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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

Hiding in plain sight - Wolves of Stone Ridge

M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance

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Werewolf at the Zoo

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book One

While in wolf form, poachers sold Rainy MacDougal’s brother to the zoo. Rainy scouts the area, planning a rescue mission, and gets a whiff of the most intoxicating scent. A man. Travis Carlyle. His mate. But he quickly finds out that before he can claim the handsome veterinarian, Rainy has to convince Travis that he’s worth coming out of the closet for.

Travis leads a quiet, discreet life, avoiding any situation that could possibly out him to his family. After so many years alone, Travis finds the love, affection, and acceptance Rainy offers him too hard to resist. But just when he decides Rainy might be worth the persecution of revealing his sexuality, he discovers Rainy has been keeping secrets. A lot of secrets. Read More

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Alpha's Prerogative

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Two

Declan McIntire is the alpha of the Stone Ridge pack. Because he's been unmated for over a century, he's had the mothers of his pack parading their daughters under his nose for decades. He rejects them all, hiding his preference for the hard plains of a male over the soft curves of a female. When he scents his mate at a clan BBQ, he's ecstatic to discover it's a cute, sexy male named Lark Trystan. He's even more shocked to find out Lark not only knows about shifters, but has been comfortably interacting with his pack for months. But Declan quickly realizes that even though Lark doesn't care that he's a werewolf, his large size and dominant personality will be a problem.

Lark thinks shifters are amazing. Their ability to change into a sentient animal coupled with... Read More

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Accepting His Animal

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Three

Doctor Gordon Digby came to Stone Ridge to help rescued shifters heal from time abused by poachers. Finding a mate wasn’t even a blip on his radar. Fate throws a wrench in his plans in the form of sexy tiger shifter Grady Stryker. The man sets Gordon’s blood on fire and scrambles his senses. But Grady’s a detective, and the good doctor has secrets he doesn’t want revealed, including his own animal’s transgressions.

Detective Grady Stryker believes finding your fated mate is the greatest gift a shifter can receive, so he doesn’t understand Gordon’s reticence. Until a friend gives him a little insight into Gordon’s past. Read More

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Accepting His Human

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Four

Crypto Zoologist Drake Whitton works as a genetics professor at Collin City College while he figures out how to remove the eccentric label from his name, given to him by his peer's response to his last paper on the existence of the chupacabra. He thinks he's found the opportunity he needs when a private firm asks him to dissect and analyze a new DNA strand, and he discovers it contains both human and reptilian characteristics. His plans are derailed when his car gets hijacked by a detective on the run, his home gets broken into by people from the corporation he'd been doing research for, and he gets seduced by the doctor assigned to the hijacker's case.

Doctor Ailean Carmichael never expects to find a mate, let alone a human one, but he's willing to take what Fate gives him. After all, not all humans are like his late foster parents, right? Read More

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Finding Balance

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Five

Todd Abernathy spent three weeks in a cage. Experimented on by scientists, he retreated deep into his wolf to survive. The night of his rescue, the scent of his mate was the only thing that convinced him to return to human form. Small for a wolf shifter, it didn’t surprise Todd when his brother, Phillip, insisted on joining the local wolf pack with him. His larger younger brother had felt responsible for him since puberty. But Phillip couldn’t help him find the mate he’d scented, and when Todd finally figured out that Detective Lyle Sullivan was the man he was searching for, the human had been captured by the same men who’d experimented on Todd.

Lyle’s escape almost comes too late, because the experiments done to him scramble his DNA, nearly killing him. Read More

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Goading the Enforcer

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Six

Jared Templeton returned to Colin City for one reason, to make it through his sister's wedding. After that he wanted to return home in Massachusetts and go back to his blessed solitude and his life as an assassin. He didn't plan on attending a viewing for a deceased mentor, agreeing to help his shifter friend rescue a blind man, or learning that he had a shifter mate. A male shifter mate. He'd never been attracted to a man before, but he couldn't deny that he lusted after this one. And he had no clue what to do about it, or how he could fit the wolf shifter into his life if he did give into his desires.

Carson Angeni is the enforcer for the Stone Ridge wolf pack. He's followed his alpha's commands and obeyed him without question, even to the point of taking lives to ensure the safety of his pack. Read More

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Through Dagus's Eyes

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Seven

Dagus Whitton is tired of being controlled. After his brother Drake moved in with his shifter mate, Dagus had felt a great sense of accomplishment at finally living on his own, especially considering his blindness. But that was before being kidnapped by scientists bent on using him as a bargaining chip against the shifters living in the area. Now he struggles being alone, but hates always having someone watching over him. He’d had his life neatly in hand and just wants to get that feeling of contentment back. Discovering a mate has its pros and cons, and Dagus isn’t certain he’s ready for more drama.

Brad Nadeau never thought he’d find a mate, since his homophobic father filled his head with the belief that Fate didn’t grant them to gay shifters. Read More

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Loving the Enemy

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Eight

Miach Coleman can't believe the turn his life has taken. He'd worked hard to take control of his life after being shoved into foster care when his mother died. The minute he'd turned eighteen, he'd joined the military. Learning that shape-shifters are real and what a threat they could be to humanity, he moved to the private sector, working for the Crystal Lake Corporation. He allowed the scientists to use their research to increase his ability, strength, and healing so he could combat these creatures. Now, having spent three weeks under shifter's care, he's begun to question everything he's learned about them. They treat him far better than the scientists treat shifters. No experiments. No neglect. No torture.

