh of his hand against Tom’s balls and the man’s thumb massaged the soft, sensitive tissue at the base of Tom’s dick. It was the most delicious stimulation his body had felt in years, ever since he’d returned from college and had to put aside his desires. Damn it to hell, Tom wanted to give in so badly.

Tears sprang to his eyes as he gripped the edge of his desk with both hands. “I can’t. Oh, god, I can’t,” he moaned.