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Author Charlie Richards

Giving love and imagination free reign

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You'll be the Death of Us

A Loving Nip: Book Seventeen

Just a Little Love Bite: A long-awaited-for vacation ends in disaster, forcing one man to make the ultimate life and death choice.

Eric Young and Daren Creston met when both attended a pride parade in Denver with friends. They'd immediately hit it off. Three months later, city-dwelling Eric moved in with small-town living Daren, and they made their home in Colin City. Seven years later, they are still very much in love. After years of saving, Eric and Daren head to a dude ranch for a little sun, fun, and sexy cowboy roleplay in the bedroom. The place has amazing reviews, is run by vampires, and was recommended by their wolf shifter buddies. After a tragic riding accident leaves Daren's life hanging perilously by a thread, Eric is willing to do anything to save his lover. Death, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, hears Eric's cries. His interest is piqued. When Death makes the pretty human an offer--the price, Eric and Daren's souls--will Eric take it? And if he does, will Daren ever be able to forgive him?

Reader Advisory: This is a M/M/M menage.

Excerpt - You'll be the Death of Us

The excerpt below contain explicit adult language and sexual content.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age.

If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.

    Daren rested his hand on Eric’s lower back as they stood beside the conveyor belt, waiting for it to start moving. Peering around slowly, he searched the area for threats. As much as he hated to admit it, even to himself, he still felt uneasy…as if he was being watched.

He hoped it was just because he was away from home and in an unfamiliar place.

Then Daren spotted the man holding the sign. He was huge—six foot five, big and broad huge. With blond hair and muscles in all the right places, Daren actually felt a slight attraction the man.

Never would he act on it though. Eric was enough for him and always would be. He wasn’t dead however, hence his lover’s comment about enjoying the cowboy eye-candy at the ranch.

It wasn’t until the big blond met his gaze and lifted one brow before lifting the sign a little that Daren realized he’d been staring. He focused on the words that had caught his attention. It was his and Eric’s names.

Daren offered a slight nod to the blond, who immediately started toward them. He returned his focus to Eric just as the conveyor belt started moving. Dipping his head, he murmured, “Looks like someone knew we were coming.”

Eric turned and peered in the direction Daren indicated. He obviously read the sign, for he asked, “Who’s that?”

“Not a clue,” Daren admitted. Focusing on the guy, he pointed at the sign the man carried, “I’m Daren and this is Eric. Can we help you?”

The guy was big. Although he appeared friendly, Daren didn’t want to offend him.

The guy grinned widely for an instant, showing off canines that were slightly elongated and very pointed. Daren had seen teeth like that before. Oh, damn! A vampire. One of Daren’s best friends—Remy—was bonded with one.

Then the guy schooled his features into a small smile. Stopping before Daren, he held out his hand.

“Actually, I’m here to help you,” he claimed as Daren instinctively took his hand. “I’m Gypsum Vereen, from Rolling Meadows Ranch and Resort.” He released Daren’s hand, then offered it to Eric as he added, “I’m here with a car.”

“Oh, wow!” Eric grinned broadly. “Thanks!”

Daren nodded, silently agreeing.

Almost an hour and a half later, Gypsum pointed to the left. “This starts the ranch property. If you like to fish, you can catch ‘’em in this river.” Glancing back at them, he winked while chuckling low in his throat. “There are also some discreet picnic areas for more…recreational uses.”

While Eric hummed and focused a heated gaze Daren’s way, Daren chuckled low in his throat and felt his cheeks heat a bit. He winked at Eric, although he didn’t know if he’d seek those places out His lover could be very…vocal. It could attract attention.

As those thoughts were whirling through Daren’s head, Gypsum continued to talk. He explained offered activities and pointed out areas that were off limits. Gypsum also showed them the dining hall and the bulletin board posted on the building’s front porch. There they could see the schedule of events and sign up for things like calf roping lessons, riding lessons, and trail rides.

Finally, Gypsum stopped the large SUV in front of a small cabin. “Here we are.” He turned off the engine and glanced between them. “Your home away from home for the next week. Any questions?”

Eric shook his head. “Nope.” His gaze strayed to the windows and his eyes widened, then narrowed. “Nope, this is going to be soooo much fun.”

Lifting a brow, Daren followed his lover’s gaze. He spotted what was clearly a blacksmith shop a ways down the slight hill. Within it was a fairly handsome brawny redhead wearing a pair of black jeans and a heavy-looking apron over his shirtless chest. Sweat beaded on his skin.

Daren’s gut clenched a little as arousal slithered through him.

Just damn!

“That’s Abner Johnson, our blacksmith, obviously. Cut’s a fine figure, doesn’t he?” Gypsum’s tone held plenty of mirth, but his next words were clearly a warning. “He’s mated with Pascal, a dingo shifter, so admire from a distance.”

Eric returned his attention to Gypsum, a huge grin on his face. “Oh, we enjoy looking, but we never share.” He turned his heated gaze to Daren. “Enjoying eye-candy is fine, but no one touches what’s mine but me.”