It took Nick Greely three long, sexually frustrated weeks, and a heart-to-heart with his alpha, to admit that Miach might be his mate. Read More

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Casey's Love Bite

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Nine

Caspian Carpathian is a nearly two centuries old vampire. He's learned to control not only his blood-lust, but his emotions as well. That's how he became the perfect diplomat for the Vampire Council. In an attempt to warn the vampire ahead of time, Caspian is sent to Stone Ridge to learn about the scientists threatening shifters. He's not prepared to come face to face with his beloved. After a rocky start, he discovers that Casey, a small, bunny shifter, fears him and his teeth. Now Caspian has to use every ounce of restraint he can manage and every seductive tactic in his arsenal to win the trust of the one man that completes him.

Casey Streusel is beyond grateful to a number of members of the Stone Ridge wolf pack. After all, they saved him from an almost certain torturous death at the hands of the scientists. Sure, Casey is still extremely skittish and deathly afraid of needles... Read More

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The Wolf Biker's Mate

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Ten

As a retired, gay military man, owner of a bike repair shop, and a wolf shifter, Kade McGraw is comfortable with who and what he is. When Kade does a favor for his adopted sister, Theresa, he discovers his mate is joining them, as the date of Theresa's friend. The fact that Tom is human and knows nothing about the existance of shifters is only one of many hurdles. His mate doesn't want to admit he's gay, and Kade finds himself fighting for his future even as Tom fights the mate-pull.

A straight-laced marketing executive, Tom doesn't understand his attraction to the tattooed, pierced biker with the burning green eyes and sensual smile. Read More

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Kyle's Valiant Hunt

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Eleven

Valiant "Vee" Cotter lives in the middle of Nowhere, Idaho. His life consists of three things, hanging with his best friend Brice, working at a truck stop at the edge of town, and getting persecuted by the local homophobes. All that changes when a sexy trucker, Kyle, takes an interest in him. Kyle convinces him to start a long distance relationship, and Vee finds himself falling hard and fast.

Kyle Rainier's life is taking a detour, literally. When his standard run from Denver to Boise and back has him making an unscheduled stop in a little town on the border of the Idaho National Forest, Kyle's mate runs right into him. Read More

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A Cajun in Colorado

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twelve

Christopher 'Chris' Peterson loses a bet. Now, he has to spend an evening at a straight bar dressed in drag. But don't worry, his friends will be there to protect him. Too bad they do a lousy job of it. His knight in shining armor takes the form of a sexy Cajun, Manon Lemelle. Chris immediately finds himself drawn to the handsome man. Except, Manon thinks Chris is a woman. Still, Chris can't resist accepting a date with him. His friends are right, and it ends in disaster, because Chris finds himself liking Manon entirely too much.

Manon Lemelle's maman warned him that his mate would lead him on a merry chase. Nothing could be truer. When he meets his mate, Chris Richardson, he's introduced to a lovely, slender young woman. Read More

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Catching a Bit of Irish

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirteen

Frederick Reb Drunger is accompanying his alpha and the alpha's mate on vacation. He's one of the wolves charged with protecting them as they all enjoy the sights of Ireland. He never expects to discover his mate is a human friend of the local Iris pack. That should make him easy to claim, right, since Daithi Murphy knows all about shifters. Except, Daithi already has a boyfriend, Evan, who's extremely possessive and not at all happy when Reb wants to get to know his mate. When an Irish goblin targets Reb, can he find the culprit behind the attacks and convince Daithi it's worth uprooting his life and moving to Colorado with him? Read More

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Gustav's Gargoyle Adventure

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fourteen

Gustav Hermance is finally putting his life back together. He's landed a job as a foreman for a construction company; he hasn't suffered a panic attack in months; and he's found an apartment of his own. Gus's hard-earned independence has helped him put the experiments the scientists conducted on him behind him. It brings quiet nights, poker evenings with buddies, and learning to be comfortable with his mated friend's displays of affection. Everything is going well, until he scents something so wonderful, he becomes obsessed with it. Gus thinks he's found his mate, but the guy's scent fades too quickly for him to locate the source. With the help of his buddies, he starts a search of Stone Ridge... Read More

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Choosing His Christmas Miracle

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifteen

Raul Braga is finally ready to admit the reason he's been so distracted of late is because of a man--but not just any man. Raul finds himself attracted to a wolf shifter named Sean Garcia who comes from a pack in Idaho. Even though his buddy has agreed to help him look into the shifter's current whereabouts, Raul doesn't have much faith that a member of the homophobic pack they've had problms with in the past would ever admit to being interested in him, too. Imagine Raul's surprise when Sean shows up on his doorstep.

Sean claims that Raul is his mate, which explains the attraction. Still, Sean didn't come alone. He has his infant girl with him. Sean is the legal guardian for his niece, Lily... Read More

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The Vampire's Special Lover

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Sixteen

Vincent Dobs Marché thought he scented his beloved—his fated one-and-only—at a shifter enforcer challenge months ago. Since rogue shifters killed his mother, bonding with one is the last thing he wants to do. He runs from the knowledge, vowing to live his life alone. Fate has other plans. Slowly, blood from human donors becomes unpalatable to him, until it's easier to go hungry than deal with the taste. When he hits the verge of collapse, his friends step in, forcing him to return to Stone Ridge and give the shifter a chance.

