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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Unfortunately, this is not currently available.

When that changes, I will update links.

Tumbling Hair & Bread Crumbs

A Twisted Fairy Tales Story

When two Fairytales Meet: While searching for a missing person, you could meet someone you didn’t know you were looking for.

Hansel Lorain has been close with his sister, Gretel, ever since escaping a witch when they were children. When she begins disappearing for hours at a time, he pressures her into telling him where she’s going and why. To Hansel’s surprise, Gretel is visiting a woman trapped in a tower. He leaves his sister to her friendship, but when she doesn’t come home one evening, he fears he made the wrong decision. After all, who had trapped the woman in the first place? Heading to the tower to find Gretel, Hansel instead runs across Jory Marable…and the handsome man’s blade. After a scuffle, Hansel is forced to admit why he’s there, and he learns that Jory is after a witch. Fearing for his sister’s well-being, he agrees to team up with the man. When Hansel discovers the attraction he feels for Jory is mutual, he has a decision to make. Can he enjoy a short partnership with benefits, keep his heart intact, and find his missing sister?

Excerpt - Tumbling Hair & Bread Crumbs

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Sifting through the grass, Hansel came up with a white, oval stone. He held it up, frowning at it. Memories flooded his mind as recognition filled him. He and his sister had used rocks like this one before…years before when they were kids.

“Drop the rock, stand up, and turn around.”

Hearing the deep voice behind him, Hansel froze. He grimaced upon realizing his sister’s disappearance had caused him to lose focus. Dangerous on a good day, but with a missing sister to find, he didn’t have time for delays.

Hansel tossed the rock back to the grass, then slowly rose to his feet. Keeping his hands open and close to his sides, he obeyed. He turned to face the highwayman, ready to pull his dagger and throw it at…the sexiest fucking man he’d ever seen.

Just managing to keep from drooling, Hansel swept his gaze over the muscular blond. He took in the male’s broad shoulders, thickly muscled, lightly scarred, bronze limbs. His leather leggings appeared to be form-fitted to his long legs. Even the leather armor he wore somehow managed to accentuate his defined pectorals.

Upon seeing the sword held in the male’s hand, Hansel gave himself a mental slap upside the head. He focused on the stranger’s face. The man sported a light growth on his chin and the dust in his short hair told of his extended travel.

One thing his fine clothing betrayed, however, was that this guy was not a highwayman.

Okay. Who is he, then?

“You have me at a disadvantage,” Hansel murmured, engaging his big brain. “I see from your garb that you are not a highwayman.” He smirked and shrugged. “Unless you’re an extremely well-dressed one.”

“I am not a highwayman,” the man confirmed. “But that doesn’t explain why you are creeping around this tower.” He scowled, levering his sword more steadily between them. “Are you a mercenary of Rayon’s, too?”

Hansel’s lips tightened. “I don’t know anyone named Rayon,” he answered honestly. “And I’m not creeping.”

“You certainly looked like you were creeping,” the man stated. Lifting the sword, he brought it to Hansel’s throat. “If you’re not working for Rayon, then who are you, and what are you doing at his mistress’s tower?”

Scowling, Hansel growled. “Funny. My memory goes a little fuzzy when there’s a sword at my throat.”

As Hansel spoke, he arched backward. With a bend of his knees and a hop, he flipped backward twice. Feeling the whoosh of the blade swish over his groin, he grimaced and moved faster. Hansel did a third flip, just to put a little more room between them.

Straightening, Hansel pulled his dagger. He brought up his arm just in time to catch his blade on the attacking stranger’s sword. Blocking the blow, he slid his knife down the weapon’s blade. His dagger struck the hilt-guard.

Hansel saw the blade swinging toward his chest as he felt the weight of the man’s impressive strength. The man’s arm muscles weren’t just for show. He quickly moved back a few steps and a couple to the side, trying to round the larger man.

Perhaps I can run.

While Hansel hated fleeing, he knew when an opponent was stronger than himself. This guy, this swordsman, definitely fit that description. He was broader and more heavily muscled and obviously knew how to use the blade he wielded.

On the defensive, Hansel barely managed to keep from being skewered…several times. He searched for an opening to force the guy back a step, hoping to give himself the opportunity to run, but he couldn’t find it. The blond was too good.

Hansel’s luck finally ran out. He parried a sword strike, ducking under the slightly altered trajectory of the swing, and tripped over a loose paving stone that some root must have shifted over the years. Losing his balance, he went down.

Pain spiked through Hansel’s knees when they hit the stone pathway first. The vines and grass cutting between stones did little to soften his fall. He just managed to get his forearms on the stone first, saving his face. Unfortunately, the jolt resulted in him losing his dagger…and any opportunity to escape.

Hansel instinctively rolled to his back, searching for the swordsman. The big male stared down at him with a cold, hard gaze. He once again pointed his sword toward Hansel’s throat.

“Your desire to flee does not instill me with confidence in your trustworthiness,” the swordsman stated, tapping his sword against Hansel’s chest. “Perhaps this time you’d like to answer my questions.” His deep blue eyes narrowed as he added, “Of course, if you don’t think you have anything useful to share, maybe I should just slit your throat and put you out of your miserable existence now.”

Licking his lips slowly, Hansel racked his brain. Too bad the sweat gleaming on the sexy fucker’s arms made it difficult to think. He wanted to lick it off of him in the worst way. Even his dick decided to thicken at his thoughts.

Wait…maybe there was an idea. He couldn’t fight him. He couldn’t run. Maybe he could distract him.

Hansel decided to blame it on the fact all his blood was rushing to his dick, because he swept his gaze over the man’s body appreciatively and said something he probably shouldn’t have.

“It’s a real shame you think I’m your enemy, because the things I could do to your body would blow your mind.”