When Dobs meets his beloved, Frankie Drunger, for the first time, the big sexy wolf shifter's blood calls to him. Frankie seems just fine with the idea of Dobs drinking from him, so he gives in to his desire and bites the man. Read More

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Freeing Demitri's Wolf

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Seventeen

Demitri Vinetti knows his parents believe his claim that he's gay is an act of rebellion. But when Demitri scent Kiernan Wabinaw at the diner where he works, and the human keeping coming back again and again, he's certain he's found his mate, a male mate, proving Fate's on his side. Getting advice from friends, Demitri digs deep for courage and asks Kiernan on a date.

Kiernan is shocked and flattered that such a handsome young man would take an interest in him, especially since his forty-fifth birthday is just around the corner. He's been fantasizing about Demitri since first spotting him at the diner a couple of weeks ago, and he's happy to take him up on his offer.

When Kiernan learns... Read More

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Soldier of Fortune's Downfall

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Eighteen

Raven cares about one person: himself--his comfort, his desires, and his freedom to do as he pleases. He's fed up with scientist Sampson Marlow making decisions for him and ready to start a new chapter in his life. One last assignment goes horribly wrong, and he's the one who ends up in a cage...of sorts. Seeing the silent war between the two parties from the shifter's point of view gets his conscience involved--not that he'd ever admit that to anyone. Upon escaping the wolves and returning to the scientist's facility--fully intending to hand over his resignation--Raven finds himself drawn to a small Arctic Fox shifter held captive by the scientists. Although it puts Raven's plans to move on and forget that paranormals exist on the back burner, he can't seem to help himself. Read More

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Just Lion Around

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Nineteen

Valarius Lemusson's pride leaders send him to a shifter gathering in Stone Ridge where various paranormal representatives are discussing the revelation that the government knows about their kind. While there, he enjoys a night at a club and discovers his mate, Brice Gaithers, being attacked in the restroom. He rescues the human and, after filing a police report, takes him back to his room for a night of tender aftercare and sweet seduction.

A surprise meeting with a wolf's mate reveals that Brice already knows about shifters, giving Valarius hope, until he also learns that Brice wants nothing to do with them. He's prepared to give his mate time to accept him, but enemies from his past come stalking, forcing his hand. Can Valarius figure out how to convince Brice... Read More!

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The Mountain Man's Mate

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty

Persecution from Jason Truollo's immediate family becomes too much--his stepfather's backhand to the jaw is the final straw--and he heads toward the only family who had understood when he came out, his Uncle Raul Braga. When he gets there, he's shocked when not only does his uncle welcome him with open arms, but he finds his uncle in a committed relationship...with a man. Not only that, but many of Uncle Raul's friends are gay, too.

Finally, Jason feels like he's found a place he fits in. Even better, he meets a man who pushes all his buttons, Michel McDover, but surely the sexy rugged mountain man can't possibly be gay. Except he is, and he makes his interest in Jason plain. Deciding learning the joys of sex from an older man is perfect, Jason begins a torrid fling... Read More

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Crashing the Comicon

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-One

Sebastian Seb Russo is forced to take a commercial flight to his next assignment since the Vampire Council doesn't have any planes available. His leaders have charged him with assisting the alpha of the wolf shifters in Stone Ridge, Colorado with communications between paranormals and the human government. Except, the one thing that would delay him happens...he discovers his beloved, his soul mate, on that plane. Now, Seb finds himself in Las Vegas, trailing the human Dirk Lemans. His attempts to woo the human are successful, until he makes one too many verbal slips, and he discovers a powerful truth. Dirk thinks Seb is a shifter...and not too long ago, shifters held him captire. Can Seb convince Dirk that not all paranormals are the same? Read More

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The Wolf's Healing Touch

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Two

Having been raised by his godfather--a puma shifter--Edwin Aldridge has always known that paranormal creatures exist. Edwin works as a genetic engineer, attempting to apply a shifter's healing abilities to humans. When Edwin learns that another scientist has done something similar, he looks forward to reviewing his work. Edwin quickly becomes infatuated with Byron, the wolf shifter who delivers the information. Remembering his godfather's stories, Edwin realizes the wolf shifter is his mate. Unfortunately, once Byron learns about Edwin's research, the wolf shifter rejects him.

When Byron Ziegler scents Edwin, he knows the skinny government agent is his mate. He pursues him, eager to learn everything about the human so they can build a life together. Then, Byron learns that Edwin is a scientist... Read More

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Rehabilitating His Dingo

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Three

When wolf shifter Yates Cruner helps save several humans from a dingo shifter pack that had been using them as slaves, he doesn't expect to find his mate among them. Oh, not one of the humans, but one of the surviving dingo shifters who has been beaten and abused just as much as the humans. It seems the dingo pack had one rule...I'm more dominant than you, I can do whatever I want to you. Yates realizes his little mate has a long road of healing ahead, and most of it isn't for physical wounds.

Aryen Fowles learned his place early in life, keep his head down, kneel at the other shifter's feet, and do whatever they ask. If he did that, he could avoid being punished. When a group of strange shifters take over the pack, the rules change. Aryen struggles to understand what's expected of him. Read More

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Trusting His Rat

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Four

Jamie Stratton has never had a serious relationship in his life, hopping from bed to bed, waiting patiently for his mate. Having just hit the three hundred year old mark, the wolf shifter is ecstatic to meet Paolo Muccio. He and Paolo spend one glorious night together, but then Jamie learns of his mate's kink. Swamped by memories he thought buried centuries ago, Jamie panics and runs.

Paolo can't believe his luck. Not only did wolf shifters rescue him, but when they take him back to their pack territory, he meets his mate. The icing on the cake, though, is the fact that Jamie is submissive. In his excitement, Paolo pushes too hard too fast, causing his mate to remember past hurts. Can Paolo not only track down his wayward mate, but prove to Jamie that he can be trusted in all things? Read More

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Drawing Out His Wolf

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Five

Deke Sommers knows staying with his boyfriend is a bad idea. Michael enjoys menages just a little too much and often tries to get Deke to share someone with him. Deke is not interested. He gives Michael permission to occasionally enjoy them on his own as long as he's safe and honest about it. Unfortunately, that's not enough for Michael, and he surprises Deke by inviting a couple of friends to his apartment to play with him.

Deke does the only thing he can...he flees. Calling up his life-long friend, Dirk, who is traveling with his vampire lover, Deke asks for help. Dirk tells him to meet him in Stone Ridge. There, Deke once again sees Luther Caldwell, a wolf shifter he met over lunch in Las Vegas months ago and hasn't been able to get out of his mind since. Except, Luther is straight, or in the closet, isn't he? Read More

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The Vampire's Geek

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Six

Toby Dallow followed his employer, mentor, and friend, Edwin Aldridge, to the small mountain town of Stone Ridge, Colorado. While he'd never begrudge Edwin the bond he has with his wolf shifter mate, Toby longs for something like that of his own. When a handsome stranger picks him up in a grocery store, at first, he thinks it's a joke. Learning the man is sincere, Toby takes advantage. After all, he thinks not too many sexy studs are into overweight science geeks. Read More...

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Happy Furry New Year

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Seven

Rowen St. Paul has watched his friends find their mates for years, waiting patiently for Fate to give him his own. When Wesley O'Connor--a troubled eighteen-year old--is transferred to the school where Rowen teaches history, he's shocked to discover that the senior is his other half. While Rowen realizes quickly that Wesley returns his desire, he plans to keep his least, until the school year is over. All that changes when the young hooligan breaks into his home and messes with his computer. Rowen decides the teenager needs some guidance and is only too happy to donate his time. They begin a steamy affair with one rule...keep it off school grounds. Still, in a small town... Read More

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Paws for Change

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Eight

Derek Sommers is fleeing a bad situation, made worse by foolish decisions from years before. He'd given into his father's demands once and it had cost him a relationship with his brother, Deke. When Derek's father demands he marry a certain woman or be looked over for a promotion, Derek has had enough. He decides to find out if Deke's partner was telling the truth and travels to Stone Ridge in hopes of repairing ties with Deke. Except, even from states away, Derek's father doesn't want to let him go.

Dillan Shoreman travels to Stone Ridge to visit his godson, Edwin. When he nearly takes out a jay-walking human, he discovers the battered human is his mate. Having been alone a long time, Dillan thanks Fate's oddly timed blessing. Read More

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Driving Borscht Batty

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Twenty-Nine

Borscht Kuznetsov is the master of his vampire coven. He likes his donors silent, his people obedient, and his life orderly. When an alarm on the northern outskirts of his property alert him to intruders, he leads the charge to drive the humans from his land. To his surprise, Borscht discovers they were chasing an Egyptian fruit bat. Confused by his sudden onslaught of protectiveness, he realizes the little creature is a shifter...who refuses to shift.

With his only memories that of his time spent in captivity, Sekani doesn't know much. He can't even understand the words of the people around him after he escapes from his prison. Still, one of them smells really good...and the man saved him... Read More

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Pint-Sized Protector

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty

Cayden Rochette works as a negotiator for the Stone Ridge wolf pack. For decades he has worked behind the scenes with his alpha to secure peace for the pack’s future, which often leads to long stretches away from home. After one such assignment, he discovers a cat shifter staying in his house as his brothers’ guest. One sniff is all it takes to realize the small feline is his mate. Still, the Andean mountain cat is a shy shifter recently rescued from years of torture at the hands of scientists. The cat hasn’t even shifted, yet, even after staying with the wolves for weeks. With a little help from the mate-pull, Cayden earns the cat’s curiosity—if not his trust—enough for him to shift, anyway. That opens up a whole new world of questions. Ajax grew up away from shifters and knows little of their ways. Can Cayden convince the solitary shifter of the benefits of staying with him? Read More 

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Paws, Preening, & a Pumpkin Patch

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-One

Hessian Roshburg, Hess to the few he calls friends, loves beer, barroom brawls, and breaking into places he's not supposed to. He also enjoys strolling through the woods--in Kodiak bear form, of course--and scratching his back on trees. While dropping off a stolen file to his friend Dillan, he indulges in one of his favorite pastimes. He visits a gay bar for a few beers and a little dancing. He's shocked when he bumps into his mate, literally, and it's none other than a straight-laced, stick-up-his-ass raven shifter named Gilbert. Hess can't wait to ruffle the guy's feathers. In an effort to figure out what makes the other shifter tick, he digs a little too deep and uncovers a couple of secrets he shouldn't, putting not only his own life in jeopardy... Read More

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Branding an Icy Heart

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Two

Between discovering that two of his brothers have accepted male beloveds and learning his eldest brother is moving their coven to the United States, Aleksei Kuznetsov's world has been turned upside down. He's never been good with change, so he flees his family and what he believes are their unnatural predilections. After several months of soul searching, he's ready to make amends. However, realizing that being gay isn't unnatural and accepting it for his brothers doesn't prepare him for running into Remy Smithson. The human's blood calls to him like he imagines a beloved's should. Can he wrap his mind around what's happening quickly enough, or will he lose the best thing that may have ever happened to him? Read More

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Setting His Owl A-Twitter

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Three

Hector is fresh out of a cage for the first time in his memory. Learning about the world is exciting and scary, and he looks forward to experiencing life. While out having fun with his flock-mates, Hector runs across a human, Rocky, who smells amazing and makes his Scops owl flutter wildly inside his mind. Except, the guy turns down his request to dance. He learns later that Rocky is a bouncer, so he's at the bar working. Wanting to catch him either before or after his shift, Hector begins to regularly frequent the club. Unfortunately, that earns him the reputation of being a party boy, which causes Rocky to keep his distance. The human claims he has responsibilities which a partier wouldn't understand. How can Hector, so new to freedom, convince Rocky... Read More

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For the Love of a Wolf

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Four

Stake Dolan has worked as a firefighter for almost a decade. He knows he's loud, brash, and occasionally abrasive, not that he tries to be. Sometimes, he just blurts stuff out without thinking. His thoughtless words get him in trouble, and the chief orders him to help with the clean-up of some of the local hiking trailheads. At one of them, Dolan meets Cecil Rochette. The friendly man makes a pass at him, but Dolan quickly shuts him down. A few of his fellow firefighters are gay, but he is not. Still, while he doesn't know why, there's something about the guy that arouses him. When Cecil keeps popping up in his path, interrupting his life, he begins to wonder what it'd be like to give in to the mischievous man's advances. Read More

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Needing a Vampire's Aggression

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Five

Vampire Nikolai Kuznetsov enjoys his life of blood drinking and torture. The first he must do to continue living, and the second he does to keep his family safe. Plus, it gives him a chance to play with his knives. He loves his blades, wielding them with elegant precision. At his brothers' urging, Nikolai attends poker night...just to do something that they deem as normal. Finding himself drawn to the blood of a mild-mannered, somewhat reclusive wolf shifter is the last thing Nikolai expects. Except, Parker Jones walks away without giving the slightest indication that he feels the same pull...other than his aroused scent, of course. Nikolai studies Parker, trying to figure out why the shifter... Read More

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Swaying the Marine's Loyalty

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Six

Armand Zeroni wakes up in a strange house. He doesn't know how he ended up there...or even where there is. When he discovers General Jackson Parker from his base inside a room tied to a chair, Armand frees him and escapes with him into the woods. After spending an unprepared night in the cold, he stumbles across a hiker, Zakhar Kuznetsov. The handsome Russian seems mildly familiar, but Armand can't put his finger on why. Zakhar assists with first aid, food, and water, but the general's snide attitude has Armand refusing a ride from the man. Following the Russian's instructions, they make it back to the trailhead...and right into an ambush. Read More

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Cracking the Big Lug's Shell

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Seven

The vampire Vadim Kuznetsov has watched every member of his family find their beloveds--the other halves of their souls. Some were able to connect fairly easily, while others had a rocky road. They all seem happy, though. Vadim wants that for himself but fears it as well. He's a big man, and his anatomy is even larger. So impressive, in fact, that some lovers have complained. What if he hurts his beloved? Joining his family at a restaurant, Vadim's worst fears are realized. He meets his beloved, the human Kendrick Hollister, who turns out to be a small, slender male. The boisterous human is... Read More

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Hunting Season Hijinks

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Eight

Gideon Ruck has been bow hunting the woods of Colorado with his father for nearly two decades. In that time, he's seen an odd thing or three, but he's always kept his mouth shut. After all, he believes what animals do in the world is their own business. Plus, who would he tell? When his father comes down with the flu, he starts the hunting season alone. His first morning out, he sinks two arrows into the biggest buck he's ever seen, but it still takes off. When Gideon finally catches up with the injured animal, he finds not a deer stuck with his arrows, but a man...a naked man. Even with panic spiking through him, Gideon takes one look at the stranger's fine backside and knows he can't walk away. Read More

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The Hated Finn

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Thirty-Nine

Viktor Minsky spent months recovering after having been captured and tortured for information about his friend. While he still bears the scars, he's proud that no matter how they'd beaten and starved him, he'd never caved. After Viktor joins a group of vampires and shifters to free captured shifters, he's charged with tracking down several of the vendors that deliver supplies to the facility. When Viktor stops at the ostrich farm that supplied the meat to the scientists, he meets the owner, Finn O'Riley. Not only is Viktor shocked to discover the man is a shifter, but the scent of Finn's blood causes his mouth to water. He suspects... Read More

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Rediscovering Himself

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty

Drako Rundin had a rude awakening to the paranormal world--holy crap, vampires and shifters are real! Still, he thinks it's pretty cool. After so much time thinking he's weird for being a gay, video-game-loving geek, he finds he's not the only oddball. Accepting his new friends' offer to go to Denver, helping the pair move an ostrich farm in the process, he meets so many more people who are different.

Kwanza learns he’s been in captivity for a long, long time. He’s grateful to the group of friendly paranormals who rescued him and knows they worry about him. While he remembers shifting to human form—decades ago—he struggles to actually do it. The other shifters are patient and accommodating... Read More

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Succumbing to his Nature

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-One

Adisa Derringer has worked for the Shifter Council for over one hundred years. After refusing a councilman's orders, he narrowly avoids losing his enforcer position. Accompanying another councilman as his security is a second chance. Unfortunately, Adisa doesn't agree with why the shifter leader is visiting the pack--to assess the wolf shifter alpha's activities and perhaps remove him as leader of his pack. Adisa approves of the wolf shifter's actions--discreetly fighting the scientists experimenting on their kind. The Shifter Council doesn't see it that way. When Adisa is shown one of... Read More

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Renewing the Fireworks

A Wolves of Stone Ridge Tale

Part of the Sizzling Summer Short Story Collection

Jared Templeton has settled down with his wolf shifter mate, Carson Angeni. For the most part, he's given up his life as an assassin, but he finds other ways to fill his time. When he comes home with the scent of another male on him, Carson shows Jared that he hasn't forgotten what he gave up to be with him. Read More

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Securing the Jackal's Revenge

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Two

Ranger Kinzington just wanted to help his brother, Yannis, out of a jam. To do that, he made a deal with the devil--his boss, Councilman Krakow. Everything goes to hell in a handbasket--fast--and he ends up on the wrong side of a huge pack of wolf shifters...and a demon! Taken to the pack house for questioning, Ranger just knows he's facing certain death. His terror is only exceeded by his sadness that his failure could also mean the death of his brother. To Ranger's shock, his interrogation and torture is interrupted by a stranger--a shifter claiming to be his mate--a shifter who isn't even a wolf. Ashton is an American kestrel shifter--a small raptor who's an alpha... Read More

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A Bit O' Holiday Magick

A Wolves of Stone Ridge Holiday Short Story

Vince Marche hadn't planned to get injured. It was supposed to be a routine inspection, after all. Surely he can find a way to use it to his advantage, right? With a little ingenuity and a lot of help from friends, Vince strives to reassure his wolf shifter beloved, Frankie, and offer him the perfect Christmas present.

Read More

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Enticing his Navy Seal

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Three

When a Shifter Council hearing proves corruption on the council, Councilman Regales Colearian takes it as a personal affront. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he handles all grievances himself. That includes going to Stone Ridge to meet the shifters impacted by the scientists the wolf pack has been fighting against. Once there, he runs across the last person he ever thought he'd meet--his mate, Armand 'Theodore' Conway--who happens to be a human male. Regales learns that Theo knows about paranormals, but has no interest in bonding with one. Theo is a Navy Seal and has seen so much depravity he feels tainted by it. Plus, Theo isn't gay. While Regales... Read More

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Seducing His Brother's Receptionist

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Four

Wendell Burgeon just wanted a hot night in town. Instead, he picks up a stalker...a dangerous one. When his makeup doesn't hide the bruising, a friend at the office jumps to conclusions and tries to cheer him up. Cecil Rochette convinces his brother Teague to give Wendell a ride in his classic car...the one Wendell has been drooling over for years. To Wendell's shock, Teague's behavior belies his brawny jock image. He's kind and sweet and seems interested in him, asking Wendell on a date when the car ride is over. He even comes to his rescue when his stalker shows up. Read More

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Sekani's Stinky Escapade

A Wolves of Stone Ridge Tale

Sekani just planned to stretch his Egyptian fruit bat's wings a little while his vampire lover, Master Borscht Kuznetsov, sat through a conference call. Unfortunately, his short flight takes an unexpected turn when he runs into another bat...of the non-shifter variety. Sekani's headlong rush puts him in unexpected peril. While Sekani can speak telepathically with Borscht, will it be enough for his vampire to find and rescue him? Read More

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The Coercion of his Mate

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Five

Gracen Robicheaux felt his petition to fight for the beta position of the Stone Ridge, Colorado wolf shifter pack was a sign from the gods. After over two hundred years, he could finally openly express his desire for a male mate. When Gracen runs into the human Lance Coracans, he changes his opinion. The gods are laughing at him. His worst fear has come to pass--kids. Lance has a very young daughter for whom he's fighting for custody. Still, Gracen reminds himself that Lance is his mate. Embracing change will be worth it. However between an injured baby-sitter, a sick daughter, and... Read More

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Singing in the Wolf's Shower

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Six

Mishka Fadgen is new to the Stone Ridge wolf pack, and after losing a challenge to earn the beta position, he's offered a slot as an enforcer instead. His first task comes soon, as the alpha's daughter, Sara, goes missing from college. Mishka accompanies several others to San Francisco, following a lead to her whereabouts. After consulting with a detective who's aware of shifters, he hits the streets and starts searching. What he finds, however, isn't what he expected--his mate. Mishka discovers a young, crippled human living in an abandoned warehouse. With a lot of coaxing--and the promise of a good meal and a hot shower--Mishka convinces Aramis to join him at the home the... Read More

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With a Wolf's Support

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Seven

After being woken by a phone call in the middle of the night by his alpha, Leopold Caldwell heads to San Francisco. Alpha Declan requested his services in creating an identity for a rescued human whore. What Leo finds when he gets there is a scared young human who is completely overwhelmed by his new reality. Oh, and he happens to be Leo's mate. Even as he's ecstatic to meet Jerry, the other half of his soul, Leo recognizes the hurdles they're facing. Not only is Jerry struggling to accept the existence of shifters, there are still people after him...people who seem bent on establishing possession of Jerry. After a close call where Jerry is nearly kidnapped, Leo decides it's time for a change of scenery. He takes him back to Stone Ridge and to a secluded cabin... Read More

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Checks, Balances, & Manipulation

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Eight

Jared Templeton has been mated to his wolf shifter, Carson Angeni, for over a decade. Having spent the first half of his adult life as a high-paid assassin, Jared thought he'd struck a decent balance with pack life. Everything changes when their beta takes a position on the Shifter Council. That forces Alpha Declan to hold a challenge for a new Stone Ridge pack beta, which draws in unfamiliar wolves. The way one of the contestants--Larson--watches Jared arouses his suspicions, but he tells himself he's being paranoid. Jared wasn't being paranoid, and Declan's daughter Sara is kidnapped. Even though they manage to save her, Jared still blames himself and acts rashly in an attempt to save her... Read More

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In the Sniper's Crosshairs

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Forty-Nine

Castrose Zukan returns to the hideaway his brother, Clayton, had been using, only to find it destroyed. After checking the escape route they'd created, he discovers Clayton didn't leave alone. While it takes a few days, Castrose figures out who took him...and where. He sneaks into the United States and heads to a little mountain town called Stone Ridge. What he doesn't expect is to become the hunted.

When Eion MacDougal watched his two eldest brothers and dozens other in their wolf shifter pack find their mates, he never lost hope that he would find his own someday. Out hunting with family in wolf form, that day comes when he runs across... Read More

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The Crystal Connoisseur

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty

Wilson Nebrusky is not where he thought he would be at this point in his life. He's nearing forty, his store is struggling, and his marriage to Shandell is in shambles. His one pride and joy is his seven-year-old daughter, Kendra.

While Wilson has always accepted his bisexuality, he'd never been tempted to step out on his wife. When he can't get an encounter with a hot, green-eyed stranger at a bar out of his mind, he finds himself tempted. Good thing he doesn't know the guy's name or his whereabouts.

That all changes when the man--Brennan MacDougal--limps into his shop.

Brennan is friendly and kind... Read More

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Sheridan's Redemption

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-One

Sheridan Andorran would never be considered a good man--not even a decent one. He's done far too many questionable things in the name of self-preservation. When his brother orders him to kidnap his niece, Sheridan intends to do it. Except, outside the home where Kendra is staying, he runs across a man charged with stopping him--Rory MacDougal--and the man awakens every hidden desire he's ever felt. One kiss from Rory and Sheridan knows he'll never be able to hide his desires from his homophobic brother again. He does the only thing he can think of to save his own skin. Sheridan flees. A day later, stranded on the side of the road, he starts hitchhiking...only to be picked up by Rory. Sheridan learns his brother is dead, his sister is in jail, and the only family he has left--his niece and her father...  Read More

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A Wolf in Hiding

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Two

Elroy Greer has been having a really bad month. A co-worker blames him for mistakes he didn’t make. His car is broken into. He lost most of his friends to his ex in the break-up. Then his hiking buddy bales at the last second, leaving Elroy alone at a trailhead. He decides some time in nature to get away from it all is still an excellent idea and heads out on his own. True to his bad luck, Elroy gets caught in a spring flash storm, loses his way, and tumbles off a cliff. He expects to die out there, but he doesn’t. Elroy wakes up in a log cabin with a man who’s already supposed to be dead—Rueben Calhoun. Except, Rueben is calling himself Dermot Reever. As Dermot begins explaining about wolf shifters and mates and that they are destined to be together, Elroy can hardly believe it’s real. He’s sure he’ll wake up...  Read More

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Luring the Polar Bear

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Three

Beta Dixon Holsteen is more than ready to leave behind Savannah, Georgia and the problems facing the Shifter Council. He misses the beauty of his mountain home and the bonds he’s forming in his pack. After returning to the council’s headquarters for one last meeting, Dixon stops at the cafeteria to get a bite to eat before heading to the airport. To his surprise, he scents his mate in a big polar bear shifter bussing tables. He learns Helsinki Akna had been picked up while in the company of a rogue ex-councilman. Speaking with the big, shy man, Dixon realizes quickly that it wouldn’t take much for someone to manipulate the soft-spoken bear. His mate is a bit…dim. Still, Dixon knows that finding a fated mate is a gift, and he wants him. When Dixon makes his intentions known, Helsinki is confused...  Read More

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Winning the Survivalist

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Four

Markus Reussmin is a wolf shifter who’s worked as a Stone Ridge deputy for almost a decade. Over the last couple of years, he’s had a few people comment on how he didn’t look as if he’d aged a day, but he’s always been able to laugh it off as good genes. After all, he isn’t ready to go into hiding so he can reappear after a decade with a new reinvention of himself.

When the sheriff’s department receives a report of smoke in a remote part of the forest, Markus is dispatched to check it out. He hikes into the area and discovers a rudimentary campsite. That’s not all. The site is occupied by none other than his mate…judging by the delicious scent pervading the area.

With the help of his shifter nose, Markus locates the hiding human--Ronan Dyer--who turns out to be wary and untrusting of law enforcement...  Read More

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An Unconventional Mating

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Five

Clayton Zukan is a skilled bomb maker, but he's careful to only sell his devices to those with a worthy cause, or so he thinks. He learns about shifters when an assassin disarms one of his devices and tracks him down. After his brother mates with a shifter, Clayton does his best to hide his jealousy. After all, Clayton would love a mate of his own.

The wolf shifter pack is kind enough to build Clayton a large shop with an apartment over it, so he throws himself into his work. It's pretty remote, and he likes that, so he doesn't have to watch all the mated couples' sickly sweet antics. Taking a hike, Clayton comes face to face with an animal that shouldn't be living in the mountains of Colorado--a cheetah...  Read More

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Connecting with an Altered

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Six

Agreeing to do his fellow vampire enforcer a favor, Nereo Belmonte heads to Stone Ridge, Colorado. He thought the task sounded simple enough--search the minds of four men who'd been experimented on and see if he can restore their memories. To his surprise, when Nereo walks into the room, he finds himself drawn to the blood of one of them--Warren Berger. With a vested interest in the job, Nereo worries the mental fog he encounters may never clear, leaving Warren's mind in danger of returning to the experiments' original programming.

Warren knows his name. He knows his duty--follow Doctor Winoan's orders. Everything else is immaterial. Except, when Winoan orders him to kill a man, he hears a noise that makes him question that--a snarling hiss...   Read More

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Frog Fugue Fundamentals

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Seven

Anthony Holsteen hasn’t been in the same state as his brother, Dixon, in nearly a century. While they keep tabs on each other and talk a couple of times a year, they do better while far apart. All that changes when Dixon tells Anthony about the many problems his new wolf shifter pack is facing—government conspiracy, witches, humans being turned into shifters, and to top it off, a bigoted sheriff forced into retirement. While Anthony knows that living in close proximity to Dixon could create waves, he accepts the position of sheriff. After all, he would prefer to be in the know when it comes to those causing problems with paranormals.

Even though Dixon has warned Anthony that most of the wolf shifters in his new pack have found their fated mates, he doesn’t expect it to happen to him. He isn’t a wolf, after all.   Read More

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The Altered's Atonement

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Eight

When Corporal Brian Haas took in a fellow marine’s comatose younger brother in an attempt to figure out how to heal him, he never could have imagined the chain of events that it would set off. The testing his patient—Bailey Dyer—had been forcibly subjected to changed his DNA. Bailey had ended up turning into a paranormal creature called a shifter, giving him the ability to turn into a sentient cheetah at will.

Upon learning of shifters’ existence, Brian agrees to relocate to the mountains of Colorado, to help his buddy and the shifters looking into those targeting them. He builds a new bunker, preparing for when the thugs of the shadow military branch come calling. Brian knows it’s just a matter of time, and he has every intention of making sure he and his friends will be ready for them.

Brian spots a cheetah trotting into his yard. Assuming it’s Bailey, he doesn’t think anything about it…until it starts purring and rubbing up against him.  Read More

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Having his Wolf's Back

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Fifty-Nine

Miles Philson had his world nearly destroyed by a man who he should have been able to trust and look up to. Instead, it made him wary of forming connections of just about any kind. After joining the military, his brothers in arms helped him get past some of that, only to have that same general turn his life upside down all over again—by mutating him and his team into cheetah shifters and chemically altering their minds.

Once rescued from the general’s clutches, Miles watches the other members of his team meet and fall in love with what the shifter world calls fated mates. When he meets wolf shifter Ron Reussmin and feels the pull, he understands what it means. The new feline presence in Miles’s mind wants the boisterous, good-natured man, and Miles finally understands why his buddies didn’t resist their new partners for long.

Unfortunately, Ron is a deputy in Stone Ridge, and they’re going through some growing pains. An ex-employee is doing her best to stir up trouble.   Read More

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What is Not in a Name

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Sixty

If Goliath Dickman hadn’t had the most loving and supportive parents he could ever imagine—and he’s seen plenty of depravity during his years on the force—he would have thought his parents hated him. After all, how could they have named him what they did? Goliath would never tarnish the memory of his beloved mother by saying such a thing out loud, however. So when the opportunity arises, he transfers to a deputy position in a small town.

After losing his temper on the first day—thank goodness they’d been understanding guys—Goliath asks the others to call him Ollie, and he settles in at his new place in his new town. He runs across Earl Raukus at a local restaurant and finds himself enamored with the pretty, brown-eyed blond. Unfortunately, Goliath spots Earl laughing and chatting with a black-haired guy across the room, and his hopes are dashed.   Read More

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